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E M M A  | 2243 comments Plot # 51: Semester Abroad
Muse A has been studying abroad for their last semester of college and it’s finally the second to last day before everyone flies back home for graduation. Muse A meets up with a group of classmates for drinks before everyone must pack up and return to the states. While out at a bar/party, Muse A encounters Muse B, a charming local. Muse A and Muse B feel an instant chemistry between them. They talk for hours, even long after the rest of Muse A's classmates have moved on to another location. Though Muse A is leaving in 24 hours, Muse B promises to show Muse A a time they will never forget if they spend the following day with them. Thinking it might be exhilarating to soak in the foreign city with an attractive native, Muse A agrees to spend the entire day with Muse B before they have to depart. The next day, Muse B is true to their word and shows Muse A an amazing time. Feelings blossom quickly. When the sun sets, neither one wants to part from the other, so they spend the night together too, eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms. On the morning of Muse A's flight home, Muse A realizes that they’re not ready to leave yet. Despite the inevitable backlash they’ll face from their parents for blowing off graduation and the possibility that the spark between Muse A and Muse B will fizzle over time, Muse A purposely miss their flight to take a chance on a summer romance with Muse B.

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ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments I was just about to ask for you to put it up so I could remember. You read my mind! Say waat
o . o Jk.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments No don't change it! I LOVE MARLON! *^* He's so freaking cute. :W

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments YES RIGHT! We can do is just like that. Just basics. :3
I'm thinking between 1930s/1940s/Modern Time?
Probably he goes to America but I'm not sure? ;-;

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments Okay so modern time it is. :3 I kind of lack but it depends on the time period. cx
Um I guess in New York or Illinois? That's all I can think of.
Not sure for the date either.
Dude that's a lot of questions to ask o . o
It's kewl. I'm going on 20-22 for my girl.

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments Lol it's fine. :3 Im just going to use a random girl since I'm to lazy to use a face claim I would normally use.

Okay New York it is than!
Fine by me.

So I know he's the one studying abroad right or is she?

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E M M A  | 2243 comments [Name] Gabriel Felipe Francisco
[Age] 23
[Date of Birth/Place] February 9; Sao Paulo, Brazil

[Gender] Male
[Occupation] College Student, Soccer Coach

[Ethnicity] Brazilian
[Languages] Portuguese, English


(view spoiler)
FACE CLAIM: Marlon Teixeira

{Eyes} brown
{Hair} brown
{Weight} 210
{Height} 6'1


-financial issues
-too gullible
-his soft heart

~ loyal ~ happy ~ gentle ~ gullible ~ genuine ~ determined ~ confident ~
abe's got a heart of gold. Once you meet him, he tends to be the most innocent and sweetest guy you could ever meet. It takes alot for him to become cross with you, or to even get the slightest bit upset. He's usually in an overall good mood, with an upbeat personality and vibe. He sees the positive side of things, and does his best to cheer others up. Seeing someone in distress has the equivalent of him being in that persons place, and it pains him to not be able to help. In addition to his childlike personality, gabe is extremely gullible and innocent. He will believe anything you tell him, as long as you can convince him. Gabe is unfamiliar with the horrors of the world, and is generally a clean guy. He aims to be a positive figure in life, and find out what his purpose is. His creativity and aspirations make his dreams realities, making him an overall happy individual.

~Was born in São Paulo, Brazil
~His family wasn't wealthy but he grew up humble and happy
~Has one older brother, who he no longer talks to
~Interests include football (soccer), photography, learning about different cultures, and athletics
~Worked as a soccer coach as a part time job, earning enough money to keep himself going
~Dreams of joining Brazil's national soccer team, works at it continuously
~Has a cluttered apartment back home with two roommates

#little kids
#practical jokes

*his brother


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Nick Names: 「Belle-Scar-Kalona」
Gender: 「Female | Feminie」
Sexuality: 「Heterosexual | Straight」
Relationship Status: 「Single」
Age: 「Twenty-Two | 22」

Other Basic Information
[Occupation] 「College Student - Café Waitress at school」
[Languages] 「English」

Other Physical Apparition Details
Hair Color: Black but has the top part of her hair dyed orangeish-red
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'2" Ft
Dinstinguished Markings: Scars and bruises from being clumsy and from her abusive mother and father
Piercings: Her ears are pierced but nothing major to cause damage to her ears in the long run.

[ Will be played out in the rp itself ]

[ Will be played in part of the rp ]

✦Addiction to drugs
✦Dancing - Contemporary
✦Journalism - Creative Writing
✦Music - Metal Core
✦Chocolate - Sweets

✧Being alone
✧Thinking of being with no one forever
✧Her Parents
✧Nurses - Doctors
✧Being held down
✧People telling her about her drug addiction alcohol addiction when she thinks she doesn't have it
✧Flashbacks about her family

ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments I can start. But where would you like me to start at? And thanks. Same to your guy. :3

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ᴀʀᴏᴛʜ [hiatus] (thelovelymsels) | 5474 comments M'Kay]

Isabelle was about to head to one of friends party but something came up. As usual. Her addiction to alcohol and drugs came before parties. But she could get drunk and high at the party right? Well she thought so. She was already dressed and had her black beanie covering her head and showing the partial part of her dyed hair. With her jacket on and arm war ears on along with her gloves she took her bag, keys, and her iPhone as she put her earbuds on and headed out of her apartment with the door clocked and headed several blocks to, Maliak's party. Sometimes she didn't know why she wanted to be surrounded by tons of people. Yes she hated being alone but with a bunch of random strangers and not just her friends got her quite frustrated at times. But oh well. Belle got used to it by now.

