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Book/Genre of the Month > Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist - November BOTM 2014

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message 1: by A, Crazy. (new)

A H | 7672 comments Mod
Thoughts on this book?

message 2: by Nachiketa (new)

Nachiketa (_NAC_) | 71 comments its kind of a good book, basically horror and story of a young child vampire.. some what complexly written by the author about the characters. And nice climax :)

message 3: by Colleen Marie (new)

Colleen Marie Zukowski (clevergirlfromgallifrey) I haven't read it yet but am meaning to. I saw the movie (the original Swedish one) and it was excellent and I have been meaning to read the book. However, the list of books I "mean to read" always gets longer and I forget about certain ones. I would love to read it though.

message 4: by Alok (new)

Alok (alokyadav) | 2 comments I saw the movie and it was a nicely directed and made.

message 5: by Booksdigger (new)

Booksdigger S | 3 comments Just realized I have bought this book but have not read it yet.

message 6: by Erica (new)

Erica (Emariezee) | 3 comments I really liked this book! It about a vampire but the story line is different from your typical "sexy vampire love story" which is part of why I really liked it!

Would definitely read it again. Haven't seen the movie though!

message 7: by Smitha (new)

Smitha (embeddedinbooks) Interest piqued - would surely be reading this some time in future.

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