Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1) Shatter Me question

Should I read??
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I have read reviews of readers who obviously adore the series and others who absolutely despise it. Should I read it? The covers are gorgeous-- which shouldn't be THE reason to read them. But I need to know what you guys think.

I love dystopian and fantasy the most. I like romance but not insta-love or really cheesy romance.

Update: Nov. 4, 2014
I am reading it now. If you guys want to, you can follow my updates. Right now, I am annoyed and hooked.

Should I take the plunge?


But honestly after reading some of these reviews, to be more clear-- this may not be a book for you. Or it might be :D

The language is definitely different. I thought it was completely beautiful and Adam and Warner are 100% swoon worthy. (Team Warner (god I sound so fangirl))

Shatter Me, in my opinion, is a great story about loss and life and growth. It's different from any other book out there and it really affected me personally just because it was dark and greusome while also having these beautiufl moments that were like. the one donut left on the shelf.

Or when I wake up and realize I still have more time to sleep.

All those beautiful moments were the times to breath after being choked by the crazy language that makes you think and the wonderful characters like Benji. (who is hilarious as hell and definitely is my book boyfriend.)

All books will love you if you give it the time and attention.

Read this and you'll possibly love it right back c:

I liked the writing style in the first book. It matched the main character's mind, bordering on insanity. The storyline kept my interest as well and the romance was full of angst.

However, I didn't like how the last book ended. The characters started out acting one way in the first book, but by the last book, they turned into different people. To me, there was a HUGE disconnect between the books.

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Everyone seems to have loved and adored it, so like puppies, there's a good chance you'll love it too.
I for one, did not hate it.
I felt a bit indifferent towards it. Which some might say, is worse.
The writing is so... Striking and visually charismatic. If that makes sense.
But that is also the reason why I lost Intrest. It was exhausting.... When I was n't in love with it.Sigh.
I was quite excited about the growing romance, but then it slowly fizzled out.
I ended up completing this novel, with no particular character I was endeared towards.
(Though in later instalments, there is one particular villain who I grow to love)
As I was saying... As for this inovel. the plot definitely did n't impress me either.

Well I'm a fan so I'm biased XD
It's more romance than dystopian and while there is no insta-love, the main character is a little crazy in the first book and has been isolated pretty much her whole life. What people mostly have problems with is the metaphors BUT if you take it in context of her mental state at that time you really shouldn't have a problem. (personally, I liked the metaphors)

Also the romance is ANYTHING but cheesy ^-^

Also the side characters are awesome

And I really need to buy these books so that they are on my shelf

Okay, going now :)

well for me, i hated it. im actually halfway through the book now, right at the part where they're making out at Adam's house. the cheesy metaphors and horrible cliches are too disgustingly potent for me to go any further, so im stopping here. i suggest you do too, before Juliette drives you crazy with her non-stop whiny voice and indecent thoughts of both adam and warner.
apart from the kissy scenes and escapes, this book has horrible writing. its flowery. and i mean REALLY FLOWERY. its almost as bad as lauren kate flowery style in Fallen- im not sure which is worse.

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Personally, I absolutely hated it. The main character was super annoying and self-pitying, the romance was insta-love and I did not like the main love interest, it was just super cliche, and the writing style -- the writing though! Worst part of the book. I HATED the writing, it irritated the crap out of me.

It's a quick read though, so you could try it out. And you might like it! :) It is a very popular and praised series. I guess I just didn't see the beauty/amazing-ness in this book as others did.

tan tee may meh, i didnt even finish it.
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I really love this series, too. You really have to pay attention, so you don't get lost, but other than that, it's an action packed love story. It's wonderful and creative and sort of unlike any dystopian books out there. I guess Juliet's powers could be consider fantasy, so you'll kill two birds with one stone, if you read this book. :) It's one of my must haves. I totally agree with Kayti. You should definitely give it a try!!!!

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I would also like to add that the only annoying thing about the book is the love triangle between Juliette, Warner, and Adam. If you can get past the love triangle though then the rest of the story is fantastic.

I think it's a great series it's dystopian for sure If you liked divergent and hunger games you should like this. It's definately unique in it's own way

I just started reading it and personally I like the plot line i just HATE how dramatic and how much repetition there is. Its like random spots that don't need to be exaggerated. Like "he's touching me with his hands with his hand with his hands" (not an actual quote) its seriously annoying.

