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Zoe | 337 comments This is a small book I am writing piece by piece. Enjoy!

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Zoe | 337 comments Chapter 1
“The strangest thing happened yesterday,” I say. Percy and I have been sitting on the couch watching movies all day. The plan was for me to teach Percy about ancient Greece (There’s never to much to know when you’re a demigod) but I may have accidentally (*cough* yeah, sure *cough*) forgotten my books.
“What happened?” he asked.
“I met Carter Kane’s sister” suddenly Percy seems a lot more interested.
“What!? How? When? Why didn’t you tell me before?”
“I told you when before Seaweed Brain, yesterday. As for how, we ran into each other when I was following a monster trying to reconnect with its other two parts. Unlike you and Carter, Seaweed Brain, we managed to figure out that Sadie and Carter are Egyptian magicians, descendants of pharaohs, and Sadie figured out that Egyptian gods weren’t the only ones in existence, and vice versa.”
“You have officially blown my mind.” Is the only thing that Percy can say.
‘A) it’s not hard and B) would you like to rephrase that?”
You have officially blown mind again.” He corrects.
I smile smugly.
BOOM! Suddenly there is a huge explosion coming from outside Percy’s apartment.

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Zoe | 337 comments thanks. imm writing the second chapter now. :)

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) coolio, ill leave you to your work then ;)

message 6: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 65 comments this is good would like to read whatever else you come up with. I enjoyed the cross over short that I read by Rick.

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Zoe | 337 comments Done the second chapter. Ready?

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Zoe | 337 comments Chapter 2
Annabeth and I race outside. Towards the East a big fire was raging. We knew something was wrong immediately.
“We need help!” Annabeth exclaimed frantically. I close my eyes. ‘Carter!’ I thought. ‘I need you!’
“What are you doing?” Annabeth asks.
“Carter put an enchantment on me,” I hurriedly explain. “It allows me to call on him, but only once.” I warn.
“Do it!” She cries. I close my eyes and concentrate. ‘Carter!’ I thought again. ‘We need you!’ This time there’s and answer. ‘What’s wrong?’ his voice echoes in my mind. ‘Just come! And bring Sadie!’
He sounds surprised, ’How do you know about her?’ Carter grumbles. ’It doesn’t matter right now! Just come!’ Carter seems to only then realise how serious this was. ’Alright’.
“How did it go?”Annabeth asked. I nod.
“He’s coming. And so is Sadie.” I reply. She breathes a sigh of relief.
“Good” Seconds later Carter and a girl with red highlights, who I assume is Sadie, materialize on top of my neighbour’s pyramid-shaped greenhouse.
“What’s going on?” Sadie demanded.

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Zoe | 337 comments Percy's POV.

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Danielle | 65 comments :) two thumbs up.

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Zoe | 337 comments Thx. It's not top notch, but i think it's still good.

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Zoe | 337 comments Also is there any negative criticism? It helps.

message 14: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 65 comments no negative comments so far./

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Zoe | 337 comments Got the third chapter is anyone online?

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Zoe | 337 comments Chapter 3
Sadie’s POV
When Percy and Annabeth filled us in, I immediately panicked.
“We have to help them!” I cry.
“I know” Percy says grimly.
“It’s about 5 miles away,” Annabeth calculated. I already knew about the whole daughter-of-Athena thing, so I was not surprised. Carter, on the other hand was looking at Annabeth with an expression of awe.
“How do you know that?” Carter asked.
“I’m a daughter of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom” she replied. The look on Carter’s face was priceless. While he decided that he would have to process that later, I figured we may as well get this conversation over with.
“Percy?” I prompted. Not even I knew this one.
“Son of Poseidon” he replies. I turn to Carter.
“Egyptian gods aren’t the only ones in existence.” I sum up. Carter is to stunned to speak. So he just nods.
“We should start heading East.” Percy says.
“How?” I asked. Annabeth drew a map in the dirt.
“We could take a train to the fire, find the cause and defeat it, Egyptian or Greek. Of course, we can’t risk any mortal’s lives so I’ll have to drive the train, I could probably figure it out…” Annabeth muses.
“Wait what? You drive the train?” I demand. My comment seems to bring Annabeth back to reality, even though she completely ignores it.
“Percy have you figured out the click-your-fingers mist thing Thalia was teaching you?” Annabeth asks. Percy nods. Carter seems to snap to attention.
“Thalia?” He asks. We have a new initiate names Thalia, though I have a strong feeling that’s not the one they are talking about.
“Not our Thalia dumbo,” my brother really can be thick.
“So what are we waiting for?” Percy demands. Annabeth nods.
“Let’s go.”

