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the murders in the amazon, and the new ancients

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message 1: by Benjamin (last edited Oct 30, 2014 04:36PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Benjamin I was very disappointed with the book prince lestat. when khayman and maharet were killed in this book! the story of the twins is my favorite part of all the vampire chronicles. it fascinated me, and I loved the mystery of the two. I wanted to get to know them better, to have them have a more active roll in this story. I wanted to hear mekare speak! instead I got boring new old vampires that I had no attachment too, and that had no majesty to there character. there stories where as boring as there personalities! and the one villain got a pass for killing off two of my favorite characters! this was a book I waited months for. reminiscing of the wonderful times I had with interview with a vampire, the vampire lestat, and most of all queen of the damned. and what did I get for my thirty bucks. a book on par with twilight or any YA book out there today. dare I say with even less substance than some of those "masterpieces". the plot of this book was shallow and forced, and the only emotional excitement I felt reading this book was anger for killing off a huge part of what I loved about this series. thanks anne rice for destroying all the characters I have loved! and bring back one's I barely remember in the most retard fashion... ghost really I thought vampires could'nt see ghost especially the old ones

message 2: by Joseph (last edited Nov 08, 2014 01:07PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Joseph Duncan I enjoyed the book. I liked how she explored how her vampire characters were created, not the origin story but the implications of being a human/spirit hybrid. The concept behind the book was interesting to me: what if Amel, the spirit that bonded with Akasha and caused the vampires to be created, "woke up". I also liked how the other ancient vampires were trying to steal the ancient core from Mekare. I didn't think it was like Twilight at all. To me it was more an exploration of the social/political structures that might form around such supernatural beings. The whole angsty, Gothic, religious overtones of previous books had grown boring for me. I think, with Prince Lestat, Anne was trying to modernize her vampire characters, and it was a refreshing change.

Tina I liked this book too. I was very sad when Maharet was killed. I was so worried for my beloved Louis. IMO, I felt that the 3 ancients had to die in order for Lestat to be the Prince. I don't think Maharet would've let the core leave her sister and allow a new age coming to the Vampire nation.

I hope there is more after this, maybe involving the new reign and the new generation of Vampires, starting with Rose and Viktor.

Samantha Coston I enjoyed this book, Anne Rice was less experienced when she was first writing the novels she is best known for; and it is usually true that, as a writer gains experience, they become better at what they do. I can honestly say that her middle books were less interesting but, thankfully, she grew out of that. I always liked the ancient ones, regardless of the individual, I like the speculation of how extreme amounts of time would affect a human personality(at least partly human anyway). As it is, I believe that time could become a burden, as Anne Rice clearly does, and a lack of a real reason to live and an inability to die naturally would, inevitably, turn to thoughts of suicide. But that is only speculation which is why I so enjoy vampire novels, though not all of them, I did find this particular book quite fascinating.

Maria I liked this book well enough, though not as much as the previous books in the series. There were so many characters who did not really have an active involvement with the actual storyline. Also, all of the ghosts/spirits with the corporeal bodies sort of made me think that there is going to be more focus on them in future, or why include them at all?

I wish Maharet had not been killed, because she had so much more to share with the "tribe." Mekare too, I think maybe she did have some sort of understanding of things, although in a very simplistic manner.

Candelaria I cant say I hated the book neither loved it... I feel the story was forced. The plot has not convinced me. And whom the hell are all these new old vampires that are totally inconsecuential to the story.
And suddenly, the books ends. WHAT?? And the meeting?? What of this Gregory? And Cyril?? Who the hell is him?? And Sevraine, whats her part in the story?? None.
So many characters that where completly unnecesary.
And what about the connection with the last 3 books? Anne Rice just decided nobody read them so lets forget about bringing Mona Mayfair as a vampire. I loved Blackwood Farm (and two previous), and this book only acknowledge them in the cronology, but forgets the events that happened there...
Enough bitching. I like the way its writen. As always, Anne Rice creates a very poweful visual and makes me want to keep on reading

message 7: by J. (new) - rated it 2 stars

J. She had to do something to jump-start the franchise. Let's face it she had painted herself into a corner with the universe she set up. Although this ends my long relationship with the Vampire Chronicles, I understand what she did and why there had to be some drastic changes to move forward.

message 8: by Minki (new)

Minki Nothing to say about Anne's writing - brilliant as always, but I'm extremely disappointed and saddened by the killing of the Ancients. They were my favorites of all VC characters, especially Maharet, she had a different kind of mystery and greatness to her.

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