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essïe | 1053 comments Here it is! Any ideas ? ^.^

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Niran | 1792 comments Hey! I have no idea, but I don't mind doing doubles, I actually really like it?
So do you prefer a high school romance or a college romance?

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Niran | 1792 comments Oh wait! No xD sorry I thought you said you wanted to do a role play specific to romance!
What genres do you really enjoy?

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essïe | 1053 comments Sorry! Oh gawdd, I barley saw thiss! Uh, I LOVEE ROMANCE! Obviously, haha. And I prefer High School. I like supernatural, realistic you name it! Is there anything you want specificly ?

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Niran | 1792 comments Yay! I love romance too! :D
There's nothing specific I want to do, so should we just stick to high school romance?
We could do a new girl/popular boy or bad boy/good girl, we are doing doubles right?

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essïe | 1053 comments Yes doubles please. We could do bad boy/ good girl and then there two best friends. But could you be the bad boy and I be the good girl? Then the bad boys bestfriend (me) will like hate her bestfriend (you) but they like fall in love too. Lol did that make sense?

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Niran | 1792 comments Ohhh I love that! Okay cool, let's do that then! I like how they all come together too!
Should we make characters now? Also, we should make their age 16-18 right?

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essïe | 1053 comments Yup! And yeah, do you want it to be long or just Name

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Niran | 1792 comments It can be however long you are bothered for :) I don't mind, I'm just going to make mine: name, age, nickname, appearance, personality, bread history and other.

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essïe | 1053 comments Mmkay, I'm kinda busy so I'll just go by name age appearance personality and nickname. Is that okay?

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Niran | 1792 comments Sure thing :)
Also, just to let you know I'm just going to do all my characters aged 17

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essïe | 1053 comments Kk cool. Ima make mine. Give me a moment ^.^

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Niran | 1792 comments Character one - Bad Boy

Name: Christian Sykes
Nickname: Ti
Age: 17

-Dark/crude humour


Brief history:
Christian was raised by his mother alone, his father bailed before he got to even meeting him and Christian didn't care so much.
His mother soon met a man named David that made her extremely happy, they got married, popped out two kids and live happily ever after. Christian has always been quite a outgoing kind of kid, a kid that's always had something to say and something to cause.
He's never really had anything drastic and horrible happen in his life, he's actually had a pretty smooth life.

Mother- Anna 38
Step father- David 40
Younger half sister- 14
Younger half brother - 14

-Has a pet dog named Skyler
-Smokes, occasionally
-Good at playing the guitar both acoustic and bass

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Niran | 1792 comments Character two - Girl

Name: Galya Kutzeva
Nickname: Aly
Age: 17



Brief history:
Galya's life revolves around family.
Since her father is Russian and her mother is a mix between Jamaican and American she has a overwhelming life filled with family. Her parents have always been there for her and have always encouraged her. She hasn't had anything major happen except that she moved to America when she was about seven, so she has a very slight accent that is kind of unnoticeable.

Father- Victor Kutzeva, 47
Mother- Mella Kutzeva, 44
Brother- Alexander Kutzeva, 19
Sister- Dina Kutzeva, 14
Brother- Anton Kutzeva, 9

-Plays violin, piano and harp beautifully.
-Has a pet cat name Leyla

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essïe | 1053 comments Charrie 1 ~Good Girl
{Name} Elenabeth Merrywheather
{Nickname} Elena
{Age} 16

{Brief History} Elena's father died when she was around 14 and it screwed up her mother. Her mother became an alcoholic and unstable, she ditched Elena at her mothers when she was about 15 and was never heard from again. Elena doesn't care for many but when she loves she loves with all her heart. She keeps her grades up and rarely missed school. She takes good care of her Nana and is always helpful.
~Nana •56•
•She loves to draw and play the piano

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essïe | 1053 comments Charrie 2 ~ Boy
{Name} Lucas Ravenwood
{Nickname} Luke, Luca
{Age} 17

{Brief History} Lucas grew up with his mom and dad always on his ass. Expecting good grades and was expected to go to collage and help in the "Family Buisness". Of course he never listend nor cared what they thought or said. No matter how much they put him down in the end they were always there apologizing and always reminded them that they loved him. His life was average, you can say that was okay.
•Mother• Elizabeth Ravenwood ~46
•Father• Thomas Ravenwood ~49
•Brother• Jackson Ravenwood ~ 20
He loves to skate and do street art.

