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a writing device for the easily distracted

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message 1: by Nick (last edited Oct 26, 2014 09:59AM) (new)

Nick (whyzen) | 1295 comments

The Hemingwrite

Basically its a keyboard with 300ppi 6inch e-ink display that can be hooked up to google docs or Evernote via wifi. Enough on-board memory to store over a million pages of text and a estimated 6+ weeks of battery life.

Seems a bit gimmicky but I can see where writers with serious "A.D.D. ohhh shiny!!" issues could find this helpful.

message 2: by Ben (new)

Ben Nash | 200 comments It's not for sale yet, apparently, though you can sign up for email alerts.

message 3: by terpkristin (new)

terpkristin | 4117 comments This looks like a fancier version of those electronic word processing machines that had a brief presence in our lives before computers were more mainstream. My best friend growing up had one made by Brother but I seem to think it used a dedicated monitor.

We had a Commodore 64 (with tape drive!) and then this: Panasonic Senior Partner. It was what I wrote many homework assignments on (and printed on thermal paper, built into the top!!!). I also had my first online gaming experiences on it (Prodigy, baby!) and at one point, my dad replaced one of the 5.25" floppy drives with a hard drive.

message 4: by Michal (new)

Michal (michaltheassistantpigkeeper) | 294 comments Looks like a dolled-up Alphasmart.

message 5: by Tassie Dave, S&L Historian (last edited Oct 25, 2014 10:30PM) (new)

Tassie Dave | 3489 comments Mod
It reminds me of a Casio typewriter I had in the 80's.
I like it. If I ever get serious about writing, I'd need that. Sitting in front of a computer is too distracting. Email, internet, games etc. I'd need something simpler to focus.

But only if the price was right. Would I pay $500 for this when I have a computer already? No. Under $250, probably, but I can't see it being that low.

message 6: by J.E. (new)

J.E. Spatafore (jespatafore) I think it's a smart invention for the times right now. However, judging from the picture, I think the keyboard will be too tight for use. It just seems small.

Thank you for pointing this out. I think the price tag will need to be less-than $100 for my interest.

I know the laptop is distracting, but I also know that having the ability to review supporting material while writing (thesaurus, translators, image edits, previous books...etc) are critical. I can see it being a "rough draft creator" situation for those peeps who can literally sit down and just pound out the story without an outline to refer to.

message 7: by Serendi (new)

Serendi | 828 comments Wish I knew the price range and whether it's usable on a lap. I recently replaced the hard drive on an ancient laptop because sitting at a computer is killing my back. This could be great if it's lap- and wallet-friendly.

message 8: by A.L. (new)

A.L. Butcher (alb2012) | 314 comments Was looking at this yesterday:) Looks cool to me. I get easily distracted.

message 9: by Ben (new)

Ben Pashkoff | 4 comments looks like an early 1980's era TRS 80 Model 100. See:

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