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message 1: by Olivia (last edited Oct 29, 2014 07:34AM) (new)

Olivia Dear Classmates,

I'm continuing reading One Clown Short,by Linda Wright.There's a girl named Mandy and she worked at a burger place. Now she is doing sales training at Circus supply. Since she got her job she been really busy.She gets a good benefit.

Her and some other people she works with goes on a business trip. They go to visits stores. When they were going to there last stop the borading pass said they going to St.Louis Missouri and meant to go to Louisville Kentucty. She's learning a lot with other employers.

How are you guys enjoying your books? Is there an intresting part and thats why you chose the book? Do you guys like the book so far? Does it realte to anything in your life or anyones life? Is there another book or a movie on the book. Sincerly,

Olivia Rabin

message 2: by Malcolm (new)

Malcolm Pridgeon The book I am reading is called the book of Adam I don't like I it like that because I don't think we should be cloning people at all , unless the person you are cloning knows and are up to have a clone.

message 3: by Yleana (new)

Yleana Cascio Is there a specific reason their going to Missouri? I enjoyed my book 1st To Die, very interesting when Chris who was Lindsey's new assistant protected her by getting murdered. This relates to nothing in my life and yes there are series, if your interested in murders and mystery i would suggest to read this book.

message 4: by Vicki (new)

Vicki Hi Malcolm,
I think you should give a little more information on your book.


message 5: by Vicki (new)

Vicki Hi Olivia,
I was just reading The Lucky one by Nicholas sparks. I really loved my book. I like happy endings. I saw the movie the lucky one when it first came out and the book was so much better. I wish I read the book before I saw the movie.

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