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Whom you imagine as the perfect Josh Bennett?
Johana Urqz Johana (last edited Oct 24, 2014 02:11PM ) Oct 24, 2014 02:09PM
I am so in love of Josh, really. He is one of the best male characters i've read, I mean he's adorable, all his loneliness and is so sweet. I probably could talk about him for hours but here is my question: Whom you imagine as the perfect Josh Bennet? and i'm not talking about a possible movie or anything, but i'm curious because all the time I was reading my mind could only think in Jeremy Irvine, I believe that fits with the description of Josh.


And finally what do you think about the cover Italian of this novel, OMG for me it's gorgeous!!! those are totally Josh and Nastya.


Dylan Sprayberry....he's the one who plays young Clark, in Man of Steel

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Gayatri Agreed! He would make an amazing Josh!
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Whenever I read the scene where Josh comes to pick Nastya up for Sunday dinner and he's all dressed up, I think of Logan Lerman. He has that boy-next-door sort of look which is what I imagine Josh as.

Mark I cast the two main characters with Matt Dallas and Phoebe Tonkin
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