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In the Country of the Blind by Matthew Arkin Matthew Arkin
Genre: Horror
Page Count: Mystery/Suspense

Book Description:
“A dead body is a lousy way to end a first date.”

So begins In the Country of the Blind, a modern noir tale that takes readers into the world of former attorney-turned building superintendent Zach Brandis. When Zach abandoned his promising legal career, it confused everyone, including himself. Now, with no apparent purpose in life, he has time enough on his hands to get into some very hot water.

When Zach takes Cynthia Hull to dinner, murder and a confrontation with the cops are the last things on his mind. But when he walks her home, he finds himself face to face with New York’s finest, who are investigating the suspicious death of the actress’s roommate and friend, Alex Penworth. Maybe it’s because Cynthia is beautiful and vulnerable, or maybe it’s just because the cops rub him the wrong way, but Zach steps in to shield her from their persistent questions. In the days following, Zach finds himself increasingly tied up in knots over the case, and what starts as simple curiosity may end up putting the former attorney in grave danger.

Captivated by the puzzle of Alex’s death, Zach begins to play with the pieces. When Cynthia’s apartment is ransacked shortly the murder, it becomes clear that Alex was hiding something, something of value to someone. Looking into Alex’s mysterious activities in the weeks before his death, more questions begin to emerge: Why was Alex fired from his bartending job? Why is a beautiful undercover narc hanging around the bar where Alex worked, and trying to keep Zach away? Why do the cops seem uninterested in the inconsistencies in Alex’s autopsy report? As Zach puts the pieces in place, a picture of the victim begins to emerge: Alex, another lost soul, plagued by his past and the demons of the cult he escaped — a man who, like Zach, abandoned a promising career to struggle as a going-nowhere actor/bartender. Driven by his feeling of kinship with the victim, can Zach discover what ultimately led to Alex’s death, and still get himself out of harm’s way before it’s too late?

A dark and witty tale in the vein of John Sandford and Lawrence Block, In the Country of the Blind is a true page-turner, suspenseful from beginning to end. This character-driven thriller will have readers on the edge of their seats, driven, like Zach, to uncover the secrets behind the gruesome murder.

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Deborah Johns | 107 comments I would like to read this one - - mobi format please.

Chelsie (chelzlou) | 2 comments I am interested in reading and reviewing. Name is Chelsie and I would like an EPUB copy at Thanks much- greatly appreciated!

Sharon (seb1) | 137 comments Sheri wrote: "In the Country of the Blind by Matthew Arkin Matthew Arkin
Genre: Horror
Page Count: Mystery/Suspense

Book Description:
“A dead body is a lousy way to end a first date.” ..."

I had this on my want to read list already, so I would love a chance to read and review. My name is Sharon, email is and I would like mobi format. Thanks!

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sent in all requests

Reflection | 9 comments Hi Tana (:
I would like a review Epub copy please to
Many thanks

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sent in your request

Reflection | 9 comments Thanks Tana and Matthew
Here is a copy of my review on Goodreads (also posted on Amazon and Amazon UK):

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Deborah Johns | 107 comments Read, enjoyed and reviewed. Thanks!

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