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message 1: by Andréa (new)

Andréa (fernandie) | 152 comments In what instances are individual editions of books combined and/or deleted?

It was my understanding that only occurred when an edition was (1) empty of data or (2) clearly a duplicate of another edition, but it appears to have happened to an edition that I had shelved, and that I thought was a valid edition.

I had filled in much of the data for a Kobo-specific edition of Snoops in the City that had the Kobo identifier 1230000010782. (It's no longer available at Kobo, but was when I obtained the book.) Now, from what I can tell, that edition was merged into the mass market paperback edition of the book: Therefore searching by that identifier (1230000010782) on here produces no results, and my shelved book, which had been an ebook with a white-background cover, is now a mass market paperback with a blue-background cover.

Can anyone provide any insight into why it would have been merged into another edition and/or how to unmerge it?

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10805 comments Unfortunately, errors do happen sometimes. In this case it seems from the change log that someone removed the ISBN from your edition and then later someone else though it was an duplicate and merged it.

We can't unmerge books, so the only thing you can do is to add your edition again.

message 3: by Banjomike (new)

Banjomike | 5530 comments And add a librarian note to 'your' edition explaining the issue. Anyone can make a mistake, even the author...

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