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The Arena in an underground fighting ring made up of gifted fighters. There are "in house" fighters anyone can challenge, rules are set up against purposeful deaths. Bets are taken at the door.

WARNING: Men, for your own safety, do not wander into the girl's shower. The last three died.

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) | 44 comments Mod
Sweat ran down the side of Zara's forehead, getting into her eyes, as she tried to catch her breath. She stood on the balls of her feet, shifting from side to side every few seconds. She only had two powers left in her pocket, and she couldn't keep using her opponent's ability of strength against him.

The man let lose a punch that should have knocked Zara out, if she hadn't blocked it in time. His fist stopped half a centimetre from her cheek instead. Her ability to block projected attacks had come in handy the last few years. It would have been useful years before if only...

Zara stopped herself. She wouldn't let her mind go back there. No in the middle of a fight. Opening her mouth, the woman let out a foundation of flames right into the man's face. In the crowd, Zara could hear someone cry out with glee "that's mine!" but she was focused on the man in front of her. He stumbled slightly, trying to see, before toppling over the edge of the platforms.

"Victory!" The announcer called, his voice echoing in the cement room, "Reeeeebooouuundddd! Six hundred and forty-three wins, only three losses! Who's next to challenge the princess of the Aaaaarrrreeeeennnaaa?"

Part of Zara wanted no one to accept the challenge. She wanted to go home and settle down with a good book. Maybe eat some ice cream. That part was tired and ready to be away from people. There was another part of her, though. The part that loved the sound that man made as he fell and wanted to hear it again.

"Well," she called out, "who do I beat up next?"

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren moved up the stairs, his footsteps nearly inaudible, despite the rustic nature of the metal slabs propped together underneath his feet. As he ascended the stairs, the pulsing noise which had previously been muffled, audibly rose in both volume and temperament. Arriving at the threshold of a massive entrance overlooking the arena, he felt rather than heard the crowds enthusiasm. Briefly glancing down at the pit below, he took in the sweaty, adrenaline peaked girl below as she called out to the crowed. Returning his eyes to the spectators before him, a sweet sent filled his nostrils as someone drew close to him from behind.

"So then, this is your idea of an interesting Friday night? I have to admit, it's a bit smellier than I would have imagined."

"One of the draw backs for someone so feminine as yourself, I'm sure." Wren replied, without turning. The stud at his ear glinted dully in the lights strewn about the stadium. His bleached hair, and violently blue eyes, only giving more reason for the passersby to give him a second look. He certainly didn't fit in with the crowd.

The girl behind him physically bristled, her darkening aura seeming to outweigh her clearly annoyed tone of voice. "The femininity that will take you out here in a moment if you don't lose the attitude."

He believed her.
Though he wasn't exactly confident in her threats. Wren knew it would only be out of luck that she would have the upper hand with him. Years of martial arts training couldn't prepare you to entangle yourself in forces your body had no experience with.
The arms she wore hidden underneath her long sleeves and jacket would prove that.

He turned then, giving her an intensely dark look. "You know what to do Renae," he said simply, as he stared back at the pale face and cascading red hair of his sister. She nodded, her face stoic. It was their silent agreement, that if things got bad, death was better than the alternative.
Amongst the grime of the clamoring crowd around them, she did look beautiful. Something he hated. Something he despised.
Reaching behind her head, he tugged up her hoodie, letting it's cowl obscure her sharp features. "Keep that thing up," Wren added in an emotionless tone. Betraying none of the hate coursing through him. "I'll be back."
With that, he spun on his heel and made his way into the crowd.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Reiji made his way into the arena searching for a fight. He didn't exactly care with who, as long as it made him money. Honestly, the vampire needed a new coat, and what better way to raise money than to beat some unfortunate soul senseless? He could only think of a few.

He'd considered threatening people into giving up their wallets, a "Give me you money and I won't suck your blood," kind of thing, but honestly, such things were beneath him. Honest work was an option, but he'd likely be discriminated against. It was time to fight.

Of course, there was still V.O.L.K.E.

A supernaturally strong, fast, and keen creature of the night may find a living there... But no matter. That was a matter for him to ponder later. There was fighting to do, boorish as it may seem to him. He let the organizers know that he wanted to fight, and with whatever soul didn't run at the name he was known by.