After what felt like an hour or two she made it to his place which was an studio size and headed up the front steps and walked inside. Isabelle made her way through the hallway and opened the door to his place and smiled to her friends. Especially, Maliak."Feels like forever bro. I wonder what you've been planning on. Where's, Alex?"She asked searching around.

"She's with, Sam as usual. I doubt you'll break those two apart but good luck. It's good to see you though as usual and not on those assignments at time, Belle."Maliak said with a wide grin.

Belle merely nodded and once again made her way through the crowd to, Alex still some what high from her dose of heroin and weed including the alcohol. Isabelle felt like usual it was worth being high but could barely pay any attention to where she was going. Not realizing she must've bumped into someone.

She glanced up to see the person was quite taller than her and pretty good looking. He must've been the foreign student. She just gave smile. Belle replied with,"S-Sorry. I really wasn't paying any attention."Her words were a mixture of being slurred and half drunk.

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Gabe was in America, more specifically the beautiful vibrant city of New York. He had always dreamed of travelling here, if only for a few months. So when the oplurtunity was presented to him to travel to the states, for school, he couldnt have been more eager to get on an airplane. Gabriel had been in New York for less than a week, and so far, he was thinking that he could come live here after his graduation. The people, the culture- it was all so rich and beautiful! It was definitepy a stark contrast from Sao Paulo, where he coached a junior soccer team and walked to his college a few blocks down. With his wild messy hair and thick Portugese accent, he still felt like he fit in to the place.

Everyone had been welcoming upon his arrival that Monday, to the flat he shared with another American student to the classes he had been enrolled in for the semester. Speaking English hadnt been too bad of a challenge, espeically when he had taken English as a subject for three years and his roommate spoke textbook Portugese. He could understand most that went on around him, but it still took some adjusting to the strange environment with foreign words and shops all around.

Tonight, there was to be a party at one of his new friends' apartment, just down the building lined street in a quieter neighborhood. Gabriel was entirely nervous about who he was to encounter, what the party would be like, but his roommate assured him that it would be lots of fun. Showered and dressed in an off white slightly wrinkled button up with the collar messed up and the sleeves rolled, blue chino shorts, and a pair of white converse, Gabriel was ready to go. "Let's par-ty-!" His roommate whooped, following the Brazilian out the door.

It was colder than Gabe had anticipated, in mid January on the East Coast. The two shadowed figures walked briskly down the lit street, already grinning ear to ear in anticiaption as the sound of house music increased gradually in volume as they got closer. Once the apartment came into view, Gabriel could see that the front doors were wide open, and other college kids loitered around with red plastic cups in hand. His roommate seemed to forget about Gabe almost right away, sailing directly up the stairs in to the crowded home. Gsbe swallowed uncertainly, taking hesitant movements up the stairs with his hands in his pockets. The stench of alcohol and cigarette smoke reeked, and Gabe was having scond thoughts. He wasnt so good around alcohol, as he always became a drunken, stupid mess if he so much as took one sip. Before he could change his mind, however, a girl he recognized from his arts class latched onto his arm and ushered him inside.

"Ga-abe-!" She crooned, her high pitched voice already making his head ache. He had no particular thoughts for the girl, although most of his buddies had shot him envious stares whenever Liza came around. The girl with shocking blonde hair and blue eyes and the designer purse teetered with a high alcohol content already, just with the first two beers she had inhaled by nine o clock. Gabriel managed to escape her clutches when Liza threw up into a trash can, the moment her back had turned allowing Gabe to duck out into the living room hall.

He managed to squeeze past couples making out or large groups laughing together in conversation in search for his roommate or another familiar face. The loud music was making his head ache, but Gabe assumed that this was how Americans partied, and this was how he'd spend his night. It wasnt too different than a Brazilian party, except where Gabe came from, there was alot more risky games and some violence that often broke out. Gabe turned away for one second to check behind him in the crowded hallways, when a shorter figure shoved into his chest. Taken aback, Gabes dark brown eyes snapoed to attention.

The girl was rather petite, her hair black with a streak of orange red on the top. Her eyes were dazed, and the smell of alcohol was strong with this one. Gabriel gave rhe girl a warm smile regardless, partly relieved that he had someone to talk to rather than wander in his lonesome. "It is okay," Gabe managed, his thick accent impossible to mask. "What is your name?" He asked curiously, having sworn that he had seen the red hair somewhere before. "You are okay?" Gabe laughed lightly as the girl slurred her words and looked on the brink of collapsing.

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Isabelle felt so drunk and high it was a miracle she could stand on two as is. The party was fun. She could admit that much but the fact that she always got drunk and high at parties weren't always fun. Especially the after effects. The hangover and having to drink water or a remedy every time she got drunk was getting ridiculous. But this is what came with want to party twenty four/seven with her friends. Then again she loved getting high and the fact that she got away with it made her feel even more special.

Except one day she got high and drunk on campus that she was sent directly to the nearest hospital straight away. The adults that watched her said it was her last straw or she would be kicked out of the college. But she couldn't be kicked out and go back to live with her abusive family. So she tried to get drunk and high on the weekends. Belle needed this college course which she was taking. Specifically the writing course and dancing. Writing was going to be her minor and the dancing was going to be her major. But she paid no mind to it.