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Niran | 1792 comments Nice characters :D
Do you mind starting?

Torchwood fanatic {My legs are dangling off the edge... }  | 18 comments (um hi I was wondering if since you're the only ones i see on if one of you would rp with me)

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essïe | 1053 comments OMG COULDN'T RESIST!! Sorry, but I just loves kittens ^.^

This ones Elenas : Her name is Alaska

This ones Lucas : Her name is Raven And sure I'll start give me a sec c:

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena couldn't help but dread the first day of school. She should be excited, seeing friends again, activities. But really all the friends she really had and needed was Aly. Besides that nothing really matterd. With a sigh Elena started to get ready for school. Maybe things would look up this year. Scholerships? Romances? Anything sounded intriguing really. Elena slid on some light blue skinny jeans, boots, and a long white knit sweater. Tieing her hair up in a bun she look in the mirror. I look so much like her. she thought. Shaking her head Elena grabbed her keys and ran downstairs jumping into her car.

Lucas didn't even bother looking in the mirror. He didn't need to be reminded how "hot" he was. He threw on a white button up but left the top buttons loose and threw on some black pants. He ran his hand through his hair and heard his mother call him from downstairs. He wasn't in the mood to be lectured about school today. He honestly just wanted to see if any of the girls got hotter this year. Avoiding all contact with his parents Luca grabbed his coat, keys and slid out the window. It was rather easy not getting himself dirty or anything. He had a whole lot of practice sneaking out of that window. As he drove away he could hear his mother screaming his name and all he did was smirk, slid on his glasses, and head straight for LongFord High.

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Niran | 1792 comments Christian wanted to kill that god damn alarm.
Continuously beeping and beeping, damaging his ears and making him dread getting out of bed. However, he submitted and gave in, getting up and out of bed. He had a quick shower and threw on some black jeans, black boots, a black top and just a faded denim jacket. He didn't do much with his dirty blond hair, just spiked it up and left it.
He didn't have breakfast, he didn't have time for it, besides he was more of a coffee man in the morning. He kissed his mother goodbye and dashed out, getting in his car and making his way to hell. The only thing he was looking forward to was causing even more trouble with his friends than he had last year.


Galya stretched out on her bed like a cat being woken up, her arm stretching over the bed and her legs stiffening as she let out a big yawn.
"God, school!", she moaned, kicking the covers away and stumbling out of bed as if she had been drunk. She quickly freshened up and dashed on some clothing. She wore skin tight black jeans that hugged her figure, shuffled on a loose black shirt and placed a black waist jacket on top, letting it be loose, and then she added some black heels that had a strap and were slightly swayed.
Galya loved her heels, they were casual yet something that made an outfit better, and she loved to be fashionable. People knew she was a bit eccentric and out there. She grabbed her bag and shouted a goodbye to her family before dashing out and making her way to school.

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena stopped by starbucks and picked up a nice warm coffee with caramel. Sipping it she looked out the window, considering ditching. She bit her lip, such a horrible idea. She never missed a day of school. Never. Shaking her head she finished her coffee then put on some chap stick and slid a nice mint gum into her mouth. She would search for Galya as soon as she got to class but as for now she slung her bag over her shoulder and walked towards the entrance of the school.
As Luca jumped out of his car he smiled at the sight of his high school. The first thing he saw was Claire and her group of cheerleaders. Perfect. He gracefully strolled over and smirked, "Hello, ladies. Miss me?" He asked huskily, tilting his head. Claire rolled her eyes, clearly unamused by her ex. She hated him. Although, the rest of her friends giggled. Luca chuckled, statisfied. "Oh come on, Claire Bug, you know you missed me." She shook her head. No longer falling for his pet name, "Shut up, Luca. If I had a choice, I'd rather never see your stupid face again." With that she turned on her heel, flipping her golden blonde hair over her shoulder. He sighed, "Buzzkill." Some of her friends followed but he caught hold of Heather. "Ah, ah" he said, shaking his head. "I'd like to have some fun with you." He said, pulling her close and looking down at her. She giggled and he pulled her towards the entrance of the school.