The Count had arrived.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Renae lingered at the back of the stadium a while, gauging those within the crowd. She had a story of course, that she had some ultra powerful ability, and suppressed it out of sheer inability to harness the energy--however, the truth was far worse. Rae didn't have anything; and was following her brother out of sheer love rather than sympathy.
Twisting a finger into the red hair spilling from her hood, she scanned the arena; the dimly lit area reflecting off her azure blue eyes and setting them alight in glistening fractures of silver and shades of sapphire blue.
"Excuse me," she said brushing the arm of a passerby. "Do you know who is fighting next?"
The man gave her a quizzical look, "the Count of course, where've you been lady?"
Rae's lips twitched in a smirk, "not where I should have been apparently."
The man looked at her for a few moments, possibly trying to glimpse her features from under the hood that obscured her face. However, his obvious disgust with her lack of knowledge quickly pushed him back into the crowd of screaming spectators.

Crossing her arms, Rae leaned against the framework, tuning into the fight for the first time. After all, she might as well see how the subhumans handled themselves.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) ((Should I wait, since Lissy decides if they fight or not?))

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(I'm writing my post now)

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) | 44 comments Mod
Zara was given five minutes to cool down and restock. Of course, she didn't need that much time. She quickly sought out someone with a quick healing power, and gathering the other powers was as easy as walking through the crowd.

The Count. She had only fought him once. He was one of her three fails. This time it would be different. She was stronger, more experienced in her ability. She wasn't the child she had been when he had knocked her senseless.

The only problem now, was what would be the best abilities to borrow. Her had brushed against a girl's thigh. Speed. That would be a good one. Zara chucked the ability to breath under water and replaced it. Her method went on for another two minutes before the warning bell rang as she started back to the fighting platform.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Reiji appeared out of a shadow, instantly on the platform. He'd fed, and was wiping his mouth of the blood. He felt his eyes focus, his muscles tighten, and his sense hearing and smell sharpen. A fed vampire was almost as dangerous as a starved one. All of the ability, but less desperation. After all, he didn't need to kill the girl.

Rebound. A name he'd heard often enough. He'd faced her once, before. When was it? A year? Two? He couldn't remember. Time was beginning to mean less and less to him, a creature who aged slower and slower each passing year. He didn't look a day over what he had then. But he too, in some senses, had matured. After all, he knew her strengths, at least slightly. She'd been focused on using his own power against him, back in their first fight, but it hadn't helped her much.

Now he needed the money. And she wasn't going to get him down without a fight. Reiji brushed off his suit and handed his glasses to the announcer, not wanting them broken. He ran a hand through his hair and began with strategy. What was the best first approach?

Not to approach at all. The first attack is usually the one that goes worst. He'd bide his time.

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(( Lyndsey-- I'll be rping with Wren, correct? Also, sorry it's taking me so long to get my characters up. Homework is a bitch.))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((No prob Cam! Take your time. I'm at class now guys so I'll reply later.))

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Zara climbed the steps up to the platform. Even with her quick heal, her mussels ached as she pushed her way up. At the top step, she took a deep breath, inhaling the smell of bodies and sweat and blood. In the last few years, this place had become her home. This smell made her heart clench in happiness. It wasn't time to be happy, though.

Stepping onto the platform, Zara took along look at the man across from her. He hadn't aged a day in the past years. But she had. She was taller, more filled. She knew how to balance herself.

The last time she had fought this Count, he had beat her within an inch of her life. She had sworn that would never happen again. She would not lose to this man ever again.

"Fancy meeting you here," the woman said, the cold in her voice reflecting in her eyes. "I didn't know you had a thing for losing."

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) "Well look at you..." Reiji murmured, glancing at her with the same inhuman coldness he did everyone. "All spitfire now, eh?" he asked. She'd gotten more muscular, he saw. She was a bit taller, too.

"Good for you," he said, not very intimidated. Muscle mass meant nothing to him. As thin as he was, Reiji easily outdid any bodybuilder alive in strength, and most professional runners in speed. He was a predator, and he knew it. His prey was almost anything he could catch, but homo-sapiens did indeed possess the tastiest blood.

"As for losing, madam," he said, smiling politely, his fangs seeming to gleam in the dim light, "I believe you are mistaken," he continued. Reiji stretched out his fingers, as if the thought of her throat in their grasp made him anxious. Even though he was fed, she looked delicious. He was hungrier in this environment. There was so much blood around, so many lambs.

An onlooker gulped in nervousness. The Count simply gave people a fright, wherever he went.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) ((I must retire, my darlings! Good night.))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Goodnight~!))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments The blood lust was almost palpable, the reek of it thick in the air, despite the expanse between the fight and Renae. It was clear from the two's body language that they knew each other. Presumably from a previous fight.

She watched them carefully, while staying aware of her own surroundings. If Rae had learned anything from her brother, it was how to watch people. Watch their faces, their posture, even their auras. It was a skill most could master with enough practice, however, rarely did they actually take the time to learn.