The only thing she paid any attention to as of right now was partying and having fun. Especially with this guy she just bumped into. She never got any cute or hot guys willing to talk to her because of her hair being dyed or her piercings but she didn't give two cents anymore. This one however was willing. Maybe because he was foreign and didn't know how things worked here in the states. For all she knew he was olive skinned. Pretty much tanned. Taller than her as most guys were. Dark brown hair that was quite curly and even dark brown eyes like hers. But the cutest thing she liked about him was his accent. Oh how she could've died for his accent that nearly wanted to make her melt into his arms. She just giggled while looking up at him and gave a slight drunk smile.

"The name's, Isabelle Cater. Most call me, Belle, Scar, or even Kalona. A pleasure to make your acquaintance."Belle said slurring once more that she gripped onto his upper arm and just gazed down before she did the unthinkable and fell to the floor laying against his legs with her hand resting against his own and her body being passed out it just like that.

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Gabriel surpressed a laugh at how absurdly the girl spoke, too intoxicated to even function properly. He could be that if he asked her to pretend she was a dog and bark at people on all fours, she would do it without question. These Americans and their alcohol, Gabe thpught to himself. Gabe leaned against the wall to allow for more space for others to get by them in the hallway, his head titled slightly to the side. The girls high pitched giggle rung in his ears, her eyelashes fluttering up at him. He had to admit, if the girl hadnt been so drunk, she would have been one of the most attractive girls he had met so far in New York. The bright hair came as a shock to him, though, as it wasnt popular for people in his area to dye the hair a vibrant color such as hers.

"Belle?" Gabe repeated slowly, his dark brown eyes meeting the girls hazy brown ones. Scar seemed too tough of a name for a little girl like her, and Kalona... he wasnt even sure what the nickname meant. "Hello, Belle," Gabe smiled weakly, startled as her legs almost buckled completely. The girl clamped onto his musuclar upper arm rather tightly, her head resting against his chest helplessly. How much had she had that night? "I am... Gabriel Francisco, just call Gabe." He doubted the girl would remember his name, but it was worth the shot right?

Suddenly, Belle collapsed and her body limply rested at his feet. She sat on his shoes with her back resting on his legs, her head lolled to the side. "Oh, Meu Deus! Belle!" Gabe yelped in shock, panicking. What was he to do with a drunk female who had just fallen at his feet? Taking her to the hospital was extreme, but he couldnt just leave her lying there. Gabe slowly knelt on the wooden floors in the poorly lit hallway, his arms cradling her body. Unconcious. For how long, he couldnt tell for sure. "Belle? Belle! Awake, Belle!" Gabriel shook her gently in vain as the drunk remained out in his arms. Looking aroujd uncertainly, Gabe swallowed uncertainty. Maybe he could find one of her friends, leave her with them. Or just leave her in a room, hope she wake up alright. Or he could... Gabe was out of ideas, and no one around him seemed to notice the Brazilians dilemma. Completey lost, Gabe cradled the girl in his arms and stood slowly in the narrow hallway, with Belles legs and arms dangling loosely from her body. Gabriel couldnt seem to find anyone who would help him sufficiently, often greeted by "I dont know" or "Just leave her there"s presented to him when he questioned what to do with Belle. He even went as far as to asking for her friends, or seeing who knew her.

His roommate, Jasso, widened his eyes and nearly dropped his red cup. "Put her down somewhere, dude! You dont want to be caught dead with her-!" He hissed with disgust, worried what Belles presence would mean for Gabe and Jassos popularity at the party. A few onlookers cringed and nodded along, tsking in disapproval of the new students actions. Gabes face fell, but he nodded anyway. As soon as he escaped the crowd, Gabriel gently laid Belle down in someones empty bedroom, her hair knotted and sprawled about her head in a jet black mess. Sighing, Gabe plopped into a chair dragged iver to her bedside. Something inside him cared for everyone, even the drunkards who couldnt do anything for themselves. Their vulnerability, especially that of a girl... conflicted with thoughts, gabe sat at Belles side with his chin in his hands. The party music was muffled behind the walls, and the softly lit guest bedroom was mostly peaceful.

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Belle was unaware of what was being said about her or done. For all she knew she was unscious and having flash backs to her past. The past that she tried to whole entirely forget about. The one where she didn't have any friends. But she lost all track of it as she felt a warm and comfortable bed underneath her. She tried to pull anything so it would be within arms reach. The farther she tried to reach the farther it reminded her of her parents."No you can't! Please don't! Mom! Dad! Please for the love of good I can't go through it!"Isabelle cried out as kept tossing and turning. Belle shuddered as she bit her lip hard and cried tears of sadness and anger.

[ Sorry I didn't know what else to type. .3. ]

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Gabe hadnt been sitting for long before his eyelids drooped low, and his head rolled onto the back of the chair. Jet lag, homseickeness, and all this adjusting had been a bit too taxing on him, and a nap was just what he could use. As much as he felt the need to stay awake and be ready for Belle when she came to, Gabriels struggling eyelids clamped shut. Soon, he was snoring softly with his chin tucked to his chest, his arms folded across his chest in the comfortable cushioned chair. The party plunded on outside, and nobody disturbed him or Belles peaceful slumber. Outside, the party became alot more illegal with underage drinking contests and one night stands to start off the second party that January. Jasso had temporarily forgotten about his Brazilian buddy, too preoccupied with sucking some girl's face off. Gabriel was out for a good two hours or so, without any recall or dreams of any kind. When Gabe slept, he was out cold. That is, until the screaming started when Belle suddenly began to toss and turn in bed.

