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What did you guys think of this book?
Laikin Laikin Oct 27, 2014 01:31PM
I found it to be amazing. I read Crossed too and am going to get the third book soon.

I skimmed through it. I honestly didn't find a sense that there was a really deep plot to it. There was no compulsion to keep reading. Other books (Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent) kept me reading because, once I got used to the characters, I couldn't stand not to read because I needed to know how it turned out. For all I knew those dastardly authors would turn around and kill the main character at the end of the third book. With Matched, I can't remember if I made it to the end of the trilogy or not, and I can normally remember whatever I didn't read.

Not as good as I was hoping. It was still way better than the last two. It just seemed like a mixture of the Giver and Delirium. Like exactly a mixture just with different names.

Only read Matched not the others yet, but I have to say it took some getting into. I persisted through and finished it and only in the last 50 pages did I enjoy it. the whole dystopian future has been done better, the same with the romance story line.
But i liked it in the end but crossed isn't top of my list to read

I read this a while ago so I am going to re read it to refresh my memory but last time I enjoyed it.

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well to be honest I've never really read the book...
I've only skimmed thru it, didn't ACTUALLY read it!! But I've heard its good, so maybe when I'm older I'd read it

I was younger when I read Matched and I thought it was great. The next year, I bought Crossed right when it came out. By the time Reached came out, it sucked, basically. I guess I was too old and had read better books by then. Maybe it was just the gaps in between reading all three.

Yeah. I LOVED Matched and Reached but Crossed was just awful. Like, one star awful.

Tacia yeah, me too:)
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I thought this book was a little hard to get through but I was really glad that I decided to stick with it in the end. It has a cool concept!

I liked this book but I felt like it was a cross between The hunger games and Divergent but with a more elegant twist. I don't know if I liked the first one enough to read the next book but from the build up in the first book it sounds like the next one will be better have more going on other than going on hicks and dating.

It was good but really predictable

I liked this book very much. I found it much more interesting than Divergent. I have been recommending it to my students (high school 11th graders), but of course they all want to read Divergent.

i really love matched. tapi pas di crossed di ajak muter2 gitu seru tp gua blm baca reached keknya menarik, smoga aja ngga sama kek divergent trilogy

Well, I'd like to start off by saying that the whole concept of the society was very compelling. The romance and love triangle bored me though. I don't know how to say it, but the characters somehow felt... is empty the right word for it? I'm not quite sure that it is, but I began to tire quickly of Cassia's obsession with Ky. I loved the start of the book, but I felt as though a large proportion of the middle section of the book were just fillers. It got a bit interesting right at the end, but it just didn't have a lot of impact on me, even though I feel it should have. I have started reading Crossed, but the love triangle and Cassia are really beginning to annoy me. I don't feel compelled to read on. Can anyone tell me if it gets better?

I have to say that i loved Matched. I read it while I was on Crete, I actually read it two times, and I still love it. Crossed, I can't say the same about. Nothing happened. I have to say that this book just was boring. Nothing happens. I skimmed the last few pages because I didn't have the motivation to read it like I read other books. I have not picked up the last book yet, and probably I won't either.

I prefer Matched more than Crossed and Reached. I'm halfway through Reached and its starting to get just a tad bit boring.

I actually really did not like this book. It was another love triangle and the book didn't really appeal to me at all so I didn't read the rest of the series.

This book kept punching me in the face with YA cliches. Cassia is soo annoying, and the author did a poor job of showing the bad side of the society. To me, it was a crappy dystopian novel with very little originality to it. On the other hand, I do love Ally Condie's writing style.

The concept was intriguing but I don't think the writer maximized this advantage. The setting also kind of reminded me of that of the Giver which was written way ahead of the Matched series.

I liked Matched, but I wasn't interested in Crossed or Reached.

i really enjoyed matched - it was one of the first that i'd begun to read in the YA / Dystopian genre and i think that there's something to be said about the story line and the nature of the character relationships here.

what bummed me out though is that the bridge book - Crossed - that wasn't my favorite and i felt like the excitement and intrigue that we got in the first installment didn't really carry through.

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I didn't really like the whole series.

I thought Matched was boring and bland tbh.

I loved Matched and Crossed. I own all the books, but definitely regret buying Reached. It's not wonderful, but not terrible either. It'd be weird if I only had the first two books also, so... I got them all. Crossed and Matched are the best in the series. Reached ain't worth your time, plus everyone knows who Cassia chooses.

I read the first and second books and enjoyed them, but when I got to the third book, I just got through like maybe three to four pages and just put it down.

I really liked Matched but was annoyed by Crossed. I'm a little more than half way through Reached and I'm as bored as ever. The only reason I'm finishing it is for the sake of the first book and so I can say I've read the whole Matched trilogy.

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Nov 16, 2014 01:21PM

I really loved the entire series. The way that Condie writes is a style that I haven't really run across again, and her prose and descriptions appeal to to me. While I wouldn't say that the story is very deep, it was still an entertaining read that I would happily read again.

I can understand why many people didn't like Crossed and Reached, but I think for those two books you really have to appreciate the poetic style of her writing. It makes for interesting reading and character development, and I felt like I knew the characters better after Crossed. Reached was a fine conclusion. It needed to tie up all of the loose ends and have an obligatory battle between the good guys and bad guys, which it did nicely.

Matched is a beautiful heart-melting book, but Crossed and Reached were only good in my opinion.

I didn't love Matched, but I really enjoyed Crossed. I didn't hate Matched, it just wasn't original enough. I don't like love triangles. I think authors use them to create tension and that is a waste in a dystopian society. As if there isn't enough drama.

I loved Matched. Absolutely loved it. I got onto the second and third books and felt that they just lost their point. Ky was really boring to me. There just wasn't much character development going on.

I loved this book and the other books too. I wish the would come up with backstory's books for the characters instead of putting it the weridest places in the book.

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