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Betsy~ISoldMySoulForBooks~ Does anyone know any other books like the Redemption series by R.K. Ryals? I really love Dayton and Marcus, their relationship wasn't instalove which was one of the reasons why I totally loved it. Any recommendations?

J.N. Colon The Darkness series by Stacey Marie Brown is a good one where the romance doesn't start out so lovey-dovey. In fact they're kind of enemies. It's really fun to read how they fight and secretly want to make out, but won't admit it.

Trina I'm currently reading book 3 of the Redemption series & love them! They will soon be on my favourites shelf!
I'd also love some recommendations to similar stories, especially the Angel / Demon books like this & hush hush!
ive just added The Darkness Series to my list thanks :-)

Sneha Tripathi Try Angelbound (Angelbound, #1) by Christina Bauer , this is the first book in the series and i just finished the book last night.It was great.

Trina THANKYOU very much Sneha it sounds great, I've added it to my list

Sneha Tripathi Anytime Kat :), there is a book Demons at Deadnight, i totally love it. I am yet to read the second in the series and as per the reviews it's gonna be much better.

Cindy White hot kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout is very similar, kind of suspiciously similar. I actually read Redemption after reading this one.

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