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Kristel (kristelh) | 3803 comments Mod
Read 2012 Seasonal Read
This science fiction eco-thriller was just barely a three star read for me. There are some interesting sections. The premise is of nature ,tired of humans destructiveness, goes on the attack was good and it was informative on how the ocean functions and the importance of the ocean to life on earth in general. The book takes place all over the world, wherever there are oceans. Characters were mostly scientists, military or political. Countries featured included Norway and Canada. The United States contributed the military and political characters and not in any favorable light. The presidential character was a caricature of Bush. This German author did not paint a nice picture of the U.S. The main story was interesting, there are many protagonists and minor characters that come and go (mostly die) and there was whole sections of just words, words, words. The translation was full of edit errors. The author brought in Samantha Crowe from SETI (Jodi Foster character in Contact). The book reads as if it was written for the screen and reportedly there is a film in the works.

Diane | 1918 comments Rating: 3.5 stars

I read this for my COVID read. It is a sci-fi thriller about an apocalyptic turn of events that occurs after a new species of worm is discovered in the oceans. Sea creatures begin acting strangely, tsunamis happen, and epidemics plague the population. I was intimidated by the size of this tome and its nearly 900 pages. It does read fast, however, due to large amounts of dialogue, building suspense, and lots of action. Like Kristel said, it does read as though it was intended for the screen.

I enjoyed the majority of this book, but it got way too far-fetched toward the end, and I stopped caring about the fates of the characters.

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