Gabe jolted awake, drool escaping a corner of his lips as he straightened up. He had a childish confused face, his curly mess of hair disheveled on his head. He smacked his lips and bkinked a few times remembering where he was, his hands balling into fists to rub his eyes. Staring at Belle at first, he had thought she had risen from her drunken stupor from earlier, however long of time had passed. But no, Belles eyes were still squeezed shut tightly. Belles arms thrashed round about her desperately, her slender fingers grasping at something that was without her reach. Dont go, she was shouting, she couldnt go through it. Through what? What was Belle talking about this nonsense? Gabriel sat upright now kn his chair, torn between comforting the girls cries or sitting by. It was when the tesrs began to streak down, however, that it tugged at Gabriels heart strings and urged him forward. It didnt really matter to him anymore that Jasso and everyone else had been so shocked by Belles presence, so mortified by her name. After all, what did he have to lose? Alot, when he thought about it. His friends, the companionships, the parties, the help that the American college students always offered to the naive, gullible pretty boy from Brazil.

But then again, that was beside the point. Belle was crying, screaming, thrashing. She was upset, and she was stuck in such a horrible dream that he could help her out of. Somehow. Gabe reached out with a large, steady hand, clasping Belles wriggling fingers gently. "Belle," Gabe called softly, easing out of his chair and kneeling into the bed beside her. "Belle, shhh... awake, Belle, all is okay," he coaxed gently, hesitant about how far he would need to take his comforting. He coached little emotionally sensitive kids, he knew a thing or two about quieting cries. But what did he know about girls? He had never had close girlfriends except that one crazy ex he had, the one who was quite obsessed with him. He was so unaware of the female population, and Gabe was quite certain he was the only virgin among his group of friends. Even Jasso had caught on that Gabriel wasnt the kind of guy to be easily attracted to women. Why, then, did he care for this Isabelle? This American, probably one his mother would call silly and irresponsible?

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Isabelle felt someone's hands and voice trying to soothe her. He couldn't have been him could it? Gabriel? Gave as he referred to himself by? She slowly stopped shuddering and relaxed as she opened her eyes and probably did the unthinkable at the moment as she got up quickly and held onto, Gabe tightly as she buried her face into his chest. Belle softly cried into his arms as she would sniffle slightly."Please don't go. For me please, Gabe?"She asked trying to hide her desperateness as she snuggled closer to him and pulled him closer to her."Want to leave here and go to my apartment? I just don't want to be here with others thinking negatively of us at the moment."She stated nervously still holding onto him.

The longer she held onto him the longer she felt comforted with the notion that he would protect her from everything bad that would come to her or that have haunted her in the past. It was as if he was her Prince Charming. The one that could protect her from everything and anything that could abuse her. But would that mean he would make her stop drugs and alcohol as well? She knew it would happen. Only a matter of time before he or someone else would make her stop both of her addictions. It kind of scared her. No rather it did scare her. That very idea didn't just scare her it made her fear everything about life itself.

Than again she did feel closure with being with this person she hadn't even met except for several minutes. This very stranger of a guy made her smile and feel warmth that no other guy made her feel. She couldn't help but cry tears of joy with a soft hearted laugh while still holding onto his strong form."Gabe I know I just met you for what felt like a few minutes but to me I feel like I can trust you more than any other guy before. You're to nice for me I think. No ones ever been this nice. Half the school already hates me. And your one out of few who would spend there time with me? I wonder what made you willing to do so?"Belle breathed before she reached her head out of his arms and up to his face as she pressed her lips against his and kissed him sweetly with passion and desire for him. Not just desire but the wanting of being held witch are and protection.

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E M M A  | 2243 comments As soon as Belle came to, Gabe was able to breathe again. Taking hold of a hand of someone he hardly knew that was excessively drunk and unstable was dangerous- espeically if she was having a nightmare. This girl seemed harmless, however, as soon as her big doe eyes flickered open with confusion combined with panic. Her eyes darted quickly over his face, sweat glistening ever so slightly along her hairline. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, her hair in a mess about her shoulders as she eyed him with a wild look in her eyes. If her screaming wasnt enough to wake him up, he certainly was wide awake now. "Belle," he whispered pleasantly, taking a deep breath. She seemed fine, or at that moment she did. However, Belle wasnt completely sober yet. Not at all, or at least... he hoped she wasnt.

The girl sobbed into his chest, her warm tears soaking through his button down until a wet spot formed. Some mascara and make up even bled onto the fabric, but Gabriel figured it wouldnt be that big of a deal. With Belle practically in his lap, Gabriel hesitantly wrapped his arms around her small waist, her head tucked well under his scruffy chin. "Shhh, Belle, I am here..." Gabe murmured, trying not to focus on the smell of substances on her skin. Instead, he cuddled the young girl closely to his chest, rubbing her back in gentle circles. "No worry! I am here," Gabe repeated with a shy smile, a row of perfect white teeth peeking between his lips. He was taken aback by how attatcged the girl had become very quickly, but he learned not to take too much of it seriously. Belle was simply still a little drunk. "Your apartment? N-no..." Gabe began, before his eyes met hers. It wssnt a good idea to go to a stranger's house, but he figured- what could she do to him? She seemed quite harmless, and bringing her home would ensure thst she would make it home safely in one piece.

