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Angie (amgiammarino) In Chapter 11, Sydney and Claire go on a "double date" with Henry and Tyler. They all take Bay to the reservoir to swim. This is the first time Claire and Tyler have been together since their night in the garden, but Tyler manages to smooth over the awkwardness that Claire is feeling. While the men and Bay are in the water, Sydney and Claire have a heart-to-heart about Claire's issues with their mother and not having a permanent home for the first six years of her life. Sydney finally begins to understand Claire's issues and why she embraces their Waverley legacy so fully.

Emma gets caught "surprising" Hunter John at his office, and Hunter John realizes that something has gotten into her. When he finds out that she's been competing with Sydney since Sydney came back to town, he's angry and upset: "'What have you been thinking these past ten years, Emma? The sex and the boob job and the sexy clothes. The perfect dinners and the football games. Was all of that because you thought I didn't want to be here? Was any of that because you loved me at all? Or have you been competing with Sydney all this time?'
'I don't know, Hunter John. Have I?'
'That was the wrong answer, Emma,' he said, and walked out."

The night after going to the reservoir, Sydney finally tells Claire where she's been and what she's been through with David. The two sisters and Bay spend the night cuddled up together, letting the bad memories of Seattle drift away.

The next night, Claire goes over to visit Tyler, but he has another woman visiting him. (Sydney was furious when she finds out that he had another woman over there, and frankly, I was too!) Later, Tyler comes over to see Claire and ends up in her bedroom. They decide to wait until Rachel leaves town... in three days. When Tyler asks Claire what made her change her mind, she says: "I should let people in. If they leave, they leave. If I break, I break. It happens to everyone. Right?" But Tyler isn't going anywhere.

Meanwhile, Henry has started running at night, trying to make his restless feelings and thoughts of Sydney quiet down. But one day he meets her after work, and confesses his love to her.

After three tense days, Rachel leaves Tyler's house, and Claire goes over to see him. "Together they walked into his house and made new memories; one in particular would be named Mariah Waverley Hughes and would be born nine months later." (!!!)

To end Chapter 12, Hunter John sits down with Emma and explains that he chose her and not Sydney, and that he hasn't spared Sydney more than a moment's thought since high school -- he realizes that this problem isn't between her and him, it's between her and Sydney. He asks her to try to move past it.

How thrilled are you for Claire? Do you relate more to Claire or Sydney? Have you ever had trouble letting go of the past, like Emma?

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Sarah Allen (sarahaddisonallen) | 13 comments Fun fact: I named Mariah after Sydney and Claire's grandmother Mary. Look for Mariah to be much older in First Frost!

Angela Holtz (lilacwolf) | 16 comments I loved that Hunter John made that effort with Emma. She needed affirmation and he gave it. I don't think she was competing with Sydney, but feeling guilty for trapping Hunter John. I wonder if he would have been so forgiving, though if he knew she got pregnant on purpose?

Hopefully Emma grows from this and finally stops listening to her mother.

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