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Caitlin Cahoon I enjoyed this futuristic novel series more than the matched or maze runner series. This novel definitely falls into the category that would go with Divergent, Maze Runner, Matched, or even Hunger Games. I liked this particular spin however of an futuristic society that has the youth undergo a procedure to make them pretty. I felt that this concept was so relatable to the times now, that even though we don't have a society that makes everyone undergo a procedure to become pretty (or else they become part of the smoke), we do live in a society where beauty is placed at a high value. I think that Westerfeld was making a direct jab to our society now, in the fact that we are becoming much a like this futuristic society, where unless we look good, we aren't accepted and are casted out, much like the "uglies" are of this novel. I also enjoyed the plot and message behind the novel. This novel could be very relatable to teens in the fact that sometimes, teens face the choice to choose loyalty and friendship over popularity and acceptance. I feel that this is one of the major dilemmas adolescents face in their junior high and high school years, and sometimes, these kids don't always make the best of choices. In reading this book, it can cause one to think what they would choose in a situation, and allows for inner exploration and questioning of morals and beliefs. Overall, I liked this novel.

Shanna Long The uglies are a great series I really enjoyed them and I should suggest you read the dollanganger series if you haven't read them already they are amazing I really love them so much I read them so much and I can't put the books down

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