Sinner (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #3.5) Sinner question

After reading Sinner and the books before it, did you enjoy the love story of Sam and Grace more, or of Cole and Isabel?
Adarian Turner Adarian Oct 29, 2014 10:54AM
They were both amazing stories, told in an amazing way 'til the very end. But I personally enjoyed the story of Cole and Isabel more. At the beginning of Linger, I fell in love with both of their characters. By the end of Forever I found myself more concerned about what happened to them than about Sam and Grace. No hate, though. I love Sam and Grace as well. I just felt more enthralled with the idea of them. It was absolutely perfect.

Ultimately, Cole and Isabel. I loved Sam and Grace in Shiver so much, but it ended how I wanted to see them: together, happy, etc. I found Linger hard to read because it starts with the conflict of Grace dying and at that point, I didn't care for Cole or Isabel yet. As the initial trilogy continued, I found that Sam and Grace were too stagnant. They didn't act until pushed into it by either Cole and Isabel, so then I started appreciating their characters more than Grace and Sam. Sinner was kind of the icing on the cake for me. I think I ended up liking it even more than Shiver.

both because for me they showed different sides of brokenness in the relationships and each one was unique and amazing so I pulled for both and Cole and Isabel might push themselves first but only by a little bit. I love both of these love stories and they are both so different.

Definitely Cole and Isabel. Sam and Grace didn't have much character development and were very predictable. I found that Cole and Isabel were much more interesting and original characters.

Isabel and Cole because sometimes Grace and Sam were really annoying and Cole and Isabel were always unpredictable

I would say Grace and Sam because it was more sweet than sour. I often found myself feeling angry or sad about the Isabel and Cole relationship.

Amber Definitely agree with you there.
Mar 11, 2015 08:43PM · flag

Sam and Grace Def.

Both relationships are unique and are sweet in their own ways. Sam and Grace, they can't live without each other, remember how non-functional Sam was every time Grace turns into a wolf. Isabel and Cole, they needed to be away from each other for them to realize how much they both mean to one another. They both have to fight off their own monsters first before existing as one. I like their relationship more.

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