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message 1: by Carmen (new)

Carmen Goodstein | 4 comments Okay, I read this book in high school. I recall the book was out for quite a while when I did read it, possibly published in the 80's. The first book is about an orphan boy who meets a young girl in the US when she and her parents visit the orphanage. That night he runs away and starts to make his way into this world. I recall that during WWII he works in Detroit manufacturing cars. The girl is living in France with her two Aunts during the Nazi occupancy. The second book is post WWII - both are grown up and the boy (now a man) is one of the richest men in the US in the car industry. She's in or just about divorced from a really bad marriage. I recall that her Aunt falls in love with a Nazi soldier and is shot and paralyzed in the second book and ends up marrying the now former Nazi soldier. It's driving me nuts that I can't remember the titles so if anyone can help that would be awesome! It's also a really good series. Not just romance, but drama too and a good story!

message 2: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35119 comments Mod
I think this is the "de Courmon Saga" by Elizabeth Adler.

Book 1 = Leonie
Book 2 = Peach

message 3: by Carmen (new)

Carmen Goodstein | 4 comments That's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much!

message 4: by Kris (new)

Kris | 35119 comments Mod
That's great! You're welcome. I had no idea Adler had written this type of series. I'm always learning something from this group. :)

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