Unless of course your life depended on it.

Her attention was brought back to the ring as the woman called something out to the Count, her face a canvas of hatred and defiance. The Count's reply was that of a predictor, about to partake of a meal. This fight would be something to behold.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Anyone on?))

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) ((I'm waiting for Lissy.))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((Okay! Waiting for Cam, so same I suppose. Lol. All my RPs are on hold right now. :,s))

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(Would any of you mind if Nikolai stepped in?)

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Lyndsey | 170 comments ((No! Please join us!))

ɪɢɴᴀᴛɪᴜs (ignatiustheilliterate) | 110 comments Mod
Taking a good long pull from an unmarked bottle, Nikolai grimaces as the alcohol traces a fiery trail down his throat. For a moment, he tastes bile above the burn of alcohol, but it settles in the next. He leans heavily against the corroded iron railing that lines much of the Arena's halls, peering down at the brawlers below.

He blinks. They are nothing but blurry ballerinas, poised for their queue, elegant and graceful even in complete stillness. He snorts, scrubbing a hand hard over his face. Shit, he must be either drunk or his brain more rattled than he thought to be thinking such stupid crap.

He'd arrived in Chicago a little over a week ago with another operative by the name of Surkov. A weedy little shit that could take more hits than should be physically possible. They'd both been transferred to the tender care of the North American Branch to "gauge and defuse the situation." Right.

It'd sound like a piss-all task at the time, but they'd only been in the city two days before he'd had his god damned skull ground into a mushy pulp against the unforgiving pavement of the city streets. He was still having trouble with his balance and eyesight as a result.

Throwing back another burning gulp of alcohol, he settles in to watch the fight. The press of bodies around him is uncomfortable, their screams and shouts sending spikes into his damaged skull, and he can barely see the fighters themselves, but...

The bitch always gave a good fight. He'd give her that. She'd nearly torn a strip off of his scarred hide within the first five seconds of their fight. Nikolai had won. Barely. When he'd stepped out of that arena, he'd had seven broken fingers, four cracked ribs, a knocked out tooth, and a generous amount of internal bleeding.

Nikolai snorts again, swishing the numbing alcohol around his mouth before swallowing. He should probably find some poor hack to scam out of their money, but he was comfortable where he was. He'd probably make a fucking fool out of himself if he tried to move, anyhow. Still, he wished he knew who the other fighter was, he'd missed it in the roar of the crowd.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments The sickening stink of alcohol wafted up from somewhere within the already adrenaline intoxicated crowd. Wren always said she had a good nose; Renae knew however, that it was mostly the attention she payed to what went on about her that set her sense of smell apart from the rest.
Pulling away from the battle a moment she let her lean body relax against the wall; shoulder blades pressing physically against the plaster in an uncomfortable manner. Lack of food was likely a contribution to the discomfort she guessed. Most woul-
Rae found the source of the pungent alcohol fumes seated a few rows ahead. Gauging from the broad shoulders and poor posture, she guessed it was a man--though she couldn't be sure, as his face was turned towards the pit rather than directed behind him to where she stood, cloaked in the shadows.
Her eyes held him sharp focus for a few moments, picking out even the slightest of movements, before wandering down the row of bustling viewers who provided a rather ruckus uproar over a sudden move one of the fighters had evidently pulled. Her attention returned to the ring, for now consciously pushing the man aside. He didn't seem to be a threat at the moment, intoxicated or not.

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(Sorry for not being on. I'm working right now, but I'll post tonight when I can.)

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Zara's stomach twisted in anger and hate. Hate for the monster of a man before her, hate for the way he was looking at her--like she was something to eat--and hate for what she knew she had to do.

The sweat on Zara's body had started to cool, causing her to shiver. It was that shiver that sparked her determination. She had lost since joining the ranks of the Arena, once out of foolish naïvety during her first fight, and twice because they were better then her. Reiji had been better. Had. She was stronger now. Smarter. She knew how to use his powers against him.

So, when the bell rang, Zara didn't hesitate. She darted towards Reiji, the speed power she borrowed making her a blur of blonde and pink. As soon as she was within touching distance, the woman lashed out, scratching her opponent with enough force to leave a marks on his cheek.

Instantly the world slowed around her, and Zara's body became rigid with hunger. The smell of blood in the air sharpened, the sound of all the heart beats echoing in the room made her want to go insane. Is this what he has to block out as he fights? Zara wondered, The hunger, the need, the lust for blood?

She didn't have time to lose. It wasn't time to get distracted. The skin cells she grabbed from him would only give her a few more uses out of his power. He had longer to practice with controlling it, but for now, they were on fairly even grounds.

