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Storm Arashi (stormarashi) | 1130 comments I have a Half Price Books shop in my town and let me tell you... I am addicted. I have walked out with more books then I'll be able to read in just 2014 alone. I was hesitant at first but then...Well the clearance shelves caught my eye. I'm actually heading out soon to go to it armed with my To Reads list in hand. Anyone else addicted?

(I took a friend with me once, the cashier was impressed I'm not kidding when she took out THIRTY-FIVE BOOKS! She practically cleaned out their Stephen King and horror shelves.)

☆Joycedale☆ | 310 comments That would be awesome! I only have a used book store and its filled with mostly Harlequin romance books.

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Jenny (juliababyjen) | 12932 comments Mod
I do love this store! The nearest one to me is in Des Moines, though, that's about an hour away. So don't get to it often.

My closest bookstore (besides Walmart) is a local used bookstore. I do sometimes find great things there! They can be overpriced, sometimes, though--I like the lady that runs it, but I do get tired of hearing her whine about money issues associated with running a local bookshop.

The bookstore I go to the most is BAM! in Ames. Its about 20 min away from me now. Nicer that I'm closer!

The library is my absolute favorite place to "shop" for books :) And its 5 blocks away! WOOT!

You just gave me a great idea for a new thread, Storm, thanks for that!!

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Storm Arashi (stormarashi) | 1130 comments Anytime. ^^

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