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Niran | 1792 comments Christian could see his school, and as he got out of his car he slammed the door shut with an anger to him. He didn't like school, it sucked and everyone in it sucked too.
Especially the cheerleaders, he thought, smirking and laughing slightly to himself. He glanced up to see Luca having his turn with one of them, he shook his head yet still smirked wickedly because he knew exactly how well his friend could what he wanted.
Christian slapped his hand on the back of Luca's back suddenly, giving him an amused smirk and saying," Well well, look at you". He looked at his friend with a knowing expression and then at the cheerleader who was giggling and acting a fool.


Galya pushed her car door closed, she leaned against it briefly, simply looking at the school and giving it a disgusted look.
She took out her phone and started to walk, bringing her Starbucks with her. It was kind of a tradition that her and Elena had, Starbucks allowed them to survive.
She quickly made her way up the steps of the school and looked around, she immediately spotted Elena and a big grin appeared on her face.
"Elena!", She exclaimed, running towards her best friend and pulling her into a tight hug. She was always bubbly and excited around her best friend, they were like sisters.

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena's eyes widend, suprised by the hug. She quickly recoverd and hugged her best friend just as tightly. "Took you long enough. I was seriously going to consider socializing." She joked. She held her friend out at arms length. Elena had been out in California all summer, she wasn't able to see her childhood friend. Now she was back in ol' Louisiana. She smiled at Aly, "You look wonderful! Did you tan? Your hair is so long!" She said, noticing every new thing.

••• Luca stiffined, startled. But once he saw who it was he chuckled, "Oh, believe me, I would If i could bur considering all the attention. I don't think I need to." He said, looking down at the girl as she stared at him with big hazel eyes, full of lust. He turned back towards Ti. "And you old' friend, I see you are alone. Once again." He sighed with a frown. "Remind me again why that is." He rarely saw his friend with girls. Well, comitted girls anyway. Maybe he needed it.

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Niran | 1792 comments Galya laughed and gave her mocking shocked look," You? Socialise? Never! Impossible!".
She then grinned and blushed slightly as her best friend complimented and noticed changes to her. Her dark brown red hair had grown, it was long down her back, and she had gotten a slight tan, however because she was a quarter Jamaican she always had that kind of glow to her.
She raised her eyebrows at Elena and grinned," Yeah? Well what about you? You're glowing, you look so good and your hair! California treated you good! How was it?". She hadn't been able to see her all summer, and she had missed her dearest friend and sister so much that she had practically done nothing all summer!


Christian shook his head and let out a chuckle, his friend always amused him, his arrogant and cocky self.
"Nah, who said I was alone? The year has just begun and I believe it's going to be a phenomenal one", Christian smirked at Luca. He looked around at the passing people, mostly girls, who smiled at him and who he gave a slightly teasing look to. He looked back at Luca and gave him a devious look," Besides, there's a lot of potential". He looked to the cheerleader suddenly and then back at Luca, laughing and saying," Hey man, I'll see you later, you have someone to do", he slapped his shoulder as he walked past his friend and towards the school.

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena smiled, hooking her arm with Aly's and begining to walk to class. "It was interesting. Hot. Oh god, so hot! But it wasn't as hot as the boys." She said smirking. "Aly, you would of loved it! They're all so tan and they surf, skate! It's wonderful." She smiled, thinking of her summer fling. "I even met someone." Of course she ended it before she left but it was very memorable. She bit her lip, savoring his touch. Oh well she sighed. It was fun while it lasted.


Luca smirked, "You have no idea." He looked back at the girl and rubbed a piece of her blonde hair between his fingers, looking at her with soft icy blue eyes. "Now, love, tell me everything about you." She smiled, delight in her eyes and went on and on. He acted like he cared and nodded, even throwing questions in once in a while. Before they she knew it they were making out against one of the lockers. He always got what he wanted. That was never a shame.