Taking a deep breath, one smell singled it's way out of all of them. Something warm and dirty, but for some reason strangely enticing. Using her newly advanced vision, Zara risked a glance to the crowd. A strange laugh made its way out of her throat. "Bastards," the woman growled, spotting Nikolai.

They must have planned this. For them to both be here on the same night. They wanted to humiliate her. Again. Beating her again wouldn't be enough, though. Not for either of them. Reiji was a monster, she could feel how he did and she could guess what thoughts had entered his head. And Nikolai... well Nikolai was something else. Beating her again would be too easy for the both of them. They had to have something else planned...

But they won't beat you, Z, a voice that sounded strangely like her brother's said. For half a millisecond she wondered if she had somehow borrowed a physic connection without knowing it, then she realized that it was her own inner voice. The voice that gave her strength.

No, she wouldn't let them get into her head. She wouldn't let them beat her. She wouldn't--get distracted. Damn. She almost missed how fast Reiji was advancing...

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) | 44 comments Mod
(I hope this makes up for the absence!)

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) ((I'm a bit busy, sorry.))

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) The Count didn't waste the opportunity she'd given him. A girl's fantasies and delusions were a mere dandy-thought in the ring, and he'd take full advantage.

She was disoriented, distracted, and had been careless. He sped into her, his shoulder ramming into her torso. As he did this, his boots cracked the cement floor with the force of his stomps, shattering it and making the floor hazardous. And providing him with plenty of cracks and crevices. He dove into shadows, making his escape and appearing at a safe distance, at the ready.

He couldn't wait to see what the little girl had next. She was a mere babe in his eyes. A mewling human kitten. He couldn't wait to rip her apart.

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) | 44 comments Mod
Zara few back, landing hard against the platform. Her body skidded towards the edge, and she knew the fall wouldn't kill her. Not with the monster's power running through her, at least. But falling also meant she'd lose...

The woman slammed her hands against the floor. The sudden stop transferred her momentum and Zara used that to swing herself back to a safe spot. She was on her feet in seconds, the heel of her boots making a cracking sound against the concrete.

She couldn't get distracted again. Had to focus on the direct issue. The problem in front of her. The monster. The Count. He had to go down first.

Then she could beat the shit out of Nikolai.

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Natalie had thought that she was being careful. Of course, as per usual, she was wrong.

Two V.O.L.K.E. agents trailed her on her way back to her apartment, not even bothering to be clever or indiscreet about it at all. They both blatantly followed her along Lower Wacker as she shoved her hands into her jacket pockets and tried her hardest to ignore them. It was happening. V.O.L.K.E. was trying to track her down. Natalie continued on her way, her pallor tinted from the streetlights mounted on the sides of the tunnel, the occasional car zooming past her and making her hair flutter. She was nearing an exit and took it, coming out on Monroe. If she took this all the way down to Millennium,.. they'd never find her. She'd be fine.

Nat upped her pace, glancing around. The two agents mimicked her, their strides long and pace quick. She needed a new plan; they'd catch her before she made it all the way to Millennium Park.

The sound of cheers and bass-heavy music spilled out onto the street as a small throng of people, probably subhumans, exited the infamous Arena. A few were completely wasted, stumbling and staggering. Natalie made her move, cutting through the group and slipping inside. Sure, the agents now knew where she was.. but would they make a scene? And even if they did, did they know just how outnumbered they really were?

The girl bobbed and weaved her way through the crowd, idly watching the fight. She made sure to stay away from those who had a bit too much to drink and stole a quick glance behind her. The agents had entered the Arena, their eyes scanning over the area for her. Natalie pushed now so that she was on the opposite side of the space. She glanced behind her once more and wasn't paying attention, smacking right into a tall boy. "Oh, ah.. shit. Sorry." Nat was about to continue on her way when she turned back around. "Wait. Kiss me. I'll explain later."

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Reiji could smell her anger, her furious struggle to defeat him and prove that she was better than him, but she wasn't. He was more than twice her age, and no matter how much she'd "Grown up," he had more experience. More talent, even, by his standards. The Count slowly began approaching the kitten, his eyes locked on her jugular.

They always had been, honestly.

Her blood had always smelled delicious, fiery, intricate, and most of all, mysterious. He wouldn't bite her before the match was over, no, that'd probably be seen as unfair... He'd wait until they declared her the loser. Then he'd pop that vintage. It looked exquisite.

Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) | 44 comments Mod
Oxiyde probably shouldn't have made that comment about Heinrich's wife. Of course, it was a compliment-- she was good in bed. Heinrich didn't see it that way, though. So, instead of staying in and getting Jennie drunk, he was out tracking anyone who made V.O.L.K.E. even slightly nervous.

