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SPOILERS! > Fated Retribution- Teaser + Excerpt- Poor Baptista!

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Kim Rose | 153 comments Mod
The following excerpt is under full copyright by Alanea Alder 2014 and is unedited.

Fated Retribution- Book 9 in the Kindred of Arkadia series. Tentative release date Jan 2015

Rhys and Moe walked into the diner to order lunch and Rhys blinked. Abby, Rebecca, Sebastian, Felix, Ashby and Giddey were huddled around a table talking low. He looked around and saw Baptista sitting at the counter with Gabriel watching the small group with a pained look on his face. Gabriel raised an eyebrow to Rhys then smirked. I guess no matter how old you were, you would always enjoy your children’s embarrassment. Rhys covered his eyes with his hand. When those six got together it was never good. He nudged Moe and nodded his head toward the troublemakers. Moe’s eyes widened and he sighed. Nonchalantly they walked over and sat down close enough to overhear whatever scheme they were hatching.
“I still think a hostage situation would work,” Rebecca whispered lowly. Rhys looked over to Baptista to see if he had heard. From the small twitch coming from his lower eye he was willing to bet that he could.
“No way. Baptista might accidentally kill one of us. That would suck,” Sebastian whispered.
“We have to do something, they are floundering,” Abby said.
“Baptista said they are talking now. I think they are okay guys,” Ashby said biting his lower lip.
“Why is it quiet now of all times? Isn’t shit usually hitting the fan right about now? We need some action around here so that Baptista can save Peyton,” Rebecca fumed. Aleks shook his head at the counter and clapped Baptista on the back in sympathy.
“I know! What if we staged a drive by? A rival gang could roam the streets of Arkadia,” Abby whispered excitedly.
Gabriel, Moe, Rhys, Baptista and Aleks all turned to stare at Abby.
“Oh my gosh! Do we have gangs?” Ashby asked eyes wide.
“We can create our own gang,” Rebecca said.
“Rian was right, we need to fix your sense of normal,” Sebastian said to Rebecca.
“Us getting attacked is normal.” Rebecca tilted her head.
Sebastian thought about it for a moment and nodded. “True.”
“Okay so we’re all in agreement. We’re creating a gang and shooting Peyton in a drive by.” Rebecca confirmed. Rhys watched as Baptista’s eyes about bugged out of his head. He went to step forward and Gabriel shook his head. Aleks just laid his head down on the counter in defeat.
“We can’t really shoot him!” Ashby covered his mouth with his hands.
“Why not? Becca is a crack shot and won’t hit anything vital and Felix can patch him up.” Abby countered.
“And I thought New York was crazy. How about this? We get Ma to make a scrumptious dinner and Rebecca can make one of her cakes that I keep hearing about and we set up a romantic dinner for them?” Giddey suggested.
At the counter Baptista and Aleks were nodding frantically.
“Hmm. I don’t know. Doesn’t seem dramatic enough.” Rebecca frowned.
“I think it sounds perfect.” Ashby sighed dreamily.
“Okay, but if they are still having issues after the romantic dinner. We shoot him.” Rebecca looked around the table. Everyone nodded. Giddey sat back and looked over to Baptista and winked. Rhys buried his face in Moe’s shoulder trying to hide his laughter. Just when Rhys thought it was safe to lift his head he heard Ashby ask.
“Can I pick out the gang colors?”

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Kim Rose | 153 comments Mod
What do we all think about the plan the cheeky inner court is cooking up? :)

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Madeleine | 95 comments Baptista and Peyton should run for the hills.... I can't wait to see what gang colors they are going to

message 4: by Carmen (new)

Carmen | 27 comments You got me cracking up at my office. Gang Colors.
Boy do Aleks got his hands full.
I can't wait for this book to come out

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Kim Rose | 153 comments Mod
Not long now!

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Iva Krazalkovičová | 2 comments oh...i want whole book :D
I love Rebeca :D

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