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Niran | 1792 comments Galya couldn't help but just image the beautiful boys in California. She gave a slightly shocked look to her friend and nudged her playfully," Are you serious!? You have to tell me every-".
Suddenly the bell for homeroom went, Elena and Galya weren't in the same homeroom class however they seemed to be in a lot of other classes together.
"Well, you have to tell me everything at lunch! Every little detail!", she confirmed strongly, she wanted to know about this someone. She kissed her friends cheek quickly and then smiled before walking towards her locker, who had a couple making out!
"Oh god! Please! Get off of my locker and make out somewhere else!", Galya exclaimed, hand on her hip and her electric blue eyes filled with annoyance.


Christian heard the bell ring and sighed in aggravation, the hell had begun and he was so not ready to get back into the routine of school.
However, he continued to walk towards his homeroom, but he took his time because there was no way in hell that he would be early to homeroom.
For Christian, the summer had contained a lot of parties, alcohol, women, beaches and all nighters. His mother hadn't minded much because she was pretty relaxed and allowed him to go out. He had a good time this summer.

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena waved bye then started to walk to homeroom. She honestly didn't really want to remember the summer but she couldn't help but remember the boy. She bit her lip and without paying attention she ran right into someone. She gasped, "Geez, sorry." She apologized, looking up to see the stranger. He towerd over her. When she saw him her eyes widend, he didn't look familiar. And by his stare, he didn't seem friendly either. Crap.


Luca pulled away from Heather with a smile and looked at the girl. He grinned, amused. "Don't worry, darlin', you'll get your turn." He mused. Heather growled and hit his arm. He chuckled, drapping an arm over her shoulder kissing her cheek. "I'll call you." He whisperd in her ear. She smiled and kissed his cheek before walking away to class. He watched her go and bit his lip. Luca turned toward the girl, "Mm, don't you just love first days?" He winked then turned away and began to walk to class.

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Niran | 1792 comments "Wow, okay, watch where you're going", Christian stated, he looked down at the girl and didn't quite recognise her. She must have been new or something because Christian made sure he was familiar with every pretty girl in this school.
He sighed and tilted his head just slightly," You're in that much of a rush to get to class that you bump into me?", he asked, half joking but mostly being quite cocky. He could see that the girl was somewhat lost for words and that she was kind of embarrassed, her eyes were wide and she wasn't saying anything.


Galya rolled her eyes and gave him a disgusted and chilling look, one that gave out pure hatred and disdain. She walked towards her locker and rubbed her arm against it, trying to disinfect briefly from mister smug ass and miss I-don't-care-about-respecting-myself.
She grabbed her books for the day and stuffed them in her bag, shutting her locker and walking towards homeroom, her heels clicking and her hips moving. Galya made it to homeroom, making her way in and sitting down quickly. The teacher hadn't even made it yet, so it was a class filled with students sitting on tables, wondering around and throwing things at each other.

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena blinked a couple times, clearing her crystal blue eyes. She bit her lip nervously, "Well yeah. Some people actually care about their education, ya know." She mutterd. Seeing how he was walking rather slow and actually took his time with a conversation suggested that he didn't even care for going to homeroom. She looked at him for the first time, into his eyes but tryed to keep an expressionless face. Not wanting to show him that he kind of scared her a little. One things for sure though, he was hot.


Luca got to homeroom and nearly swerved out, seeing he would have to sit next to Claire. That was the only seat open. He was about to sit down before he saw a seat open next to that girl with the attitude earlier. Eh, couldn't be as bad as Claire. He made his way over and plopped himself into the seat next to her. "Hi, beautiful. We weren't properly introduced. I'm Lucas. But please, call me Luca." He smiled at her, offering his hand.

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Niran | 1792 comments "And I pity them people", Christian remarked, raising his eyebrows, he didn't care much for school. But that didn't mean he was stupid. He was still trying to figure out who this girl was, because he couldn't remember ever seeing her. Maybe he was just oblivious to the things and people around him.
He finally decided ask," Are you new? Or am I just blind and you've always been here?". He leaned forward slightly, a more observant look coming about his face as he looked into her eyes.