It wasn't even fun tracking, either, Oxyde pouted to himself. The girl wasn't even running. Just calmly walking down the streets, glancing back ever little bit. Boring.

As they continued, he started to recognize the area. He knew where she was going. The girl crossed the street, slipping into the Arena. It would be harder to find her in there, yes, but not impossible. And it would definitely add some fun into his night.

The only problem was Z. He had promised her, after nearly killing some fighter, that he wouldn't get involved with any of her Arena work. Well, he had work of his own to do. As much as he loved his baby sister, V.O.L.K.E. had more power over his wellbeing.

They crossed the street, following the girl into the mesh of sweating, drunk bodies. A cheer left the crowd closest to the fighting platform, but Oxyde blocked it out as he scanned for the girl. That was, until he caught sight of who was fighting.

Z's trademark outfit was easily recognisable even from the distance. It had been partially his design. Enough fabric to cover what was important while still giving her flexibility and exposing enough skin so that she could take power no matter where someone hit her.

The problem was, he recognised the other fighter, too. Aragón was one of the most closely watched in V.O.L.K.E. Everyone knew his face. And right now that face was full of hunger and advancing on Z.

Zara could feel her heartbeat pick up at the way Reiji was looking at her. She was used to men, and some women, looking at her like a piece of candy. Something they felt free to stare at or touch. But they had never had that... look in their eyes. She honestly feared this monster might eat her.

Not if you beat him. Not if you win. That seemed easier said than done, now. She had tasted his power, and now that it started to leave her veins she could feel how sore her body really was. She didn't know how long she could keep going.

Four minutes, Twenty-Two seconds. That was how long the match had left before the next round. God, they'd only been fighting a minute. She wouldn't be ably to hold out much longer, Not with that look in his eyes.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren shifted back as a mocha haired girl collided against him, then toppled slightly on her heals; his hands immediately found her waist, steadying her from falling backwards. "Whoah there--" he cautioned, assuming she was in some way intoxicated. After a hurried excuse, she turned away a moment, then looked back at him with astute doe-like brown eyes.

"Wait. Kiss me. I'll explain later."

Not drunk then, he clarified internally, cocking an eyebrow in amusement. A smirk played at his lips, as he considered her for a moment. She was attractive enough; and anyway, he'd seen that look on himself. She was trying to get away from someone. Most likely an ex-boyfriend, she didn't look like she would be entangled in anything else. Shrugging, he leaned forward; brushing the skin below her chin with his fingers, and then pressed his lips against her own. She tasted exotic; to say the least. Slipping a hand around her waist and pulling her close to him, he parted from her mouth, staying close enough that she couldn't scurry away. "Care to tell me what that was for?" Wren asked huskily, his voice deeply masculine. He noted absently from their close proximity a crescent-shaped scar on the apple of her left cheek. A story was there, one that peaked his curiosity. However, he returned his attention to the girl herself, his eyebrow still cocked in amusement.

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Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Reiji flitted forward suddenly, the movement barely different from his walking, and he swung his hand out, knuckles first, to swat at her. A swat had enough power to break a normal jaw, from him. He was playing with his food a bit, and if it rattled her brain enough to knock her out, good for him. She should have gotten super strength.

As his hand sped through the air, he heard an audible sound of wind spiraling off of it, like that of a train's vacuum. He rather liked that sound.

He smelt sex. The desire for it, the scent of it, the lust for it. The smell was faint on his adversary, years old, but there. He smelt the desire on a male in the crowd, on many males in the crowd, of a female.

He also detected a scent he could only truly associate with V.O.L.K.E. There were many watching this bout, weren't there...? The thought of an audience didn't particularly faze him. He simply was hunting his prey.

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ɯɐɔ (camalama) | 127 comments Mod
Natalie felt his arms wrap lightly around her waist and she stiffened, every muscle tensing up underneath his body. The girl's heart was pounding as he lifted her chin and met her lips. A faint taste of something--she simply couldn't put her finger on it-- lingered on her lips for the briefest of moments after he pulled away. Nat glanced around him, still on edge, and found to her surprise that one of the two V.O.L.K.E. agents had left. The other loitered for a little bit longer, casting one more look across the crowd before he left as well. Then and only then could Natalie breathe a sigh of relief.

She looked up at the boy in front of her, at his annoyingly brilliant blue-grey eyes. It would've been easier to simply tap into him and tell him to piss off, but where was the fun in that? "What do you think happened?" Natalie murmured back, observing him. Analyzing him. Making sure that this boy wasn't a threat (or worse, an agent) and that she would be home free. "Give it your best guess."