"Your apartment, okay," Gabe agreed slowly, careful with how he spoke. His English was poor at the moment, his mind fuzzy and dull from just waking up moments ago. Belle was stuck to him like glue, with her fingers balling up the fabric of his shirt. And he had thought little kids were high maintenance, he wasnt so sure. Gabe gazed down at Belle to really get a good look at her, finding himself mesmesmerized by the rather innocent stare she returned him. He rubbed the side of his face in deep thought, tearing his stare away from Belle in his arms. If Jasso caught him... the roommates threats rung in his ears, and Gabe began to wonder if Jasdo had been right. Maybe being this girl wasnt a good idea. Who jnew wherr she was from? It would have been wiser to listen to his friends advice, but Gabes soft heart seemed to ruin everything for him.

Belle spoke up again, her head tilted upward to speak to him. She was still slurring some of her words ever so slightly, but not so much as she had hours before. Gabes face became pink with embarassment at her compliments, wondering if he really was too nice. He was just trying to be a good guy! "I know you little than three minutes," Gabriel agreed good naturedly, shrugging his shoulders. "You trust... me?" He repeated loudly, shocked. She trusted him. She said she trusted him. For a moment, Gabe seemed to forget that Belle was incapable of taking charge of her own thoughts, thst whatever came out of her mouth was blasphemy. Gabriel also took note of what belle had said abiut half the school disliking her, and he couldnt help but wonder what. Aloud.

"Why everyone so hate you? I don' understand," Gabe frowned, sympathetic as always. He began to feel comfortabke with Belle in his embrace, half sitting in his lap in that bedroom. Alone. To anyone else, Gabe was taking advantage of a drunk girl. Gabe laughed off Belles praises after that, unaware of how serious Belle was about him. "Im not nice, just being regu-" Gabe was cut off abruptly, his deep voice impeded by a heavy foreign accent silenced. Gabriel had automatically closed his eyes in respinse to Belles lips mashed against his, her saliva shared in his own mouth. At first, Gabe was completely frozen. What was he supposee to do? This wasnt his first kiss, but Gabe had comoletely forgotten what it was like to make out with a girl. Gabriel allowed himself to slowoy kiss Belle back, his hand sliding around her waist, before he caught himself. Belle was drunk. Gabriel pulled away abruptly, peeling himseof away from Belle before things could escalate. He wiped his lips with the back of his hand, breathing heavily with shock. His brown eyes met Belles, and Gabe shook his head apologetically. "I am sorry..." he mumbled. He ciuodnt couldn't do this. He was ashamed! He needed to get Belle home, and leave her be. It could be bad for both of them, what was he thinking?

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Belle felt something taking over her. As if someone was taking control of her body but than again she did feel responsible for some mistakes she might have caused, Gabriel. He was knew and she was right about how she could and might ruin his popularity. If she ruined it than she would be hated upon more than she already had been."We should stop. Really we should, Gabe. You're practically brand new to the school and if I ruin you like, Jasso said I might as well just quit school."Isabelle said getting off of his lap slowly and getting on the other side of the bed so she was just sitting there by herself. As usual."Everyone's right. If you knew you would hate me to. I'm not a slut. I'm not a whore. I did have sex once in awhile but I don't do sex like it's my life. What I'm getting at though is people call me an attention whore. A dramatic person and one who makes up shit. To be honest people call me a drug addict. Which I would hate to admit but as of right now I don't give two cents what people think of me. Though I feel alone. The only friend I got is, Maliak. The one who hosted the party. But he still hates me in the end. I don't live with anyone. My apartment is basically me and me only. A loner at large. It was nice knowing you while it lasted. Ever want to see me again just as friends you know where to find me at."Belle said softly as she fixed herself and headed out the room with the door closed behind her.

How pathetic I am I thought I could go for him. But Jasso was right as usual. I'm a no body. Nobody likes drug addicts and sex people. I barely ever do sex though. Might as well go home and just watch sappy love stories about stuff that never is going to happen me in reality. It was fun while it lasted. Isabelle thought. She couldn't help but laugh nervously overt he matter as she pushed her way through the crowd and out the door, down the stairs, and back into the cold night's air. Maybe she was cold as ice. A horrible person who will grow up exactly like her mother and father. But no she was going to change that! No one was going to stop her or would they?! She gave a goofy smile over the matter as she pulled the hood of her jacket over her head and shoved her hands in her jacket pockets.

It sure definitely was cold outside. Colder than usual. The weather Mother Nature gifted this month was probably worse than, December or the other months soon to come. She remembered it was cold in, Michigan where she grew up and just transferred here for college only. Well one thing for sure she was hoping to finish college and go move back home where her grandparents. The ones she could trust and count on the most. Since her parents weren't legally allowed to take care of her anymore even they wanted to. They were a bunch of pathetic phonies. Not that mattered.

Once however she got to her apartment she locked the door behind her and turned the light on as she went to her bedroom and changed into a pair of fleece pajama bottoms, a tank, a long sleeve shirt over it, and slipped socks. Afterwards she shut the lights off and went back to her room and curled up underneath the covers. Thanking god that the heat was on and she paid for it. Or maybe it was the school itself paying for the heat. She didn't remember. For all she cared for she felt the desire to sleep. And so she did by closing her eyes and hoping to fall into a quiet sleep.