Galya had reading a book before being rudely interrupted, she looked aside to see the guy. The mister smug ass, the guy who was making out with a girl in front and on her locker. She tilted her head slightly and gave him a slightly bitchy glare," Great to meet you, Luca", she replied sarcastically.
She looked him in the eyes, revealing nothing but boldness and strength. She sighed and rolled her eyes, guessing she had to introduce herself. "I'm Galya", she finally stated, shortly and abrupt, not that it mattered to him what her name was. She looked away from him and back to her book.

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essïe | 1053 comments Elenas eyes widend and her cheeks burned red. He was so close she could smell him and see the specks in his eyes. She took in a deep breath and jamed a finger at his chest, begining to scold him, "Look here, I take boundarys very seriously so if you will!" She nudged his slightly. She hated that he made her feel embbaressed and she tried to cover her rosebush cheeks. She looked like an idiot scolding him. So small and reckless, talking to someone like him in such a tone but she didn't care. She stared him down with her crystal blue eyes, daring him to say something eles.


Sassy. I like that. Luca chuckled, "Well, Galya," he stated, his voice warm when he said her name. "Remind me why we haven't met. I'm sure I wouldn't forget a pretty face like yours." He said lightly, smiling. He was flirting, if it wasn't obvious. Luca has been flirting sense he was a baby, it was like an instinct now. He leaned in closer, looking at her with soft blue eyes.

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Niran | 1792 comments Christian smirked at her sudden feistiness, he could tell that he made her feel extremely embarrassed and shy. Which he couldn't help but be happy about.
"Ooh, feisty aren't you? But I can also see that you're a very shy girl", Christian commented, being kind of cocky about how he approached her and how he spoke to her. He was like this with a lot of people, some people he was just plain rude with because he didn't like them or didn't get a good vibe off of them.
"Still haven't answered my question, mystery girl. Are you new here?", he asked, raising his eyebrows and looking into her sharp eyes.


Galya smirked in a satisfied yet amused way because of his flirting, which was so cliche and horribly. She turned to face him, turning her body on the seat, her leg over the other and she leaned forward too, looking into his eyes.
"Oh wow, does that kind if flirting really work on girls? That's horrible", she said, shaking her head and giving him a mocking confused look.
She rolled her eyes and stated," We've probably never met because you, Luca, are the type of person I tend to stay away from".

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena narrowed her eyes at him but eventually rolled her eyes and began walking, "Clearly you're blind or oblivious to your surrounding. I've been here sense freshman year, honey." She was a real hypocrite, she never has seen him here either. Yet, he didn't know that. The bell rang, stating that class started. Elena's eyes widend. I'm..late.. Growling she turned around sharply. "Look what you did! Now I'm late!" She groaned and brushed past him stalking towards the vending machines.


Luca raised an eyebrow at her them dramatically placed a hand over his chest and gasped, "How dare you! I'm the nicest person you could ever meet." Rolling his eyes he sagged in his seat, finally relizing he wasn't getting anywhere and was too tierd to bother with much more. "Just know, darling. You're missing out." He said shaking his head. "I may be cheesy, buy hey, it gets me laid." He smirk, clearly not botherd by her words.

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Niran | 1792 comments "I'll make it up to you!", Christian shouted down the hall, chuckling to himself and continuing to walk on. He decided that skipping his class wouldn't help anything, so he needed to get going to his History class. He enjoyed history, he liked knowing about the past and how different things were.
They were learning about the Victorian era.
Though, he couldn't help but associate victorian women with the girl he had just had a conversation with. He knew that wasn't the last time he would be seeing or conversing with her, which made him smirk immensely so.


Galya was already bored of the guy, because she was already everything she expected him to be like; arrogant and up his own ass.
She shook her head and turned to face the front again, not bothering to give him her attention and not really caring at all.
"Congrats", she replied, having sarcasm drop from her voice, sarcasm was like her first language, so she was very sarcastic. Yeah, Luca was good looking, but that didn't mean squat when your personality was a pile of poop.