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren felt her demeanor change, though it was subtle. Her heart thudded against his chest, muscles tense; a rather blatant sign of what was already transpiring within her. Catching her covertly peering off to the side, he could only assume she was on the watch out for someone. "Well," he mused in a prolonged tone. "That's hard to say, for sure. Considering your heart rate, and the barely perceptible amount of perspiration on your arms; I'd say you were running from someone. Your nervous too, which leads me to believe that you either know the person chasing you or you know of them. If you didn't know them, you would have called the police by now." He cocked his head slightly, feeling her with his mind; picking up every last trace of emotion that burned underneath her skin.
Wren abruptly let her go, and stepped away. Lazily slipping his thumbs into his pockets and tilting his head back; he studied her through narrowed eyes. "Or you could just be totally turned on by me and I'm misinterpreting this whole thing."
He grinned, his bleached white hair catching the flickering rays from the overhead lights; setting aglow the paleness of its hue.

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Natalie kept eye contact with him, still alert and ready to tap into him if need be. He spoke again and her heart jumped again, not expecting him to actually respond. "Well...that's hard to say, for sure--" Nat heard him start and she knew she was out of her element. This was a guy who could most definitely pick up on things... was he an Empath? She had met a few like that, some who were so overwhelmed with the mass of feelings and thoughts that they had to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. The boy didn't seem like that, though. If he was overwhelmed he hid it well.

She was about to respond, opening her mouth to speak, when he tacked on a small comment afterward. Natalie was free, but she still had a bit of time left that she should spend here. V.O.L.K.E. would most likely be looking for her still, on the streets, and she didn't want to take that risk.

Natalie rolled her eyes. "You're despicable," she countered, crossing her arms. "And it was V.O.L.K.E., so I can't even call the damn police." Natalie clenched her jaw. "Not like they'd help me, anyway."

She looked up after a moment lost in thought. "I'm Natalie. You?"

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren carefully concealed the surprise that rushed through him. Chased by V.O.L.K.E.? If the girl he sought was here, being chased by V.O.L.K.E. was the first thing he might assume she'd be running from.

"I'm Natalie. You?"

The name hit him like a slap to the face. It was her. His stance changed, all pretense of flirtation melting away. "Natalie? Natalie Easton?" He asked hastily, trying to find the right words before she disappeared again. He couldn't lose this opportunity.
"I'm Wren--Wren, Decrepidine. I've spent the last three weeks looking for you."

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Nat studied the boy in front of her for a bit as he processed her statement. What's taking him so long? What's-- Her thoughts were cut off as she snapped to attention. The way he said her name, like he was surprised but desperate, made her tense up again. She didn't give him her last name, so how the hell did he know it? Natalie's face fell and she took a few steps back to give herself some space. Great. Just great. Nat swallowed and tapped into his head, making him stand still for a few moments as she made a getaway.

Natalie ducked under some scaffolding and continued to push her way through the crowd, almost frantically. He had been looking for her for three weeks? Was he with V.O.L.K.E.? Or was he just trying to turn her in for ransom? All rationality fled her and she made it maybe thirty feet before she let go of the temporary grip on his mind. She needed to focus on getting away, and fast.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Her panic hit him like a storm-front surging across a darkened sky. Wren knew as the words left his mouth that she thought he was V.O.L.K.E.. Her expression spoke that all to clearly.
Wren would have let out a stream of profanity if not for the sudden paralyzation that immobilized his entire body. He watched helplessly as she tore off into the crowd, internally screaming for her to stop--to wait--to listen!
As soon as he felt the feeling returning to his legs, he bolted after her; nearly knocking down a few spectators in the process. Hurling himself forwards, he shot to the railing across from him and jumped over it. Taking the stairs upwards two at a time. Hastily scanning the crowd he continued bolting up the stairs until he found her. The first floor, presumably making her way to the exit. This was going to be painful. Thrusting open a hallway door, he slid into the smokey quarters and immediately crossed to a dingy window. It would have to do.
Gripping the bottom of the glass pane, he shoved it upwards; ignoring the wrenching screech it gave in an attempt to tell him it wasn't meant to be opened. Pushing the window pane, which had detached itself from the window, against the wall, he stepped up onto the ledge and spun on his heel; dropping from it while reaching out and catching the window seal in his decent. Bracing himself, Wren released his grip; falling a full story before he hit the ground in a roll.
Pain exploded in his shoulder as he tried to push himself up from the ground, but he bit it back, searching for Natalie with swimming eyes. He thought he caught sight of her for a moment, and in a panic he called out in desperation. "Wait! It's not what you think, I just need to talk with you!"