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Danielle | 65 comments Keep up the good work.

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Zoe | 337 comments lol u sound like my teachers.

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Zoe | 337 comments Chapter 4
Annabeth’s POV
As soon as we arrived at the train station, we set to work.
“Percy, the mist.” He seemed to understand. As the next train heading East pulled up. Percy ran up to the driver’s booth and urgently rapped on the window. The driver opened the window and Percy snapped his fingers and spoke a few quiet words. The driver immediately turned to the microphone sitting beside him.
“This is the end of the line. Please exit the train immediately.” All the guests groan, but obey.
When no one is looking, we all bolt straight into the open driver’s booth and Percy slams the door shut. The train isn’t that hard to drive, and only requires minor concentration, so we start talking strategy.
“We should call for backup.” I said.
“Good idea. I could Iris message the others.” Percy says. He turns to Carter and Sadie. Last summer we had a group of friends, there were seven of us and we had to defeat Gaia.”
“You mean Mother Earth?” Carter asked. Percy nods.
“Yep.” Carter and Sadie looked shocked, and I would have loved to elaborate, but this was not the time.
“Message them,” I replied. Sadie seems to recover first.
“We have a friend, Walt, whose also Anubis, a god of death… we could get him to come and help to.” Sadie said.
“I have a friend, you have a boyfriend,” Carter teases, recovering his wits. This time is was my turn to be surprised.
“Your boyfriend is a god of death?” I ask Sadie. Then I shake my head.
“You know what? Not the time. Percy, go make those Iris messages. Sadie and Carter, gather whoever you can. Arrival in 20 minutes tops.” The all nod and slip through the doors that lead them to the passenger part of the train. Ten minutes later, Percy comes back.
“Jason, Hazel, Piper and Frank are here. Sadie and Carter summoned Walt, the guy they mentioned earlier and also some healer chick called Jaz.” I nod.
“Awesome.” At that moment, I heard a voice through a megaphone.
“WE HAVE A NEW ARRIVAL. I REPEAT WE HAVE A NEW ARRIVAL.” My heart skips a beat. Oh My God!
(To be continued)

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Zoe | 337 comments The new arrival and his immortal girlfriend comes through to the driver’s booth.
“Shove over.” He says. The new arrival grins “It’s Uncle Leo’s turn to drive.”

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Zoe | 337 comments What do you think?

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Zoe | 337 comments read the top one first!!!

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Zoe | 337 comments Thanks. is there anything bad about it? I shouldn't have brought leo back shouldnt i?

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) Well the Leo transition was a bit odd and you didn't put his name, only he said he was Leo.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) and you said shove over instead of move over :)

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Zoe | 337 comments Yeah I know because I hate being nice. nice is so over rated. plus saying move over is normal, and I don't think anyone in this group is normal, and Leo is certainly not normal. and the whole not saying his name thing was just so I could say his name at the last second so people would want to read the next one.

||Queen of The Cookies||Anti-Cupid|| (CookieQueen217) ooohh ok i understand life now

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Zoe | 337 comments lol.

