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who is your most favorite character? why?
Kyle A Kyle Oct 25, 2014 01:48PM
EX:(don't copy other people's answers) my most favorite character is will,because so much goes on in his life

Halt!!!! Even though I know his life story, I still think he's such an amazingly suspicious character. Will is just a younger, happier version of Halt so, ultimately, he's amazing too.

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Emily Agreed. They were my favorite for the first 11 novels, and this one, especially Will, but you have to admit, Maddie is pretty great
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It kinda depends when you asked me.
Early Years- Definitely Halt.
Books 1 and 2- probably Will
Book 3- Halt
Book 4- Erak
Book 5- Alyss
Book 6, 7- Will
8 and 9- Horace
10- Horace
11- Tug
Royal Ranger
1- I actually don’t like it. I think it contains just too much loss, combined with the rebellious and unwilling apprentice.
2, 3- Maddie
4- Maddie and Will, who seems on recovering from the loss

I think Maddie is awesome. It made me happy that there was a Ranger that was a girl, and near the end of the book I could relate to her personality.

definitely Tug

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