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Ruth | 673 comments See what great movies and shows you can find from Portugal, Spain, France, Andorra, Gibralter, & Monaco and then let us know what you think of them!

Here are some links to get you started:

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Ruth | 673 comments 'Torremolinos 73' - a Spanish film about an adorable couple and their unintentional career as porn stars. This film is well done, the characters are adorable. Highly recommended.

on Netflix

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Ruth | 673 comments 'Talk to Her' is a strange and fascinating story. Spanish

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Ruth | 673 comments 'Pan's Labyrinth' a disturbing but well made fairytale. Spanish

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Ruth | 673 comments 'Amelie' disgustingly romantic and one of my favorite movies of all time. French

message 6: by Ruth (new)

Ruth | 673 comments 'Volver' I gave this quirky Spanish spookshow 5 stars - funny and original.

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Ruth | 673 comments 'Witching and Bitching' Spanish - 3.5 stars - This was a funny and unique spookshow if a bit gruesome and - in your face - loud at times.

Sometimes it seems a bit long, but you can't stop watching because you literally never know what will happen or what new monster will be created on the screen next.

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Ruth | 673 comments 'The Names of Love' France - 5 stars - I loved this quirky romance and it makes you think as well. According to the DVD extras, it was based upon the real life relationship of the director and his wife.

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Ruth | 673 comments 'A Monster in Paris' - 5 stars - Ok I gotta admit - I love me a good cartoonie! The most French thing about this is the Eiffel tower since they recorded English dialog, but it is a cute romp, creative and fun.
I have noticed this in a few movies recorded for anglo audiences - they do the movie in English, but the characters speak English in characters from their homelands in order to remind you of where it's taking place. I guess a lot of people don't enjoy reading subtitles!

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Ruth | 673 comments 'The Last Days' - 4.5 stars - I really enjoyed this Barcelona sci-fi flick. Highly recommended!

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Ruth | 673 comments 'Night Train to Lisbon' - 5 stars - I was enthralled by the romance of this movie. A romance of ideas. Ideas have always enchanted me so I can understand up and leaving a home and life chasing ideas. A mystery and also beautiful filming of Lisbon - made me want to jump on the next plane.

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Ruth | 673 comments 'A Very Long Engagement' - 4 stars - This was a great movie, but I think my experience suffered from having heard so many wonderful things about it before watching it. It was beautiful, charming, sad, happy - just didn't quite grab my gut somehow. Still I would recommend it. In the French style characters are introduced with a significant story from their childhood or comments about their personality. This is Amelie - she likes putting her hand into sacks of beans, etc.
Is this the French style? Or is it the style of the director -Jean-Pierre Jeunet? Michel Leclerc uses the same method to introduce characters in 'The Names of Love'.

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Ruth | 673 comments 'Micmacs' - 5 stars - A must see by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

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Ruth | 673 comments 'Mysteries of Lisbon' - 1 star - The best thing about this marathon movie was the nap I took in the middle. I needed that! Recommended for insomnia.

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Ruth | 673 comments 'My Afternoons with Margueritte' - 5 stars - A charming French flick about finding love in unexpected places and the way a friendship can change a life. The characters are richly drawn in this film. I love Gerard Depardieu and would like to see all his movies, or at least the latter ones. Just based upon the ratings of his earlier movies it looks like perhaps acting is a skill that comes with age and practice!

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Ruth | 673 comments 'The Intouchables' - 4 stars - A French film based upon a true story about a quadriplegic and the unlikely caregiver who helps him to live rather than merely survive. Francois Cluzet gave an authentic performance. The mix of panic and happiness on his face in the end scene is touching. This brings up questions about our current medical system which I believe often helps people to survive while ignoring their need to live.

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