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E M M A  | 2243 comments As soon as Gabe had backed away, Belle had retreated and shut down completely. It was like a switch had just been flipped, suddenly the atmosphere becoming very tense and awkward. He wasmt so sure what to do, and if Belle was extremely cross with him. He wasnt sure what he did wrong, but he figured it had been the right thing ti back away... right? He didn't know this girl, she didnt know him. She'd probably regret it the next day as well. But why did he feel so guilty?? Gabriel shifted on thr bed to watch Belles movements, his face crestfallen. He hated to disappoint people, but it was for the right reason that he had pushed her away. Besides, what would happen of him if he was caught with this girl? He couldnt afford to lose his friends and the guidance they provided on the first week- he still had a whole nother semester to go!

Then Belle launched off onto a whole tantrum, her eyes ssteely cold amd her tone dangerously low. She was upset with the whole situation he could tell, but several words he didnt really know like 'slut' and 'attention whore", and her vocabulary seemed to be used in different ways than he was taught. So, Gabriel remained silent on his post at the edge of the bed, still sitting how Belle had left him. Gabe struggled to catch her words and understand her quick speech, only able to nod in response with somber nods. He didnt understand why she was so angry at him. What did he do wrong? He thought it was the right thing to do... "I am sorry, very bad... I so sorry," Gabriel frowned, becoming even upset with hinself now. Belle ended saying that he would know where to find her later, and that only made things worse. No, he didnt in fact know where to find her. He just met her for goodness sakes! Unless... she had explained where she lived and he had been too dull to comprehend her English? Before Gabe could call out and ask her to wait, that he'd at least walk with her home so she was safe, the door clicked shut.

Gabe was left in solitude, silence, all alone in that bedroom. Now what...? It was only a minute or so of empty thoughts until the bedroom door crashed open again, and Jasso appeared looking slightly disheveled. "That was Belle. Belle , dude! Did you guys...? You know! Sleep together?" Jasso demanded, his short dreadlocks bouncing with every head movement. "No-! No sleeping, well... no sex, she just leave-" Gabe began to babble helplessly in explanation, before Jasso shushed him. "No, no dude! I don't care what you guys were doing, just dont- dont talk to her, okay? Seriously bro... its not a good idea," Jasso said sternly, grabbing gabe by the arm and ushering him from the room in a casual manjer.

"Theres so many other girls here, I promise you'll meet plenty of other hotties," Jasso rambled on to Gabe, who ambled alomg behind Jasso with a lost expression on his face. He was so deeply torn. He wanted to reach out to Belle again, to offer the kindness that was always denied of her. Maybe she just needed a friend. But then, his own friendships were already in neopardy. Could he really risk that much that week? Was it something hed be okay with? No. Gabriel made the brutal decision in his heart to not think of Belle any longer, that she was just another stupid girl who got drunk and high and couldnt take care of herself. Even though the feeling gnawed away on his insides, Gabriel managed to sleep mildly well that night once they got back to the apartments to crash.

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The next day didn't go so swell for, Isabelle as she wished it would. She checked her phone for any notifications from her so "called friends" or anyone that she knew for that matter. But it was zero. As usual for what felt like the hundredth time. She paid no mind to it. Belle just got dressed for her writing course and dance that would follow after. She tried to keep her clothes different and mix it every day but everyone knew she was a "goth" and she didn't give any crap about that. Scarlett felt herself wearing dark colors. The bright colors if she wore any would sometimes be her shirts or shoes or even belts if she wore it. Sometimes it would be her hair color. But she kept it the same as usual. Which was a orange-red color on the top of her hair.

Belle went to her closet after having all those thoughts and put on her Royal Bones skinny jeans as they were called. It looked like a pair of Harley Quinn's pants but she liked that style or any type of dark pair of skinny jeans. For this pair of Royal Bonesthe left leg was black and the right leg was black with skulls. Afterwards she put on a pair of black socks and put on her band t-shirt. Which was pretty obvious and it read Sleeping With Sirens and then afterwards she put on her dark purple hoodie then after that she put her black converse on. Once she was all done getting dressed and having everything she needed which was mainly her vans backpack and dancing clothes she headed out of her apartment with her keys with her.

Hopefully today would be different then last night. But she felt it wouldn't. Or so she thought. She did gaze around every so often to see familiar faces. The only faces she was none of her own friends since freshmen year of college. Maybe she would catch up with, Alex or even, Emily when she got to writing. With a quick glance at the time on her phone she sighed in defeat. She was late again. As usual. Belle ran across campus to the English building and went through the doors and up the stairs tot he second floor and went past three doors to her classroom and headed inside. But she was caught by no other than, Professor Salvatore. He spoke with her for a few minutes and gave her the missing homework from last week. She merely nodded. Bored with the conversation."Professor I know about it. We'll talk after class okay?"She questioned him. Belle merely smiled and replied with,"M'Kay" when he nodded.

Belle merely headed to the fourth row where she spotted, Alex and, Emily and giggled softly as she made her way through the other students and hugged them both as they spoke softly and then started to get back to work on their notes.