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Zoe | 337 comments Chapter 5
Piper’s POV
All I heard was a big scream from Annabeth.
“LEO!” She had screamed. Everyone on the train was immediately in the driver’s booth. I couldn’t believe it. Standing in front of me was Leo. Leo Valdez. Leo freaking Valdez. Uncle Leo. Supreme Commander Leo. I couldn’t help it. I burst into tears.
“I thought you were dead!” My relief immediately turned to anger. “WHY DIDN'T YOU IRIS MESSAGE US!?” The amazing not-dead boy had the nerve to laugh. At this point everyone was either laughing or crying.
“The fates were intervening. You guys had to call us.” Leo said.
“Us?” Hazel asked.
“Us.” Confirmed a small voice. A beautiful girl stepped forward dressed in ancient Egyptian clothes.
“Ladies and gentlemen, meet my girlfriend, Calypso.” Leo was smiling. Not grinning, smiling. He was obviously in love with this girl. Percy’s face was chalk white. It was just to funny, everyone, including Calypso, burst out laughing. Then I saw a girl, she introduced herself as Sadie.
“I don’t know what is going on here. But we seem to be getting closer and closer to a certain raging fire that if we get any closer to we will have an experience with the underworld like never before.” She says. The look of surprise on her face when Percy and Annabeth started laughing was priceless. But then Annabeth sobered up.
“To a certain degree, Sadie is right. She is exaggerating a little bit…” Everyone then turns around towards the fire and saw that Sadie was NOT exaggerating. Everyone but the Egyptians (We had been briefed slightly) screamed the same thing at the same moment.
“LEO!” Leo turned around and started furiously working at the controls. After that, a complete screaming match occurred.
“Why is Leo the one driving and not Annabeth? Does he even know how?” Carter asked. Annabeth nodded.
“Leo’s a Son of Hephaestus. and Hephaestus is the god of blacksmiths and fire. He’s our machine man.”
“Hey guys, I’m gonna need you to go to the back of the train. It may melt before I can rig the brakes.” Leo interrupts.
“What’s wrong with the brakes?” Annabeth asked.
“They’re only supposed to work in the range of a station or stop. I’ll spare you the details, but it’s really quite clever.” Leo explained.
“Leo you’ll burn!” Sadie exclaims.
“His father blessed him with the gift of fire. He can create it, burst into it and he’s immune to it.” Jason explains.
“We should go.” Frank pipes up. Murmurs of agreement spread around and the group move to the back of the train. Once they get there, everyone starts preparing for a fight. What ever was the cause of this fire, it was not going to be pretty. Piper suddenly noticed that some of Sadie’s friends didn’t have weapons.
“Where are you weapons?” Piper asks.
“Walt is actually a god, well a human host for a god. So he doesn’t really need weapons. And Jaz here is a healer. She won’t actually be in the fight.” Carter says.
“Alright…” I say uncertainly.
“Hey guys?” Leo yells. “We’re here”

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Danielle | 65 comments I don't usually like fanfic. but I really like this.

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Zoe | 337 comments It's strange, I don't normally like it either. But writing this is really fun! People probably won't like that I brought Leo back but I really wanted to.

message 33: by Danielle (new)

Danielle | 65 comments I think it was great. It made me sad to think of everyone together again without him. Team Leo!!! :)

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Zoe | 337 comments Team Leo :)

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Zoe | 337 comments Chapter 6
I don’t know what just happened, but that Leo guy came back, and you would think that it was a family reunion not a ride on what might as well be a train ride to death. Once the train stopped, we all jumped out.
“We’re going to need a way to get through,” Annabeth said.
“The fire is only a barrier, there’ll be no flames once we get through that. But we’ll still need away. Not everyone can be awesome and immune like me” Leo grins.
“Sadie, Walt and I can rig some kind of fire immunity shield.” I say. This makes Annabeth look worried.
“If all three of you need to contribute to it,” she says “does that mean that it’ll need more than one ore even two magicians’ power? If so, I don’t think we should risk it.” Walt shakes his head.
“No. I think what Carter’s saying is that we should all contribute so it will use only a little bit of each of our power. Otherwise it would only take one magician, but we wouldn’t be able to do any other spells.” He explains. I nod.
“So what do you say?” I ask Annabeth. Slowly, she nods.
“How long will it take?” One of her friends asked. He was blond, and when he spoke, I immediately felt like he should be in charge. This guy should be our leader. I forced myself to snap out of it.
“Hard to say. Shouldn’t be more than a minute.” That was just a guess, but it couldn’t take that long could it? Sadie, Walt and I join hands as my sister begins chanting. A few minutes later, she opens her eyes and lets out a deep breath.
“Done” she says. “When we’re ready, we just have to stand together and say the activation word.”
“Well what are we waiting for?” The archer dude asked. There are murmurs of agreement.
“Let’s go then.” I say. We all join hands. And Sadie mutters something I can’t make out. Suddenly, around our big circle, a big blue shield like veil appeared. We drop our hands. The veil sustained.
“Don’t separate to much. We should go before it breaks.” Sadie warned.
“How much time do we have?” Annabeth asked.
“Five minutes at the most” Sadie replied.
“That’s not long. We should get going.” Seeing that Annabeth was worried about the push for time, Percy Faced his girlfriend and kissed her.
“Hey.” He said gently. “We’re going to be fine. Rushed for time? Nothing new.” He assures her. She nods.
“Everyone ready?” she asked, not so panicked.
“Let’s go.” Together, they stepped into the wall of fire. The fire shield helped. But the fire was enchanted. Carter felt like they had been walking for hours, even though it couldn’t have been more than a few minutes. He felt tired, exhausted, even though he shouldn’t. He’d done practically nothing all day. If he just lay down for a second, would it be so bad? Just a tiny minute of rest, what harm could it do? ‘get a grip’ he told himself. ‘Snap out of it’. Carter looked at his companions, (All 10 of them) and saw the fire was affecting them to.
“Come on guys! We should run. The shields going to break.” He yelled, ensuring his voice reached everyone.
“He’s right!” Sadie’s voice came out of nowhere. “I can feel it getting weaker” she sounded as tired as Carter felt.
“We have to stick together. Don’t widen the shield!” Annabeth called. We all count together.
“On three! 1, 2, 3!” We all bolted, running until we finally reached what we visibly saw as the edge of the fire. We all stepped through, and I was speechless. There was only one thing in the fire a circle. A kind of chair, a throne sat right in the middle. With a jolt, I realised it was alive. The throne itself was a monster. He looked beyond the throne, to the other side, and found someone was approaching it. It was closer than us. Someone spoke in my mind.
“Once that woman reaches the throne, we will all be doomed.” It was Horus. He hadn’t spoken to me in a long time. It must be serious. One way or another, the other got the message to. It was like clockwork. Those demigods didn’t even have to communicate. The archer dude started shooting arrows at the woman approaching the throne. The range was to long so he couldn’t be accurate, but it distracted the woman. In that moment of distraction, the girl standing next to the archer, Hazel, I think her name is, turned Percy invisible. I don’t know what happened, but seconds later he reappeared at the throne. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a pen. What on earth is a pen going to do? I wanted to strangle Percy they wasted all the time, so Percy could write on it? Were they serious? The Percy uncapped it, and it sprang into a full sized bronze sword. I was so relieved. Percy raised his sword and brought the tip down onto the throne. Suddenly the world shifted, and the demigods were in a circle around the woman. They had her surrounded.

