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message 1: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Hello friends,

'Our 2015 Challenge' is a group challenge we are going to be doing in 2015.
For those of you who don't know, group challenges are where we have an assigned amount of time to complete a certain challenge. Only books on a certain shelf will count towards the challenge. It will all make sense in time. :)
The idea we had for our challenge is that we have to read books that are similiar to MSTV or MBTW in a certain way. I say 'have' to but there are no expectations although it would be great if you could at least help us come up with themes!

Any questions or comments, leave them down below. :)

Sophie x

message 2: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments I am so looking forward to this challenge. It's going to be awesome.

message 3: by Sophie, The Joker (last edited Dec 02, 2014 07:52AM) (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Here is our final list! In 2015 we challenge you to try and see how many of the things on the list you can do.

◆read any book in the My Sister the Vampire series
◆read any book in the My Brother the Werewolf series
◆read a book with vampires in it
◆read a book with werewolves in it
◆read a book by an author with the initials S.M
◆read a book with twins in it
◆read a book with royalty in it
◆read a book with a farm or ranch in it
◆read a book where a character has to get through a maze or set of obstacles
◆read a book that has illustrations at the beginning of each chapter
◆read a book with a boarding school in it
◆read a book with a troublesome reporter in it
◆read a book where a character moves to a new town or city
◆read a book with a character named either Ivy, Olivia, Justin or Daniel
◆read a book with a wedding in it
◆read a book published by Egmont
◆read a book with a detective or mystery in it
◆read a book that fits one of the MSTV taglines
◆read a book with different worlds in it
◆read a book that involves travelling
◆read a book featured on the 'Readers Also Enjoyed' page on Goodreads for any of the MSTV or MBTW books
◆read a book with a romance between two different species in it
◆read a book with a blue, pink or purple cover
◆read a book with either a glitter ball, phone, book, London landmark or the Moon on the cover
◆read a book in a series over ten books long

So there you have it. One book can count for more than one challenge (all except the first two - those are exclusive) and if you have any questions leave 'em down below. :)

message 4: by Emy (new)

Emy I don't mean any offense or anything but don't every book have obstacles?

message 5: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments They do yes but we meant physical obstacles like a set of tests (like Olivia has to take to prove she's worthy of knowing the vamp secret) or a puzzle or maze. Make sense? Daisy might be able to explain better.

message 6: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Actually I was thinking of the Gauntlet in Flying Solo (MSTV #11) that Ivy had to get through, but I guess the Blood Tests work too.

message 7: by Emy (new)

Emy Oh, I get what you're saying.

Btw, I haven't read Flying Solo yet so I don't know about that part

message 8: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Just a random thought here but on the group homepage, on the challenge thing, why is the word rules in capitals? (told you it was random)

message 9: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Errrrrr...I do not know. I will change it. Who wants rules!

message 10: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Lol. :D

message 11: by Sophie, The Joker (last edited Jan 01, 2015 05:45AM) (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Here's where this gets confusing! You can now officially sign up for the challenge on the group's homepage. Scroll down to the challenge section and you will see that you have to enter the number of books you want to read and a shelf name. The challenge will then create a shelf for you with that name and any books on that shelf will count for this challenge (remember to add the date read, to do this click ‘edit review’ and scroll down to where it says ‘date finished’). Simple, right?

Wrong. There are 25 challenges but I know I'm not going to read 25 books for the challenge even if I complete it because some books will count for more than one challenge. So, how many books do you enter as your goal? I haven't a clue. I think you will be able to change your total throughout the year so I'm guessing you could start with 25 and then if 1 book counts for 2 challenges change your total to 24 and so on.

Unfortunately I don't know how easy this will be (whether it will confuse the system, with the shelves and things). You could completely plan your planner and work out how many books you will read; this wouldn’t work for me though as for some of the challenges I’m just going to see whether a book I’ve finished fits for any challenges and some of the books on my planner I might not even get to.

Anyone got any ideas or thoughts?

message 12: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Looks good, Soph. And also remember if you're doing the challenge to keep track of your progress on the Member's Tracker thread ( ) so that everyone can see how you're doing and you can check which topics you have yet to complete. :)

message 13: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Yay - exciting!

message 14: by Sophie, The Joker (last edited Jan 04, 2015 02:19AM) (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments Any mystery is fine. The book doesn't even have to be in the genre 'Mystery'. I'm interested to see what different books people decide to read. The mystery in Stake Out (MSTV #12) was to find out who the blogger was.

message 15: by Samiksha (new)

Samiksha | 2 comments Wow! Nice Challenge! What if we already read a book with those things? Can we mark it? Can we mark two things it if two things contain the above?

message 16: by Samiksha (new)

Samiksha | 2 comments Sophie wrote: "Yay - exciting!"


message 17: by Sophie, The Joker (last edited Jan 05, 2015 02:44AM) (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments @message 16. You're welcome!

In answer to your questions Samiksha,
-you have to have read the book in 2015 but as long as you've done that and it fits the challenge mark away!
-you can count one book for multiple challenges but if you mean count multiple books for one challenge then no sorry, you'll have to choose one!

Hope that helps. :D

message 18: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments Remember everyone, now that the year has started it doesn't mean you can't still participate in the challenge. Feel free to sign up at any point in 2015. (just thought I'd point this out in case anyone was confused!)

message 19: by Daisy, The Brains (new)

Daisy | 1399 comments @ message 11 Sophie

I was just looking at the challenge and I worked out that the way you can change your total of books you want to read is by clicking the update my entry button. I'm not sure if you'll have to put in a new shelf name too or not...

message 20: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments I did see that and try it out but when I tried it, it said that the shelf name was already taken. You could probobly do it if you made a new shelf though.

message 21: by Sophie, The Joker (new)

Sophie | 1253 comments That's good Kaushikee. I haven't really messed around with it much.

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