After several hours of being in the class she headed to her next class and so on. But that whole day didn't feel right as is. Even the party she went to last night. The guy she met was nice. Even cute looking and quite friendly but he didn't know her. He thought he did but he didn't at all. All he knew was he wanted friends and didn't want to be an outsider because he was foreign to the states. But she was used to being an outsider just like him. But than again, Jasso was right. No one should hang around her unless they wanted to get hurt. If hue guy got hurt she would drag them down emotionally. She wasn't always quite happy except when being around, Alex or, Emily. Belle just shrugged it off but than again the memory of her parents resurfaced to her mind and she stopped in the middle of the park where she was at and going to head to the café. That memory of her parents when she around age seven and how they hit her physically and hurt emotionally struck her hard. Not that she would fall over. But enough that she couldn't focus on anthying else."N-No. You can do this, Belle. You're different than the others. You're better than this."She exclaimed with frustration and sadness. But no she wasn't better than this. She was turning out just like her father and mother. Belle bit her lip hard and cried softly as she went over to a bench and shuddered in sadness and agony. A mixture of feelings which were confusion, sadness, and frustration is what she felt. Belle couldn't help but remember that foreign student that arrived just over a month or two ago. He was quite kind and too kind for his own good."If only you knew me, Gabriel. If only."She muttered.

With a slight glance at the time she headed directly towards the café. Praying and hoping, Gabriel wasn't there with his friend, Jasso or anyone else she went inside the place. To only find to her very eyes that they were both there along with other popular people in the college itself."Great! Just what I need."She sighed in defeat as she glared over at some of them except for, Gabriel. She merely nodded and gave a slight smile."Gabe good to see you."Was the only thing she said before she headed to the back of the café where the door read "Employees Only" and dropped her bag down in one of the lockers with her name bolder on it."You can get through this, Belle. Just don't think of last night. Just don't."She said nervously but she did. She contradicted everything she wished she didn't do. She thought of last night. Thought of what she and, Gabe did last night. The mere thought brought warmth to her cheeks and a sigh of happiness from her mouth.

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E M M A  | 2243 comments Gabriel woke with a level 10 migraine, if there even was such thing. His hair was sticking up in the worst ends, and his eyes were bleary with exhaustion. Even though they had left the party by ten, Gabe found it extremely difficult to wake up at eight am for the classes that started at 10:30 for him and Jasso. The day was still fairly young, and the New York traffic was faintly audible beyond the apartment boulevard they lived in. His alarm on his cell phone was quickly quieted, and silence blessed his ears. Gabe curled up tighter in bed, tugging the comforter closer to his chin. Couldn't they skip class today? What genius planned the party on a weekday? He could bet that no one would show up today. Some kids were probably still hammered at the Maliaks place.

Gabriel tossed amd turned on his side, the blankets tangled between his legs. The soft down pillows were just so inviting, he could sleep a little longer... Gabes eyes shut for barely what felt like two minutes, then the bedside clock read 8:45. Alarmed, Gabe jolted upright and stumbled to his drawers, smashing his toe into the bed corner. A string of howling curses echoed throughout the apartment that morning, and this was how Gabriel Francisco started his morning. A shower was taken briefly after a sniffing of his armpits, and Gabriel grudgingly went through his morning routine. Brush teeth, wash face, towel dry the hair. Gabe stared at himself in the mirror for several minutes contemplating whether to shave... the razor was tucked back into the bathroom cabinet. Maybe another day. Gabriel slathered on deoderant and dressed casually in jeans and a tshirt, with a snapback hat backwards on his head. A flannel jacket was tied around his waist for later as well as for a flare of fashion, and Gabe shoved his feet into a pair of Chucks. The usual bracelets adorned his wrists, his lucky bracelet from his mpther and an assortmet of a few others. With that and a spritz of irrestible cologne, Gabe left his bedroom.

Jasso greeted him slightly hungover with a grunt, sitting at the kitchen counter over a bowl of cereal and his phone in hand. "Good Morning, Jass," Gabe offered still half asleep. He kicked his backpack lazily along the wooden floors, leaving it beside the barstool Jasso sst perched upon. Gabriel helped himself to a bowl of American cereal he was really beginning to like, as well as some orangr juice in a nice little glass. Gabe sat down by himself at the small dining table away from Jasso, using the time left alone to mull over last night. Where was Belle? Was she okay, did she make it home? Had anyone seen the two together, were there any rumors yet? Most of all, what was so bad about Belle? She seemed just fine, despite the "goth" way she dressed the night before. Jasso hsd described goth as being dressed in all dark colors and dying hair absurd colors and being extremely introverted, but gabe felt it was too much of an exaggeration.

The gut feeling to track Belle down and at least apologize for the night, maybe get to know a thing or two for himself before deeming her unacceptable, grew painfully strong in his stomach as he finished his breakfast. Belles soft lips still lingered on his, and Gsbriel didnt snap out of his reverie until Jasso snaooed at him that theyd be late. And so the two roommates went off to school by taxi, with Gabes nose pressed up against the glass to take in the sights he should have felt familiar with by then. New York never failed to amuse him, and soon thoughts of Belle disappeared to the back of his mind.

Three in the afternoon, and the last class of the day had finally gotten out. All day, Gabe had been battling the idea of coming face to fsce again with Belle. Though school had been pretty stressful so far, the girl was constantly making him want to tear his hair out by the handful. Why couldnt he think about the hot model all the boys drooled over in Arts? Why couldnt he just... forget? Jasso never mentioned the night befores incidents, and the majority of the groups comversation had been on who got wasted and the funniest drunk moments. Gabriel found himself tuning out the conversation as they walked in the afternoons dimming sunshine, a few classmates in the popular group having joined them for an after school coffe break. It seemed that Gabriel was the only one whi hadnt drank the night before, yet he could functuon the least properly. Several times, more than he would have liked, Gabe could have sworn he had seen Belle. Only... it was just some other girl every time.

