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Amazon wants your vote on which books to publish

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message 1: by Will (new)

Will (longklaw) | 261 comments Amazon Introduces the Kindle Scout Program

message 2: by Walter (last edited Oct 28, 2014 12:15AM) (new)

Walter Spence (walterspence) | 707 comments A bit early to make predictions, but this program could (either now or later) replace the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition. By utilizing crowdsourcing, Amazon can filter out a significant percentage of the quality works, which would then be forwarded to their team for consideration. IMO, this is far superior to the Breakthrough competition's Pitch Round, since any given pitch says little or nothing about the quality of the novel the pitch itself is promoting.

I already knew about this program, having received an email about it not long ago. Since I've almost finished the sequel to the novel that Veronica and Tom reviewed for the Kickstarter campaign, submitting it was my first thought. But I was concerned it would most likely be ineligible, that Amazon wouldn't be interested in buying any series book that wasn't volume one. But according to the Kindle Scout site, that isn't true. Apparently they're quite willing to look at the second, third, etc., book in a series.

Another concern I had was that authors submitting their previously unpublished manuscripts might try to prime the pump during the nomination process with family, friends, or even fellow authors scratching one another's backs, but apparently that's not going to be an issue either. In fact, Amazon appears to be encouraging authors to use their contacts, mailing lists, etc., to generate greater interest during the nomination process for the book in question. Which also makes sense, since nominations only bring a given work to the attention of the Kindle Scout team, purchasing decisions are a separate process.

Will be interesting to see what comes of this initiative.

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Walter Spence (walterspence) | 707 comments Just checked out the Kindle Scout web site, and wanted to mention here that the reader's section is up and running.

Here's how it works. Books uploaded for consideration remain available to be nominated for a period of thirty days. During that time, readers can check them out, then nominate any books for publication the reader wishes. Books which receive enough nominations to demonstrate worthwhile interest (no idea at this time how many that must be) will be forwarded to the Kindle Scout team for consideration.

Readers are limited to three current nominations. A nomination is set back to zero at the end of the thirty day period, unless the reader removes it first. Nominations can be reassigned if a more promising book comes along.

The program currently is limited to three genres: mystery/thriller & suspense, romance, and science fiction and fantasy. Excerpts are available for those who wish to put more time into evaluating a work. You can view just the first few paragraphs and then, if you like what you see, click for the full excerpt.

Readers whose nominations are selected for publication will receive a free copy of the book.

For those who are interested, or who wish more information on the program, here's the link:

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Walter Spence (walterspence) | 707 comments Here's a more complete list of reader questions as regards the Kindle Scout program, and how it works for readers:

Reader questions

Who can nominate books?
Any user with a valid account that is based in the U.S. can nominate books.

What categories of books are available to read?
Today, authors can submit to Kindle Scout in three genres: Romance, Mystery & Thriller and Science Fiction & Fantasy. If you have a genre you really want to see, let us know.

I found a book I like, how do I nominate it?
To nominate a book, click the “Nominate me” button on the book’s campaign page and the book will be added to Your Nominations panel. Keep up to three books nominated at a time, and update your nominations whenever you want.

I used my three nominations but just found a great new book…can I swap my nominations?
Yes. You can swap a book in Your Nominations panel for a new book whenever you want.

When are nominations tallied?
When a book in Your Nominations panel finishes its 30-day campaign your nomination is tallied. The book is then removed from your panel – freeing up that slot for another book.

What does “Save for later” do?
Each Kindle Scout campaign page has a “Save for later” button. You can use it to save books to easily find later or to show support for books you’re not quite ready to nominate. All of your saved books can be found under Your Account > Your Saved Books.

How will I know if a book I nominated is selected for publication?
If a book’s campaign ends while it’s in Your Nominations panel, your nomination is counted and you will receive an email within a few days to let you know whether your book has been selected for publication.

A book I nominated is going to be published by Kindle Press! When do I receive my free copy?
We’ll send you an email to let you know when your nominated Kindle Press book is ready for you to redeem. To be eligible to redeem your free copy, the book must have been in Your Nominations panel when its 30-day campaign ended and you must have a valid account that is based in the U.S. so we can deliver the book. Learn more about Kindle Scout participation and eligibility guidelines.

On which devices, apps and formats can I redeem my free book?
You will receive a Kindle copy that can be sent to any Kindle device, iOS, Android or Kindle Free Reading app registered to the account with which you originally nominated the book.

message 5: by Jason (new)

Jason Parent | 22 comments Walter wrote: "A bit early to make predictions, but this program could (either now or later) replace the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition. By utilizing crowdsourcing, Amazon can filter out a significant perc..."