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Zoe | 337 comments “Who are you?” Percy demanded. The woman’s disguise melted a way to reveal a man. (This was getting way to weird)
“I AM HERCULES SON OF ZEUS. DESTROYER OF THE WORLD.” I vaguely remembered Hercules as a famous Greek hero that destroyed almost every monster there is. He was a son of Zeus, but I dunno about all the ‘destroy the world’ stuff. Then the blond kid, Jason, and a pretty girl who I assumed was his girlfriend, stepped forward. Hercules snarled.
“Remember me? Nice to see you again brother.” He said it like a threat. IO guess they had some bad history. Piper looked like she wanted to murder they guy.
“I AM NOT YOUR BROTHER!” Hercules screeched. Jason and Piper took a couple of steps back.
“Something’s wrong with him.” Jason whispered. “He’s not normally like this.”
“We need to restrain him” Hazel said.
“I’m on it,” Leo says. “Carter” He called, Carter ran in and took his place in the circle so there were no gaps. They kept Hercules occupied. Making small talk with him, his answers usually only containing things about him destroying the world. A few minutes later, Leo called out he was done. We all turn around and he reveals a solid chair bound to hold anything down.
“How are we going to get it over here?” Carter asked. Then he looked down and saw Leo had attached wheels.
“Oh.” He said. Leo pushed the chair over into the circle and gave Hercules a rough shove on top of it. Immediately, ropes sprang out and tied Hercules to the chair.
“What do we do now?” Jason asked. Jaz stepped forward, closed her eyes and put her hand on his forehead. He’s engrossed in a fit of madness. I could heal him?” She suggested.
“I like him better tied to the chair.” Jason growled.
“Heal him.” Annabeth said, glaring at Jason. Jaz muttered a few ancient Egyptian words and Hercules blinked to attention.
“What’s going on?” He demanded.
“You were elapsed in a fit of madness. You can thank us later.” Annabeth said dismissively. Hercules looked around at the group that had surrounded him. His eyes fell upon Jason and Piper.
“You.” He sneered.
“Us” Jason agreed.
“Enough” Annabeth ordered. ”I don’t think this is the end of it. We have to keep going” Frank looked around. They were surrounded by fire, and he already knew there was no way Sadie, Carter and Walt could rig another shield.
“How?” He asked. “We’re surrounded by fire.
“I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure it’s an illusion.” Hazel spoke up. Sadie looked annoyed.
“You mean we wasted our powers on a fire shield for nothing?” She demanded. Hazel shook her head.
“The first one was real, but the fire around us is a trick of the Mist, a veil that hides the way things really are from mortal eyes. If we move forward, so will the fire. There’s more beyond.” She assures them.
The group take a few steps forward, noticing that, just like Hazel said, the fire moved forward too. Annabeth nodded.
“Let’s go.”

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is a new serie?

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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David Daigneault | 463 comments This is awesome!!!

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