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What helps when writing

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message 1: by Kathryn (new)

Kathryn Kimberly Shy | 6 comments Mod

Ok so while writing have any of you had like a soundtrack that helps you get the creative juices flowing. I'm curious to know what helps when you write.

Do you listen to music, or do you do something different.

For me I listen to music especially Spanish music that helps best when i'm writing especially since most of my books start off with either spanish titles or just in spanish.

But I'm curious to know what you guys do, Let me know.


message 2: by Princila (new)

Princila Murrell (priz) | 5 comments Hum hum hum...I usually turn on the TV and play nursery songs when I want to write. Actually, the songs are not for me. They're meant to distract my toddler from touching the keyboard when Mummy wants to work. In general, I prefer a quiet environment, but when you got kids, things change.:-)

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