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Hey! What did you have in mind?

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments ummm idk *currently is head-achy* (is that a word? prob not, it was a red line under it) ummm.......................... I just wanted to do FEM Hong Kong cause I saw a really good picture for her on deviantart XD loooool me

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What kind of theme are you interested in? Right now I am totally brain dead.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments same (Mango just got a bath XD) ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm romance, mid-evil, gang, derp

1010 by vashperado on deviantART this is the pic

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Sure thing! Who would you like me to be?

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments wait, what'd we doing O.o *lost*

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OH! All I read was mid-evil.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments I was like 'all three!? ZOMG"

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That would be interesting.

Just a gang, run by two lovers, in the middle ages.

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So, should I be China? Or Russia?

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments ummm idk, whoever and whatever iiii dontttt careee~ *sing song voice*

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/i have no idea/

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments same to much sunday

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I guess I will be China~ Do you wanna start?

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments ummm i'll attempt i'll just call her Hong Kong

Hong Kong sat by (doing fem?) him self. he was watching the other men ride by on horses. he was bored, and had nothing to do (I think male would be better, females are hard to RP... idk)

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((Either way~ I was gonna do male china anyway))

China was sitting on his horse, grooming its mane silently. It was almost his turn to go on his patrol. He was a knight captain who was ready to go into action when ever he was needed.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong glanced up spotted his brother, China and stood, "are you about to go out?" he asked, leaning lazily on the wall beside him and patted the horse. Hong was considered 'unqualified' to be a knight and it made him cross at times but he dealt with it.

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China nodded and turned around on his horse,"Would you like to ride along? I could take out out of the city for a bit." He said. Civilians were usually not allowed out of the city for protection just in case someone decided to try to invade.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong shrugged "sure" he pulled himself up onto the horse and sighed, "been awhile since I've been up on a good horse"

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"My horse is the best of all the others in my opinion." He said with a grin. He then turned back around and started to head to the entrance of the town.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong Kong let himself go lose so he wouldn't fall off the horse and glanced around. (you actually have to be lose in order to ride a horse :D HORSES)

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China went outside the walls and looked around,"Looks like the other guy left early. Jerk." he said and sighed.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong laughed "the job to much for you?"

(ware the HELL is this going? idk what im doinggggg)

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"For him apparently." He said and pouted. "Oh, while you are out here, can you go pick up some firewood for tonight?"

(Oh, some mid-evil towns(if I am thinking of the right time era) had walls on the outside edge to protect the city/towns.)

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments (like ware is the story going?)

Hong shrugged and jumped from the horse, "ya, sure"

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(I'm trying to think)

"Meet back here when you are done." he said and smiled. He then started to ride off.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong Kong nodded and went to collecting wood, going very slow because he knew it would be a bit before China came back to get him. (K)

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There was some motion in the distance in the woods. It was slow, but actually kind of loud.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong Kong glanced up and looked at the forest, he saw and heard nothing and went back to picking up wood, muttering to himself about wood and the sharp ends of wood that poked into his skin.

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There was a horse freaking out in the distance along with the sound of swords clashing.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong dropped his wood then picked up the longest and sharpest of the wood and tab to the sounds.

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China was in a fierce battle with three other men. He was fighting quickly, but the others were quickly taking him over.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong Kong frowned and jumped in with his stick only for a weapon, he knew it wasn't going to do much good. "China!" he yelled over the clatter of steal on steal.

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China heard him, but kept focused. He kicked a sword out of one man's hands toward Hong Kong.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong Kong scooped it up and started fighting the man closest to him (watch dis - http://link.brightcove.com/services/p... )

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((He brightens up my day.))

The man quickly started to try to get his sword back.

China focused on the other two.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments (I know he's so sweet)

Hong Kong slashed at the man, not caring if he killed him, killing was normal for him, which he knew China hated and was the reason why he was inable to be a knight.

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The man went down and curled up into a tight ball, holding his chest.

China grunted and fell to the ground, his sword flying out of his hand.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hog kong dug his blade into the mans shoulder and then spooted China "brother!" He pulled the blade out and ran over to him, blood covered the hilt and blade of Hong Kong's sword and his hand.

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China blinked a few times and reached up for help getting up.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong Kong gabbed his hand and pulled him up, pushing his blade into the side of one of the other men at the same time.

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China bent over and caught his breath. "Thank you." he said with a smile.

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong Kong nodded slightly and glanced back at the last man.

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China coughed and held his side. He then smiled at Hong Kong

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong Kong frowned "what's wrong with you this time?"

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"I got elbowed really hard in the side. It still hurt." he said and blushed. "Its kind of like when you stub your toe on the table and the pain just hangs there for a bit."

Sonebiyinepu (they/them) *bamf* | 470 comments Hong Kong laughed, "still to weak, hu?"

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China flinched and put his arms strait down by his sides and puffed his cheeks,"I'm not week, aru!" he said.

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