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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
'Corey Somerset, Tim Hayworth and Lee Hunter have had one hell of a good night.

And it isn't over yet.

Celebrating their friend's birthday with drunken debauchery and intoxicated antics they've just stumbled through a mini-wave of mindless vandalism and though they've wandered far out of the realms of civilization they are keen to keep the party vibe going.

When they encounter a band of mysterious fugitive women who call a bizarre encampment deep in the woods their residence it appears a strong likelihood that continuing the party is on the cards.

But it won't come without a price.

The collective of unnerving lawless women are open to the suggestion but not without the threesome completing a request first, a seemingly straight forward barter proposition that will bring the boys face to face with something else that dwells in an unorthodox co-existence with the girls in the wilderness.

These are the Plebs and the shocking violent encounter the trio are unwittingly pitched into with these freakish feral fiends may be their first but it won't be the last.

As the shiftless young men become inextricably entwined and involved with the agenda driven dangerous women so too do their fates, with them unravelling killer secrets, duplicity, bloodshed and brutality along the way that encompasses not just them but more of their friends, new enemies and old enemies.

A simple night of bad decisions escalates and snowballs into an expedition of terror spanning all the way home and beyond with Corey and his friends engulfed in a nightmare where the lines between man and monster blur.

Depravity, death and destruction reign supreme and it isn't just the Plebs that want them all torn limb from limb.'

Plebs is my debut novel, published by J. Ellington Ashton in January this year (2014). It isn't the first book I've ever written, but it is the first I've had published. The original plans I had for it was that it was going to be a short story, with a similar premise as to the one I ended up with. Instead, it became a 600 page behemoth as the characters took over the control of the story and sent it in all sorts of places which weren't at all in the initial ideas. Now I am 70k words into writing the follow up.
Anybody who has read it, or plans to read it, wants to read it etc, are welcome to open up discussions on the book. Good, bad, ugly, I'm intrigued to hear what people have to say and perhaps what you would picture happening in the follow up. Characters you love, characters you hate, are indifferent to, couldn't care less about. Let me know what you think.

Lisa Sandberg (lisasandberg) | 16 comments This is one of my favorite books I read in 2014. I think I should read it again. :)

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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
Lisa wrote: "This is one of my favorite books I read in 2014. I think I should read it again. :)"

100k words into writing the follow-up. I'm planning to have it finished by the end of the year and hopefully it will then be able to come out sometime next year, though I have another couple of books which will be out before that.

Lisa Sandberg (lisasandberg) | 16 comments Will be looking forward to reading them all. :)

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Kimberly (kimberly_3238) | 1 comments I'll add this one to my list ASAP. :)

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Jim Goforth | 67 comments Mod
The follow up books to Plebs are out now. Riders is so big it has been split into two books. Riders: Plebs 2-Book One and Riders: Plebs 2-Book Two. Available in both Kindle and paperback.

Very few survivors walked away from the fiery inferno and hellish bloodbath at the abandoned wastelands of St. Agnes. And for all intents and purposes, while Black Widow Justice and the Twilight Twins might be dead, from both the ashes of those personas and the ashes of the old church, come the Riders of the Apocalypse.

Still hell-bent on eradicating scum and degenerates, they ride on motorcycles dubbed War, Famine, Pestilence and Death, seeking to do just that.

Meanwhile, in the wilderness around Kallesin County, something is not right. A secluded domain, Kallesin County is home to many suspicious, guarded folk who like to keep their business private, but this time events transpiring around there are making the news. Bodies are turning up, badly mutilated and partially eaten. Some say it’s the work of wild animals, others say a rogue pack of dogs, while other outlandish claims suggest a cannibalistic serial killer is stalking the region.

While quietly celebrating another successful mission and discussing a holiday, the Riders and company catch wind of these unusual incidents via a television news report and most of them share the same initial thought. That these grisly discoveries are not the work of animal attacks or cannibal murderers at all, but instead, something far worse.

As the Riders holiday plans go ahead, so too do other plans. To travel to Kallesin County and confirm their suspicions about the unusual spate of deaths.

However, their latest vengeance mission hasn’t gone unnoticed. Now as they make tracks for Kallesin County, by way of holiday beach town Sunshine Cove, somebody is following in their wake. Somebody set on a furious, depraved vengeance mission of their own.

Once more brutal violence is going to erupt and swamp them all.

The Riders have been ambushed. Split. Outwitted. And in the hands of those who want them dead.

Terence ‘Terror’ Strawn, strip club kingpin and criminal entrepreneur, has those he came to wreak brutal bloody havoc on, right where he wants them. With his trusted army of thugs and several unlikely alliances on hand Terror is calling the shots and his shots spell depravity and disaster for the Riders.

However, as thorough and ruthlessly efficient as the attackers have been with their unexpected raid, they haven’t quite ticked every box in completing the job.

In their rush to get their prized captives to a secluded location for extensive torture and perverse purposes, they have not only left one of their own allies behind, but they haven’t quite rounded up all those foes they came to bring terror down upon.

Now the team despatched to tie up the loose ends at the remote Kallesin County residence they first ambushed the Riders and those they’ve been sent back to eliminate are about to discover that there is much more lurking in the deep of the woods surrounding the sprawling property. Something horrendous. Something remorseless and insatiable. Something with the unquenchable desire to rip, tear, mutilate and devour.

Soon, the blood is going to pour like rain, and nobody is going to be safe.

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