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Memory and Tashkent?

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Deedol Can someone help me with two things?

WHAT does Strike almost remember here:
Not a million miles away from Phallus Impudicus getting ready to—’
‘Don’t,’ said Robin, with a half laugh and a shudder.
But Strike had not broken off because of her protest, or because of any sense of repugnance. Something had flickered deep in his subconscious as he spoke. Somebody had told him… someone had said… but the memory was gone in a flash of tantalising silver, like a minnow vanishing in pondweed.
‘A poisoned skeleton,’ Strike muttered, trying to capture the elusive memory, but it was gone.

AND what does he say here (not Tashkent, right?)

‘No,’ said Ilsa. ‘It’s on the back of one of his daughter’s pictures. Apparently the daughter gave it to a friend of his months ago, and this friend went to the police with it early this morning, claiming they’d only just looked at the back and realised what was on there. What did you just say?’
‘Nothing,’ Strike sighed.
‘It sounded like “Tashkent”.’

Something to do with Kathryn Kent?

Thanks for help!

Julia The second one is Kathryn Kent. He probably muttered it while Ilsa was talking.

I don't know about the first one. I think I'll have to reread the book to find that one.
I think the poisoned skeleton has to do with those revenge stories that Micheal Fancourt likes. But I can't remember who told Strike about them.

Lori Goshert I was wondering the same thing (about the poisoned skeleton, I mean).

I loved the book but felt that a few things were still unanswered. When Fancourt said "Effie" instead of "Ellie," was it just a coincidence? What did the note say that Strike had passed around the table? If Quine knew that Fancourt was impotent and couldn't be Joanna's father, why didn't he tell Kathryn that, since he'd told her the rest of the story? There were a few other things, but I can't remember them now.

Lori Goshert Oh, found it! It was when Strike met with Liz Tassel at the fish restaurant, soon after he found Quine dead.

Tassel told Strike that Quine shouldn't mess with Michael Fancourt, because Fancourt has a "thing" about Jacobean revenge literature - such as dressing poisoned skeletons in women's clothing, and she mentioned a couple other gross things (sorry; I returned the book to my friend so I can't look it up again).

Strike thought it was odd that Tassel should have mentioned such things, since the details of how Quine was killed had not been released by the police yet. She also couldn't eat her tomato-basil soup, by the way.

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