Gabe sipped a soothing latte in the easy atmosphere of the cafe, unprepared for the unbelievable. He and his friends sat at their table, with papers and laptips cluttering every available square inch as they struggled with studies. Gabriel took a short break, looking up and stretching comfortably. His eyes met directly with Belles, who passed by eith a few words in greeting. Gabriel choked, his brown eyes wider than saucers. He had to be hallucinating! There was no eay Belle was here . What were the odds, in NEW YORK? There was no way! However, the rest of the groups astonishment at their interaction proved that Belle was real. Here. "You know her?" Liza wrinkled her nose in disapproval. Jasso shuddered, eyeing Gsbriel warily with warning hinted in hid sleepy gaze. "N-no... er, yes, yes I do know Belle," Gabriel admitted, swallowing. All eyes had turned to him, watching, waiting. But gabe, he had to go talk to her! He had to, if it would at least let him sleep better at night. "I need to go, I am back in a few minutes," Gabe promised. His thick accent was mildly understood by the group, and Jasso immedistely saw where this was all going. "Gabe! Hey! No, sit back down...! Are you kidding-? You cant go talk to HER, Gabe come on..." jasso had whined, pleading eith his stubborn foreign roommate. "I need to go," gabe insisted defensively with a hsrsher tone than intended. Swallowing, Gabriel stood quickly and jog-ran after Belle. He didnt realize the sign beside the door to the back kitchen and offices area read "staff only", and Gabriel plowed on through the doors. He spotted her immediately in black again, and Gabe swallowed. "Belle...?" He cringed, stepping close to the girl. "Hello," he smiled timidly.

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Belle could hear every word, Gabriel's roommate and the other person said. She couldn't help but give a smug smile."It's a good thing I hate them with a passion. Maybe in writing I can get, Emily or, Alex do something for me to pay them back."She muttered with a dark grin spreading across her face. It wasn't just the fact that the "popular kids" which, Gabe's friends were hated her. But for the fact that they wouldn't accept her for being well...herself. Uniqueness. Is what she called it. Prefer actually to call it. Isabelle however paid no mind anymore to any others people's comments she heard through the door and just paid attention to getting herself together for the customers and to see her friends from working at this particular café. Her friends weren't a lot from her work place. But it was better than none. The only friends she had from this place was, Daniel and, Ara. She was such a sweet thing and could help you if you needed an extra hand. Besides she liked, Belle and she dressed the same and acted the same. Same went for, Daniel.

It was only when she saw, Daniel in the back getting himself ready for a break she dropped her things and ran over to him. With a quiet laugh she hugged him nearly to death."Danny I missed you. You weren't at the party like you said you would. Ditching me to hang with, Ara?"She teased. But they both knew they kid with each other twenty-four/seven. The way she was with, Daniel she wasn't like with any other guy. She was part of his band that he and her started a year ago. Best friends besides, Alex and, Emily. He helped her practice with her dancing as well because he watched his younger sister do dancing lessons as well. But for some reason she just enjoyed him being with her anywhere or even cuddling her. Belle thought he was better than, Gabe for a mere moment. Except last night felt totally different and awkward but she got used to it. It wasn't the same like being with, Daniel though. She thought of him more than a guy friend. More of a boyfriend since she brought him home for the holidays and her birthday."I missed you more, Belle and you know I do better things than ditching you for, Ara. I was focusing on my studies like you should do."Daniel whispered in her ear as he hugged her from behind.

Belle couldn't help but giggle as she enjoyed his very touch and his voice against her neck."I barely pay attention to my studies except depending on what topic it is. You know I would rather be with you for fun than being alone in my apartment as usual."She said softly before biting her lip and trying to not shed tears because every time she meant the word "lonely" or being forever alone it brought memories front he past she tried to forget for life. But never worked. Seeing it upset her, Daniel gently stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head gently."Shh. You got me and I'll always be there for you. Besides that, Gabriel person is probably going to go base it off of what, Jasso said. I'll always be there for you. I promise."He muttered as he held her tightly till he saw the door pried open which meant it was another staff member or someone couldn't read and know what the sign meant. Seeing it was, Gabriel he mentally glared and softly sighed. He hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek."I got to go back to serving people. But it's good to see you for my break. Be careful with him though. I swear if he hurts you let me know and I will hurt him back. Swear on it?!"He whispered.

Isabelle felt so happy and even enjoyed the fact that someone would actually care for her that much but she nodded and wiped her tears."Thanks, Daniel. See you after you're done with you're shift."She said softly before he left.

But before he left he went over to, Gabriel and looked him up and down with a slight scoff."I don't know who you are but whatever you say to her you're going to be held accountable. She is very fragile and the slightest to ing could hurt her. So if I were you I would watch what you say carefully. But go ahead and talk. I won't bother both of you anymore."Daniel said with a slight smile and walked past him to the front.

Seeing, Gabriel was there she went over too where he was and took off her jacket and beanie as she put it in her bag and smiled small before she went and hugged him."I'm shocked you would dare too see me. If you're willing to do this then you must have nothing to lose, Gabe. But as you can tell that was, Daniel. We're just friends. He's just very loyal to me and trust worthy and I'm likewise as well. If that's what you were thinking."Belle said with a soft giggle.

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