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena rolled her eyes but kept walking and bought a Snickers bar, then headed to class. The teacher was about to kick her out but she dangled the Snickers between her finger and he gladly welcomed her. Taking a seat in the back row of Science Elena began to doodle in her sketchbook. She thought about the boy and how annoyed she was. He seemed decent but cocky. Wonderful. Without knowing it she began to draw his eyes. As much as she hated to admit it he had gorgeous blue eyes that kept her mezmorized. She bit her lip and she got lost in her drawing, completly focused.


Luca rolled a quater across his fingers. As much as he wanted to hate her she was still very beautiful. Sighing he sat up, "Sorry. I'm an ass. It's something you get used to after a while but still. Sorry." He stood up, "You won't have to be botherd by me anymore." Before he walked away he half smiled, "Galya." He said softly. With that he reluctently walked over to Claire and sat down. She began to cuss him out and tell him off but he simply tuned her out and sighed, facing the front of the class.

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Niran | 1792 comments Christian had made it to history on time, and for once he was on time to a class, which was practically unheard of.
"You know, you're always on time to my classes, does that mean you enjoy them?", Mr Wentwich stated, crossing his arms as raising an eyebrow at his student as he walked in.
"Nah, I just have to be good in one class", Christian stated, never admitting about enjoying the class or being grateful for the teacher. He just wasn't that type of guy that liked to admit that he was actually enjoying a part of school.
He sat down in his seat and before he knew it the class had started, however he was still smirking over the mystery girl.


Galya looked to Luca, however she didn't say anything because she didn't really feel like it. She just observed his speech and his body language, that gave off an absolute uncaring behaviour and manner.
She just got up, grabbed her things and made her way to her class, but somehow this Luca guy had crept his way into her mind like he was beside her. She shook her head out and clenched her teeth," God Galya he's annoying!". She quickly swayed her way to the English lit class and made her way there, just on time.

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essïe | 1053 comments When lunch came around Elena looked all over for Galya. Needing to talk to her best friend. Turned out she was nearly failing a class. Science, suprise suprise. What would we even need that for? Ugh! Elena bought a soda and found Aly but not before running into Luca. He smiled, "Hi, Elena. Looking beautiful as always." Elena rolled her eyes, annoyed by the old primary school friend. "Ew." Was all she said and he chuckled. Elena ran up to Aly and held her at arms length. "So much to talk about! Like, you don't even know." She exclaimed.


Luca skipped passing by the cheerleaders and grabbed a soda. When he saw Ti he went over and smiled. "What up, mate. School killing you yet?" He joked, taking a sip of his Dr. Pepper. He looked and saw Galya from the corner of his eye. He stared at her with soft eyes but quickly looked away. No. None of that. he thought to himself. He quickly turned back towards Ti, waiting for an answer.

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Niran | 1792 comments Thank god for lunch!
Galya grabbed her sandwich and suddenly looked up to see Elena exclaiming at her about so much to talk about!
And Galya remembered that she needed to start explaining about the boy. But instead she looked to her best friend and smiled," What's up, Elena? You look kind of...freaked out?". Galya looped her arm through Elena's and guided her to a lunch table, wanting to know what was up with her but also wanting to eat because a girl was hungry.


Christian let out a laugh and sighed," You have no idea", he replied to Luca's comment. He looked around briefly and spotted Elena, however he looked back at his friend and smirked," What about you? School amazing or what?", he said the last part sarcastically. Then he remembered that Luca had had a blonde cheerleader this morning that seemed to be latched on to him, that just have been a nice welcome back to school.

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essïe | 1053 comments When Aly and her sat down she told her about the boy she met over summer. "God, he was so sweet and caring." She sighed, "It's a real shame it didn't last." Elena bit her lip, remembering earlier. "Although, I met a boy today. And god I have never been so annoyed." Elena mumbled. She tapped her nails against the table impatiently. She didn't dare mention the drawing but she did look for him earlier. Oh well.