If you're not into insta-love or cheesy romance then probably not. The plot lines are pretty cliché and the main character is SO annoying, at least in the first book. The other characters are really interesting though, with great backstories. What really pulled me through this series was the writing style - I love how Tahereh Mafi writes. It's very poetic and metaphoric and beautiful. But other than that this book pretty much follows the same clichéd YA structure - girl with really low self esteem meets really hot guy who for some reason thinks she's gorgeous, eventual love triangle, girl eventually becomes a semi-badass and has to save the world....

Daring I am finding the second book is much better.
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This book was horrible, I don't understand how anyone would enjoy this book

Well, it was pretty good. OMG the romance was sooooo cheesy though

I loved this series so much. It is really amazing and if you like dystopian YA novels like The Hunger Games or similar books you'll love these books.

I'm pretty biased towards it because its one of my favourite series ever, but I say give it a go because thats what I did and didn't regrit it. If you don't like it you can just stop. :)

I really enjoyed it, and I felt the plot was very different and original. It was a great read, and being completely honest, I haven't read or heard any negative reviews about it!

Personally I found the main charachter kinda annoying but i would give the book a try, its a quick read :)

This book is similar to others, same type of story line. But it has its own twist to it, a lot of unexpected surprises. you can tell the tension in all the characters even though it is limited to just her. I love this book.

I think you should definitely read it. It's my favorite and the side characters are amazing !!! Like seriously Kenji is THE BEST CHARACTER EVER !! It is very poetic and the story was unexpected but not irritating unexpected like something had to happen but didn't. I would definitely reccomend it.

HOLY HAND-GRENADES! You need to read this book. I absolutely loved this. The series only gets better after this book. Promise

It was okay but it's not for everyone. At first I thoguht it was really interesting but then I kept on reading and some of the stuff was stupid and didn't make sense and at the end I thought I was reading a book about x-men. The whole romance part is a little creepy and promotes bad relationships (like how Warner treats the main character but people still want them to end up together). It's one of those guilty pleasures that you read anyways because it's super juicy. Wait, what? Who says "juicy"??? Oh well.


yes you should

I did not love it when I read book 1 and book 2 was slightly better. My friend who read book 3 says it is worth reading it.
I will read book 3 but I know I won't be amazed. The thing with reviews is that Even if some person points out a flaw you will be propelled towards the book, unless the flaw is so obvious and deal breaking. My advice, read and decide. People are different and in the end how you feel about the book matters. Also you may never know when you might fall in love with the trilogy.

Definitely YES!!! The whole series is great!

It's definitely worth reading. I can totally see what you mean, I saw the covers and was in love. Then I read the reviews and I was like shall I read it? Suffice to say, I do not regret reading it. Give it a try! What's the worse that could happen? And though it may seem slow in the beginning trust towards the middle and the end! The END! You will love the end, it is super cool!!!

Its not a bad book, but some parts were just so cliché. The characters are just so annoying sometimes. And if you dont like insta-love, dont read it. I expected something better

i really enjoyed the series - so i think that it's definitely worth your time. What you have here is a pretty decent mix of YA, Dystopia and Fantasy. There's the balance of all of those things that you come to love and expect in the genre - the questions of what's to come in the future, the romantic angst as well as a bit of super natural.

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I personally love the books, I feel like they are very well written with great character development and a wonderful/unique plot. However it doesn't matter what I think or what anyone on here thinks nor does it matter what any of us advise if you should or shouldn't read it. What matters is what YOU want. What type of books do you like? This is a dystopian fantasy series so if you like books similar to Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Mortal Instruments, etc then yes you would probably greatly enjoy this series. However if you are not into those types of books then this series probably won't suite you well. I personally always like to read books that are new to me even if they don't have a big fan base because I never know if I'm skipping out on my next favorite book or series and I don't want to miss out if it could end up being the best thing I ever read just because someone else told me I wont like it.. so just giving my two cents here, read the books. At least the first one, read a couple chapters of it at least and see what you think.


It's a fantastic series so easy to fall in love with. :)

READ IT. You won't regret it. On my list it's about #3 so awesome.

It's one of those books that you either love or you hate...personally I loved it. I thought the writing style was very different. I haven't made it through the sequels yet, but I would say to read it anyway, despite what anyone else thinks and form your own opinion.

No. No, no, no no no. No. Don't. It will ruin your life.

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