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message 1: by Riley (new)

Riley | 6 comments Mod
After you have read part 1, comment here and tell us what you think so far!

message 2: by Yukiraking (new)

Yukiraking I won't be able to read it until I finish Catching Fire. But The Hunger Games went by so fast, I don't doubt I'll be reading it soon! :D

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 2 comments I am not really liking this book as much as the first two books. I can get kind of confused and I find that the story kind of drags on whe. It could have been a lot shorter book.

message 4: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 2 comments When*

message 5: by Juliette (new)

Juliette (julietteandbooks) Just finished part 1. I miss some characters like Finnick and Peeta for example, we dont get to read about them a lot...
So far it is not my favorite one but of course I am just arrived at part 2. I am sure there will be amazing plot twists :-) (I hope...)

Kevin (Irish Reader) Literally just read the best part of the book,

"If we burn you burn with us!"

Loving this book the second time around :)

message 7: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1 comments this book killed me

joanna {romance loving pisces} Was it just me that thought this book was a bit of a flop? Really hope that I enjoy it more the second time around!

message 9: by Lily (new)

Lily I feel so glad to be back with these characters, old and new. It's so painful reading everything that has to do with Peeta (especially if you're rereading it). I'm loving Katniss and Cressida. Katniss's pain is so real in the "If we burn you burn with us" scene, it hurts.

message 10: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 1 comments I feel like this book was a big let down, nothing that I would have expected.

message 11: by Titta (new)

Titta (throughbookshelves) | 2 comments I just finished reading the 1st part. I hadn't realized that I have forgotten so much from it, can't wait to see what else I have forgotten. Was I only one who was thinking the trailer when reading the part where Katniss says "if we burn you burn with us"?

message 12: by Kimmie (new)

Kimmie Awesome! I really love this book even though this is the third time I am reading it.

message 13: by Alexa (new)

Alexa Bongala (stormyreads) | 1 comments I'm really hesitant on ready and idk why. I hope when I start it I will get in the zone and plow through

message 14: by Hannah (new)

Hannah I just finished Part 1 and I honestly cannot believe I forgot that much about this book... It's like reading it for the first time. I can't wait to finish with the book and tune in for the liveshow later on! :)

message 15: by Kathy G. (new)

Kathy G. I saw the movie-- then now I'm reading Mockingjay again. I'm loving it so much better the second time around. I was disappointed the first time after reading books 1 & 2 right before it. It's better now.

message 16: by Ana Luisa (new)

Ana Luisa (analureads) I just finished part one and I have to say I'm really enjoying the book so far! It's definitely quite different from the other two but I can appreciate it. My favourite part was when Katniss sang ‘The Hanging Tree’. It's such a beautifully raw song. I'm excited so see what'll happen next.

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