Thanks for the info, Will and Walter. I had received an email about this too. I have a sci-fi book that's ready to go. Maybe I will give this a try

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Walter Spence (walterspence) | 707 comments Here's a list of some common author questions:

Kindle Scout Eligibility & Content Guidelines

Who can submit to Kindle Scout?
Any author who is 18 (or the age of majority in the place they reside) or older with a valid U.S. bank account and a U.S. Social Security number or Tax Identification number can submit.

Are you able to make payments via third party payment platforms such as PayPal or Payoneer?
No, we do not offer payment via third party payment platforms. We’ll pay you by electronic funds transfer in US dollars directly to your US bank account.

What genres does Kindle Scout accept?
Today, authors can submit to Kindle Scout in three genres: Romance, Mystery & Thriller and Science Fiction & Fantasy. If you have a genre you really want to see, let us know.

What languages does Kindle Scout accept?
We currently accept stories written in English.

Can I submit more than one book at once?
No, only one book per author is eligible for submission at any given time. If you have multiple manuscripts, we recommend selecting the one you’re most proud and trying that first.

Can I collaborate or co-write a book?
Not at this time. Kindle Press can only credit and pay one contributor per book.

Does Kindle Scout accept books that are part of a series?
Yes, as long as the book meets all other eligibility requirements.

Does the Kindle Scout team review books before they’re made available on the site?
Yes. We review all submission materials before approving a book for launch on the Kindle Scout site.

Are there any rules or guidelines for submission?
Yes, before you submit, please make sure your book adheres to the following content guidelines:

- Submit never-before-published books: Kindle Scout books should not have been available for sale in any format, anywhere in the past, including on Amazon. However, manuscripts that have appeared on blogs or social media sites — where you share drafts of your work, but can't receive money for them — are eligible.

- Respect the rights of others: We take violations of laws and other people’s proprietary rights very seriously. It is your responsibility to ensure that all content in your book complies with all applicable laws, including copyright, trademark, privacy and publicity laws. The use of someone else’s content without their permission is prohibited. Examples of third party content that should not be used without permission include, but are not limited to images, photographs, illustrations, artwork, charts, graphs, tables, logos, trademarks, song lyrics, poems and quotes from textual works.

- Provide high-quality content: We believe in creating an excellent customer experience. Poorly formatted books and those with misleading titles, cover art, or descriptions will not be made eligible to readers for nominations. We reserve the right to determine whether a book provides a poor reader experience.

- Choose your words with care: We don’t accept offensive content, including but not limited to racial slurs, excessively graphic or violent material, or excessive use of profanity. We allow books to contain sexual content, but pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts are prohibited.

What happens if my submission is not approved for launch?
We reserve the right to decide whether the content of a submission is appropriate. If your book is not accepted, you will be given the opportunity to make changes and re-submit.

message 7: by Walter (new)

Walter Spence (walterspence) | 707 comments Jason wrote: "Walter wrote: "A bit early to make predictions, but this program could (either now or later) replace the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition. By utilizing crowdsourcing, Amazon can filter out a s..."

Go for it, Jason. Let me know when it's up. :)

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Walter Spence (walterspence) | 707 comments It would seem I was on to something with my speculation about Kindle Scout and the ABNA contest. This announcement from Amazon was copied from a post over at kboards in the Writer's Cafe forum:

"This fall we opened Kindle Scout as a reader-powered publishing platform that offers authors an opportunity to earn a guaranteed advance, a decision on publication in 45 days or less, the ability to retain print rights, and Amazon marketing for published books. Since launch, more than 20,000 readers have nominated the stories they want to see published and we have selected 16 original novels to be released early this year, with more chosen every week. In 2015 instead of hosting the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in its current form we will be using our new Kindle Scout program to discover and publish even more breakthrough novels throughout the year. Over time, we look forward to adding features to Kindle Scout and opening the program to even more authors and genres."

On January 16, my own Kindle Scout campaign began. Have a thread devoted to it in the Author Promo folder, more information there for anyone who's interested.

message 9: by G.R. (new)

G.R. Paskoff (grpaskoff) | 55 comments Thanks for posting all this information. I'm sorry to see the ABNA fall by the wayside. I entered a couple of times and I always enjoyed reading the titles of the submissions. Sort of a guessing game as to what each book was about. One thing that is definitely different about the Scout program versus ABNA is that Amazon now expects the submission to have a professional cover, which means more upfront investment by the author. (Covers were not allowed for ABNA). Anyway, I will definitely keep tabs on the program. For all of us self-pubbers, I hope this develops into a valuable tool for discovery.

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