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Who is your fav. character from the Maze Runner?
olvd olvd Oct 28, 2014 10:24PM
Who is your favourite character in the Maze Runner???


Newt because he is a very good person

newt, minho and of course thomas bc hes thomas


Newt is!

Gally and Newt :)

Hb wrote: "Who is your favourite character in the Maze Runner???"

Newt ... for me Newt is the sound of reason . there's something about make him look more interesting than the others

Newt or Minho can't choose

I can't choose between Newt and Minho (they're everyone's favorite, sorry Thomas)

Minho :D

In the movie it's Newt, but I'm not sure who's my favorite one in the book. Chuck is at least very cute :)

I really like Thomas and Chuck


Minho, no question about it.

Newt, and Tom

Hb wrote: "Who is your favourite character in the Maze Runner???"

Newt and Minho. I like Newt slightly more than Minho but both are amazing.

Newt is my fav.!!!

deleted member Dec 18, 2014 07:56AM   0 votes
Minho or Newt!!

I support Minho!!!!!!

Newt and Minho!!

NEWT!!!! And Minho because hes fit in the movie...... Lol!

MINHO! :D Newt is a very close second, but I really love Minho.

Newt is my favourite, I just love him


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Totally Newt

Allison (last edited Nov 08, 2014 04:17AM ) Nov 08, 2014 04:16AM   0 votes
Newt! He's so sweet, I can't help but love him. Chuck is right up there though <3

Minho and Newt, both of them :D

Newt, obviously. Everyone loves him.

Umm Thomas. Duh. With Newt and Minho right on his side.

Minho :3

Minho seems to be hot, but Newt is the best.
Choose NEWT!

Probably Minho. I like the way he sticks up for what he believes in, and he is very brave.

Minho <3

Newt and Minho are my favorite characters in this series.

Newt and Minho


Newt is the only one for me. Literally. He ruined all other guys for me.

Newt and Minho and Thomas ♥

Minho and Newt both I can't choose one

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Minho. He,Newt and Thomas have 3 different characters which different people would love. Minho is the one who doesnt think much but acts more, usually telling what is on/in his mind but still he can be scary "strategist"when needed. Thats why i like him.
*I have read and the other books but i think this doesnt contain spoilers.




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