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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen Ushe | 65 comments Mod
Please see library paper for discussion question.

message 2: by Apryl (new)

Apryl Gibson | 6 comments People in our group don't have time to read their book because, their doing all the other homework that we have to do that is more important for us to have done. A possible solution for this problem could be staying after school and having a group reading session then asking each other questions on the book.

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah | 2 comments Most of the people are upt to date. The paragraph I picked is the one describing what was happening to nun M. E. Pg. 105 - 109
The author is able to describe what is happening inside the person as well as out when Ebola Zaire is present.

message 4: by Michael (new)

Michael Morris (agent_zonko_laughwell) | 5 comments Most of our group is not on track, and this is due to other obligations taking priority such as extra curriculars and homework. We agreed to try our best to fit in reading time whenever we can, such as in the transit time to and from school.

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