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Do you think there is such a thing as a wrong reason for reading a book ?
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One of the many books to be adapted into a movie is The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey. I understand some people read a book because the movie's coming out say next month or next year so they want to be "in" and "updated" before a movie comes out. One of my friends said it's a wrong reason to read a book but don't you think the end result no matter what the reason for reading will always justify its cause, because no matter what the reason is, in the end at least the person still reads right and isn't that always a good thing? What do you think?

I agree with you. It's better than watching the movie and then reading the book.

i can see why some people would think that reading a book because a movie is coming out would be bad - but honestly, i don't think that there's ever a bad reason to read a book. (wow - i sound like a teacher there - and i'm not one) i think that regardless of why you read something, it's good. most people can agree that books are better than the movie adaptation so to read the book first - that's not bad at all. you set yourself up to have your own ideas of what characters look like and the sort vs. going off of what the casting directors deem to be right. (i think back to twilight - i saw it before i read it so from then on, i only had THOSE actors in my mind for the characters and since the descriptions in the book were different, i had a skewed idea).

Aj the Ravenous Reader Very well said, Ilana. And yeah, you did sound like a teacher there which isn't a bad thing, hehehe ;) I certainly agree with you. Any motive behind r ...more
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I totally agree, if you watch the movie first you still know the ending so your not as thrilled to read the book.

Aj the Ravenous Reader That's true. Also, what I'm getting at in this discussion is that it's not wrong to want to read a book because it's popular or it's going to be made ...more
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