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Natalie's main goal was to get back to her apartment unscathed. It was pitch black outside and only four out of the five street lamps in the surrounding vicinity worked, a bitter chill slicing through the Chicago night. Because this could get any worse, she internally yelled. Nat oriented herself and started at a light jog, nothing suspicious, in the general direction of her apartment. The girl made It past a few more apartments, passing by a group homeless people in doorways, when she heard a shout cut through the silence. It was Wren, the boy from the Arena, and instinctively she picked up her pace. "Get away from me!" Natalie yelled, her voice echoing. "Get the hell away from me!"

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Grimacing with pain, Wren shoved himself to his feet and stumbled after her; picking up momentum as he ran. She was fast, but he was faster. The question would eventually come down to the fact that he could only catch her if she wanted him to. Unless...
Wren thrust his hands forward, concentrating on the internal ability that hovered in his chest, waiting to emerge. He watched as his fingers, and then hands, as they dissolved into the air; the veins of destruction quickly eating away the rest of his body in a few brief moments. In a matter of seconds, he was completely invisible.
It was slightly disorienting, to no longer see your feet moving below you. However, he balanced himself by feeling the area around him. The people, their rasping breath, the sounds.
He gained on her, his footsteps muffled by the loud clamor of the city around them. Lunging the last steps, he reached out and hurdled himself into her. Releasing the invisibility as they fell, and showing himself to her once more. As they crashed to the ground, he spluttered out what he had to say before she regained her senses enough to freeze him again.
"Before you do your thing again, first hear me out. I'm not V.O.L.K.E. or a bounty hunter, in fact the only reason I've been looking for you is because your the only person I've heard of that's been on the inside of V.O.L.K.E. and knows of the resistance. I need your help Natalie, I just want to talk with you! You can even tie me up if it makes you feel better. I just need you to hear me out!" He pleaded with her in a way that felt unnatural to him. Wren wasn't used to this. Wasn't used to letting his emotions get the better of him. He was cold; he was a monster. This wasn't him. Trying to calm himself, he carried on. "I want to fight back, I want to stop the pain the V.O.L.K.E. push on our kind. I want the rest of the world to understand that we aren't dogs that can be pulled around on a leash. Please, you have to believe me." He prayed that she would listen, that she wouldn't punch him in the face and then take off again. She was his last chance.

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Natalie ran in the shadows of the buildings, her feet thudding along the cracked concrete sidewalk. Her chest was heaving up and down and everything seemed to be brought into clearer focus as she kept moving and centered on only running, not trying to use her power. Nat had found a while back that her power had a drawback, much like the kick of a gun. After using her power extensively she would find her cognition slowed, and it would be harder to achieve her motive or goal. When testing in V.O.L.K.E. she would often times find herself doubling over with migraines or her body would give out on her, leaving her unconscious on the floor. Since then she's learned to control the feedback, if you will, making it more manageable. This didn't mean that her head wasn't throbbing, though.

The girl passed another streetlight, her shadow dancing along the equally-cracked asphalt road. She stole a glance to her left to see if Wren was still chasing her, but saw no other shadows. It was as though he simply vanished. Natalie kept running regardless, but in her moment of thought she didn't notice the completely visible boy lunging toward her. Nat hit the ground hard, letting out a shout and immediately began to fight. Wren kept a strong grip on her and after a few seconds she realized it would be futile. Natalie listened to his words intently, the only sound coming from her being a soft groan and the quick, shallow breaths she was taking. Her wrist and elbow were on fire, sharp pain shooting through it as she panicked. Natalie's face was still pressed against the concrete, her brown hair, seeming even darker now without a streetlight immediately nearby, splayed out like a curtain of sorts. After Wren stopped speaking she was silent for a few more moments, composing herself. "Three weeks?" She muttered to herself, practically laughing. "You've been tracking me for three weeks?"

Her breathing slowed and she winced in pain, shifting underneath him. "You really know how to charm a lady, huh?"

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren blinked, taken aback by her sudden amusement. He had expected a fight, perhaps even for her to scream for help--not that there was anyone around to hear her.
Realizing he was practically crushing her under his body weight, he made to move; and then hesitated. What if she ran off? A part of him demanded; the irrational one. She's not going to trust you if you don't show her the same courtesy. He'd done what he could at that point, the rest was in Natalie's hands.
Wren rolled off of her, massaging his shoulder and avoiding direct eye contact. It was sort of an awkward situation to be in, regardless of his reasons for doing it. "Well, not that I've ever chased one down a full story and half way across a city before, but yeah. I'd say I was quite the charmer." He smirked then, the feel of it settling his knotted stomach. This was natural to him, the sarcasm, and flippant remarks. This was him. "So, not running anymore then?" He watched her from the corner of his gaze, his confidence not quite at its peak yet. He dug his fingers a little harder into his shoulder, relishing in the pain. It brought him more clarity, more focus. Both of which he needed right now.