Luca nodded, "Oh course! The girls here just.." He sighed but then rememberd Galya. "I did meet a quite intresting one though. She's definetly..different from the other girls." He chuckled. That was a way of putting it. Suddenly, he came up with his new wonderful idea. "But, that's gonna be this years mission. I shall make her fall helplessly in love with me. It'll be a challenge but that's what makes it fun." He smirked. He took another sip then looked at his old friend. "I know it's stupid to ask but, you find any girls that you found..intresting?" Luca always saw girls fall at Christians feet. It was unbelieveable really. There must of been dozens of beauiful women Luca could neer have got. Maybe that's why Ti never found any of the girls intresting at school.

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Niran | 1792 comments Galya listened intently as Elena told her the story of her and California boy, she couldn't help but to be intrigued about the story. She added a few comments like oh my god and no way and seriously. She chewed on her sandwich as she listened, as if a movie was playing out in front of her eyes.
"Urgh, me too!", Galya said. She then faced Elena and gasped,"Maybe it's the same person! What does he look like? What's his name?".
Was it Luca she was talking about?
Oh god, why did she care anyway!


Christian was actually surprised to hear that his friend found a girl that he found interesting and different. That never really happened with Luca, he usually stuck to his easy girls that he could have.
"Well hearing you speak like that is weird", Christian confirmed, raising his eyebrows and giving his friend an amused look. "But it's good to spend time involving yourself in extra circular activities", he smirked. He then looked away briefly, a smile playing out on his lips, and suddenly he spotted Elena. He just looked at her for a moment before turning to his friend again," Nah, not really, the girls are all the same. Even if they aren't the same, they aren't much different from each other".
There it was again, not admiring his true thoughts and feelings. God, he didn't know why he did it.

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena shook her head. "I dunno. I didn't get his name." She blushed when she added, "He was cute though." She said honestly. Elena quickly shook her head. "But he was an asshole and made me late to class! Therefore, I hate him." She stated. She turned away and that's when she saw him. Her eyes widend and she tilted her head ever so slightly. When she saw him turn around she blushed and looked away. "What about you? Someone kill your vibe too?"


Luca sighed, "Big suprise there, Mr. Sykes. You know, it would probably do you some good to have a girl around. One to love anyway. Someone to tell you how much an idiot you are and to take care of you." Luca look up and smirked, "And your mom doesn't count." He joked. He looked over his shoulder at Galya, "I know someones making my list." He whisperd. It was a stupid idea but..maybe he could love again. Yeah..again. With a sigh Luca turned back towards Ti, "Just a suggestion."

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Galya was going to make it her mission to try and hook this guy that she supposedly hated up with her. She could tell her friend already had a slight crush on the guy, especially if he was cute. She suddenly saw Elena's face go red, and she immediately looked around to try and see the guy, but she couldn't. She smiled to herself and then looked to Elena again as she asked her some questions. "This guy was making out with some cheerleader in front of my locker, and then he had the balls to flirt with me in homeroom", she stated, giving the situation a straight face," Can you believe that?".


Christian looked to Luca with a slight shock, he was acting weird. Usually he spoke about girls with only the intention of humping and dumping them. Christian didn't mind much that his friend had a slight change in theory but he wondered what brought it on.
"I appreciate your suggestion", Christian sighed, nodding," But I don't know of anything like that is going to happen". The mystery girl kind of hated him, and he made slight fun or her and made her late to class.

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Elena raised a brown and she thought, "What kind of assho-" Her eyes widend and then she narrowed her eyes. "It was Luca, wasn't it." It was all too much of a Luca move. Elena shook her head, "Keep your distance, Aly. He's bad news." She nodded. She thought anout the boy and his cold stare, maybe he was just like Luca. Now that she saw who he was sitting with, it was definetly a theory.


Luca shook his head, "Well, I tried." With a sigh Luca stood up, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a bio partner to seduce." With a press of his lips together he walked off. When he passed by Galyas table he saw her chatting away with Elena. Note to self : Ask Elena questions about Galya. Seemed simple enough. Luca gracefully strolled away and around the corner, out of sight.

