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ᴛʜᴇ ᴛᴀʟᴇ ʙᴇʜɪɴᴅ

There had been a little girl of twelve who was out in a forest, feeding some animals that she had grown fond of. Fate had decided to intervene with the girl's everyday routine and there, a man a few years older than her, emerged from the trees, badly bruised. With her caring nature, she took the man to her cottage and treated him with utmost care, getting to know the man as she did so. The girl learned of his true nature, a creature, but accepted him nonetheless with open arms. However, as soon as the creature recovered from his wounds, he left the girl who helped nurse him back to health to wander back out into the safety of the forest.

After a few years, the young girl had grown to be a fine young woman and had encountered the creature once again. In the same time, same place, and same circumstances. The maiden took care of him until he was well enough but this time, he didn't leave the girl. Passion and unexplained emotions were passed between them and what they thought to be some silly infatuation turned to love. A forbidden one.

Soon enough, the small town of Causha Amore learned of the young couples's secret and they were forced into hiding. In time though, they were caught and separated. The young lady was kept locked up in a small shelter in the forest, hungry and cold. There, she gave birth to the creature's son, the result of their passionate love. In fear of her child being killed, she made a deal with the Spirit of the Forest. Her soul in exchange for her son's survival.

In a few days time, the couple's fate was decided: they were to be burned. Somehow, the creature survived and was about to save his lover when, to his despair, he found the love of his life in ashes on the ground.

The girl's brother, who the creature had become close with because of his frequent visits to his sister's cottage as well as his, saw this and thought that the creature never really loved his sister and soullessly left her to burn when he could have done something. And so he gathered some of his closest friends, their goal to get revenge. How, you ask? Of course, by getting his life in return too.

Meanwhile, the creature in his misery, had built a circus at the very same place he and the girl met for the first time and a second time. He hid his deceased lover's ashes in the heart of the circus, to show that he would follow her anywhere, even in death. The girl's brother found the creature in the circus and he surrendered without a word, letting the blood thirsty brother spill his blood on the ground.

Remember the baby? Yes, he is alive, as was part of the Spirit and his mother's deal. The Spirit raised him and like fate did to the couple, the son found his way to the circus where it stood in all its glory, alive and thrumming with magic, thanks to the ashes of his mother who was its life force. He continued the legacy his father should have started and named the circus after his mother.

Welcome to Cɪʀϙᴜᴇ ᴅᴇ Mᴏʀᴇᴀᴜ...

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