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Natalie grimaced, pain still shooting up her right arm. She swallowed, her heart still racing a bit, when she felt the weight lift off her body. She could breathe a little easier and instead of getting up immediately she took it slow. Nat groaned softly, a little dazed, to be honest, and staggered to her feet. She sucked in a breath and ran her uninjured hand through her hair. Natalie assessed the situation, lightly pressing on her skin and muscle. She prodded her forearm and when she reached her wrist Nat stifled a cry. "You bastard!" Natalie hissed angrily. It was probably a sprain, but she was worked ip anyway. "You've been tracking me down for three weeks, somehow know exactly where I'll be, then magically tackle me to the ground? Whatever resistance you're talking about, whatever you're planning... they'll catch on. Someone will let it slip. I don't want to get caught, and I don't think that you do, either. Forming a group is risky. Too many people are scared."

She took a step closer to him, testing him, taunting him. "You need me, though." Natalie's demeanor changed and she cocked her head to one side. "Why?"

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((Sorry for future short posts-- I'll be mobile for a while; I'm going to a ballet performance with my grandparents. I'll probably be on for the next hour and a half, mobile, then not for the next two hours pr so. I'll give you a heads up, though.))

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren rose to his feet as well, his movements fluid and quick. Like a snake, he thought inwardly. Natalie seemed to be pulling herself together rather quickly, and from the looks of it wasn't happy about what she was finding. Wren cocked an eyebrow in spite of himself, he'd thought a member of the resistance would be able to handle herself better... but then, it was just a rumor. What if she wasn't who he thought she was? He could have steamrolled the wrong girl.
"Evidently, they aren't scared enough." Wren replied cautiously, now holding onto the thought that she may not even be the girl he was looking for. He cursed, wishing he had more to go on. Wishing he could rip into her mind and find the information there without having to hedge around all this talk. "It was a rumor, nothing more. A friend told me I would find you--someone, here. A girl. That she'd bring me to the people I seek. The people who fight for freedom. My reasons for doing so are my own," he added blatantly. His tone leaving no room for misinterpretation. Wren wasn't going to talk about that part.

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Nat observed him as he stood, lithe and fluid. She took a few breaths, flexing her wrist for a few moments before she deemed it alright. Nat felt rusty, like she had gotten lazy after her last run-in. She'd need to work on that.

Natalie froze at his words, though. He seemed unsure, like he was losing his confidence as she was gaining hers. Natalie nodded. "A friend? Is his name Zachary?" She said softly, audible only to him. "Able to manipulate metal?" Natalie knew that there were codes and phrases she could've said, but she didn't trust this boy, still. Nat as well was tempted to take the easy way out and skip the rest of the conversation, and opt to tear through his head for backstory. But she didn't want to face the repercussions and she didn't have her team--that is, Zachary, Victor, and Lila-- to back her up. They had to split up after a close call with V.O.L.K.E., figuring that it was for the best.

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Lyndsey | 170 comments Wren perked up as she responded to his words, his heart picking up speed. She seemed to draw strength from some internal thoughts of her own, her confidence leaching into her words.

"A friend? Is his name Zachary?"

The name jolted him so much so that he jerked his head up so that he could look at her, gauge what she was feeling--what she was doing. "Yes... do you know him?" Wren asked carefully, aware that this girl might be posing as his confidant in order to gain information about Zachary's whereabouts. However, she'd responded to Natalie. It wouldn't make sense for this not to be her, he reminded himself forcefully.
He eyed her a moment, trying to decipher her physical reactions. Taking into account various bodily aspects, he came to the conclusion that she was being honest. Her posture was tight, but somehow exposed at the same time. She didn't seem to be hiding from anything.
Whatever she said next, would be the truth.

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Only now, after he had confirmed his connection to Zach, could she relax. Her posture loosened up and she took a few steps closer to Wren. Nat nodded and stuck out her hand for him to shake. Despite her relaxed appearance the hand that was currently extended shook with adrenaline. "Welcome to the team," Natalie confirmed, pulling back after he shook it. There was a small, tense moment after she spoke, and then she slapped him across the face quickly. "That's for tackling me-" Natalie leaned in, reaching up, and kissed him on the cheek; she left behind a small lipstick stain, plum against his skin. "--and that's for being such a suave as hell guy."

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