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Niran | 1792 comments Galya gave her friend a double take, looking at Elena with wide eyes. She gulped down a breath anxiously and put her sandwich back in the package. "You know Luca?!", she exclaimed," H-how do you know him?". Even Elena knew him, and even she knew that he was bad news! But somehow Galya was only even more intrigued by that concept. She looked over at Luca briefly and saw him get up, and she quickly looked back at Elena.


Christian gave a slightly mocking bow of the head to his friend and said," Have fun".
He looked around at the people in the cafeteria and wondered what he would do now, but as his eyes caught on the mystery girls face he knew exactly what he was going to do.
He got up, placing his hands in his denim jacket and made his way to their table that was across the room. Christian stood above them and let himself be known," Ladies".
He looked at the mystery girl and gave her a raise of his eyebrows and a cocky smile.

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena shrugged, "We went to primary school together. And believe it or not, he used to be quite the nerd." She chuckled. Elena couldn't help but notice the way Galya said Luca's name. Warmly. "I think someone has a little crush." She teased. As if on que, the boy from earlier made his way over. Elena sighed, looking away. "Sorry, darling. But it's lunch, I have nothing you can make me late to." She said, taking a sip of her soda and staring at anything but him.


Luca got bored of his partner and went off to the bathroom. He examined the wall, biting his lip. Hm. He went off to the janitors room and got what he needed. Sense freshman year Luca had always violated school rules..and laws. Always, every year, he would spray paint something along a wall of the school. He loved the attention it got to people. Of course, no one ever knew it was him but people still thought the art was somewhat good. Rolling up his sleeves, Luca got to work. And without knowing it, he began to draw Galyas eyes.

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Niran | 1792 comments "Psht, crush?", Galya stated, shaking her head and looking away, avoiding Elena's eye contact. However, some random guy came to them and Galya secretly thanked god that this boy had caused a different conversation.
She looked at him and then looked at her best friend, she realised that her best friend was behaving differently. She had the confidence and kind of fierceness going on, and Galya had to say that she was impressed.
"I'm Galya", she decided to introduce herself," And I'm going now, I need to get something from the library". She looked to her friend and widened her eyes and nodded her head, giving her an approving look. She got up, grabbed her bag and said," Bye guys" as she walked away.


Christian let out a chuckle and smiled slightly in amusement, because she was still upset about it. He looked to her friend, giving her a slight nod and smile,"Galya, nice to meet you. I'm Christian". Then he looked to the mystery girl and repeated," My names Christian", since they hadn't introduced themselves. He looked straight into the girls eyes, paying full attention to her and sitting down next to her casually. However he didn't comment on what she had said before because it was just amusing to him, he just wanted to get to know her, for some reason.

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essïe | 1053 comments Elena waved goodbye with a sigh. When she noticed she was alone with the boy her cheeks flushed. Galya! biting her lip she recoverd. She squirmed under his stare. "Er, Elenabeth. can call me Elena." She mumbled. She couldn't say he didn't make her nervous, because lets face it, he did. A whole lot. Trying to keep still she looked up at him, "So, Christian," she said, trying out his name, "What is it you want?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.


Luca was really concentrating on her blue eyes. Sweat begin to form on his forehead and people knocked on the door occasionaly. He locked it. But that didn't stop him, he began to paint her raven black hair, letting it fall over her shoulders. If this didn't work he didn't know what would.

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Niran | 1792 comments Christian watched her as she introduced herself, and he had to admit he immediately like the sound of her name. "Beautiful name", he ushered, looking at her slowly and with a casualness. He chuckled and leaned forward slightly," Now what makes you think I want anything from you? I'm just intrigued by you", he shrugged.
He was being completely honest with her when he spoke of being intrigued, because he was. However he wasn't thinking too much about it.


Galya smiled and shook her head as she walked away from Elena and Christian, god she could already see the sexual tension between them. However, she hoped Elena was okay with being alone with him.
She made her way to the library and realised that she had a free period after, so she didn't know what she was going to do. But for some reason she completely dropped all of her books on the floor, her pencil case fell and her things fell out.
"Oh crap! You've gotta be kidding me!", she shouted, and since no one was in the halls because it was still lunch it was okay.

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