1st to Die (Women's Murder Club, #1) 1st to Die question

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Dear Readers,
What ive been reading so far came about is that Lidnsey who again is the homocide inspector thinks that Nicholas Jenks is the killer. After having three murders already looking for the description of this man it matched Nicholas perfectly. placing him into an interrogation room questioning where he was at all nights of these murders. Chris Raleigh who was Lidnsey's new assiatant got evreyone of the "Jenks" case. He admitted he wasn't there. I wonder if he's covering up for omeone, but it wouldnt be acurrate just because alot of good known detectives know truth from lies. Going through mulitiple urine tests that they found it seems to be a lady kiler. Due to having yeast and even blood in this urine. Sounds to me that they have someone in mind... ah it could be Joanna. Finding out some guy maybe Jenks had found her in her apartment and stabbed her in the tub. Lindsey on the loose to find him, its such a scary thought to know we have killers like that who could get away with murder. I think once they have the actual killer it's gonna lift a ton off there shoulders, spending time on this case, many clues but not knowing. As they run towards Jenks, he had gotten shot at by his wife Chessy due to the amount of rings he had stolen from this new brides. This was something you could never imagine, finding out the killer was his wife after all. As Chris who again was Lindsey assistant died in his arms. This made me feel bad for her, someone who she loved died right there based on trying to save a life. Its sad to think ones live's could be taken but we live as we can by helping out others before ourselves. After everything's that happend Lindsey couldnt handle it so she brought herself to "Hope Street House" that let her be at peace and talk about her problems. This was something so brave for her to do because most people just keep things bottled up inside which could affect you as a person.
Will there be any more murders?
Do you think Lindsey will stay a homicide inspector after everything that happend?
Do you think Lindsey will become a social worker to help people?
I wonder....

she will stay as homocide inspector

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