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Helpful votes keep disappearing on Amazon

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message 1: by Monadh (new)

Monadh | 137 comments Sorry that once again I'm griping about Amazon, but I just want to know if anybody else is having this problem.
In the last few month I was getting relatively few helpful votes, so I tend to notice them. Since about 2 weeks ago I noticed (since I had reached a even number) that the total number of helpful votes was going down faster than I was getting new helpful votes. I got 3 helpful votes in September, but in the same timeframe I lost at least 5. At first I thought it was just a fluke, or maybe one of my reveiws got reported and removed, but it still shows the same number of total reviews. Also my reviewer rank hasn't changed in what feels like about 6 weeks...

message 2: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Meeks (dougmeeks) | 1543 comments Mod
I have not paid attention to my "likes" recently but I have been exactly the same rank for weeks which is VERY unusual, maybe they are redoing their methodology again

message 3: by Monadh (new)

Monadh | 137 comments Since I posted this, my helpful vote count went down two votes from 699 to 697 and yours went down two votes, too, from 13781 to 13779...

I hate it when Amazon redo their medhodology, because it usually ends up worse!

message 4: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Meeks (dougmeeks) | 1543 comments Mod
Well as of this writing I am down to 13775 which makes me wonder what they are doing, it looks like another methodology redo and yes they usually make it worse.

message 5: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Meeks (dougmeeks) | 1543 comments Mod
I am down to 13, 686 today and I have been at #67 longer than any rank I have ever had, especially in the Top 100 where it changes every week, I fear I am going to login one day and find myself ranked #999 and a whole new ranking system installed. They are doing something I just have no clue as to what it might be but the whole review ranking system is froze except for the helpful vote count which is losing ground every day.

message 6: by Frank (new)

Frank Trinkle | 1 comments You're not the lone stranger. I'm a top 500 and have been sitting in the same 375 position now for five weeks. I ALSO have lost more than 100 "helpfuls" in the last three weeks.
I wrote to Amazon and got a response that the issue has been elevated to their technical department and that resolution might take some time. ???? Here's the response from 9/22....

Your Account
Message From Customer Service

I've contacted our technical support team and they are currently working on the issue with decreasing number of helpful votes.

They were not able to provide an exact date or time when they expect this issue to be resolved, but I'll continue to monitor the situation with the technical support team until the problem is fixed. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

We'd appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

Best regards,
Alice Y.

message 7: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Meeks (dougmeeks) | 1543 comments Mod
Short version : Don't call us, we will call you

Last time they changed the methodology I lost about 100 places in the rankings, took me almost a year to recover and to be honest it is just an ego thing but I feel like I worked for it :)

message 8: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Meeks (dougmeeks) | 1543 comments Mod
Check your ranking folks, after over a month of no movement I dropped 7 places from #67 to #74

message 9: by Monadh (new)

Monadh | 137 comments My rank actually dropped several hundred places (obviously I started from a different point ;-) ). I actually wrote to Amazon about the disappearing helpful votes. They did write me back, completely disregarding the topic of helpful votes.

Here is part of the answer (from Communities):

"We recently updated how we calculate our Top Reviewer and Top Contributor Rankings, but we still base rankings on a combination of the quantity and the quality of reviews submitted. Our customers determine the quality of reviews by voting them "helpful."

We also take into account the popularity of the item being reviewed. If you review our best-selling items, those reviews tend to receive more votes, which results in a higher ranking. However, multiple votes from repeat voters are not added to the total vote count to provide our customers with the most unbiased and accurate information possible.

Our goal is to balance the ranking system to recognize customers who write intelligent and helpful reviews, and place less emphasis on the quantity of reviews posted.

We appreciate your efforts and encourage you to continue submitting intelligent and helpful Customer Reviews."

Somehow I feel they base the ranking more on quantity than quality. I am aware I have comparatively few reviews, but quite a number (even those with helpful votes in the single digits) are actually the top review (because I like and review a fair number of indie authors).

message 10: by Douglas (new)

Douglas Meeks (dougmeeks) | 1543 comments Mod
I am not complaining but at the same time WTF???? I jumped from #75 to #49 in one week???????? I see nothing that would support that and it kind of mutes me enjoyment of the Top 50 moniker

message 11: by Monadh (new)

Monadh | 137 comments Douglas wrote: "I am not complaining but at the same time WTF???? I jumped from #75 to #49 in one week???????? I see nothing that would support that and it kind of mutes me enjoyment of the Top 50 moniker"

Congratulations! You shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth ;-)
I dropped from 16,397 to 18,100, sniff, but I haven't had a review in some time that took off... that being said, I don't believe it's really about the quality of the reviews, more about the quantity... I have an average of roughly 5 helpful votes per review, at least 10% of my reviews are in the top spot and many more are in the second or third spot or at least on the first page. And if your review is voted the most helpful with only six votes for a lesser known indie author, that should count for something, too...

message 12: by Frisco (new)

Frisco | 245 comments wow, guys: that ranking stuff is just weird. I don't review much ... maybe 3x in 10yrs but I still read reviews when trying to research something to buy be it goods or books.
Really hard to find a balanced selection of reviews to get a better idea if the item is one you want.
Still I really trust a handful of reviewers and even those are hard to find.
Sigh. I feel bad for you guys that work so hard at trying to let us shoppers find the good stuff.
Thanks for the time and effort ... it is appreciated.

message 13: by HappyBookWorm2020 (last edited Nov 23, 2019 03:17PM) (new)

HappyBookWorm2020 | 1958 comments Ditto what Frisco said. I look for reviewers I trust when deciding whether to spend time or money on a book by an unfamiliar author - or one I had stopped reading.

I don't know what other people do, but while I like to see that a book has almost 5 stars average rating, I still am more likely to read the 4 star and lower ratings.

message 14: by Monadh (new)

Monadh | 137 comments I have beef again with Amazon. This time I have noticed that on some of the e-books I purchased from Amazon and then reviewed I didn't get the AVP badge (even though I purchased them at a regular price and obviously have my order details to back it up). So I contacted Customer Service and I have to share the first sentence of their answer because it is so hilariously stupid:

"I've checked and confirmed that you need to download the item first before submitting reviews thus, the reviews will not carry the Amazon Verified Purchase badge."

I don't know how they suppose I read the books (in order to write an informative review) without downloading it first.

Their recommendation was to delete and resubmit the reviews in question, but that doesn't actually help (I have tried it)...

HappyBookWorm2020 | 1958 comments Maybe Amazon is playing weekly wheel of fortune with rankings. I think mine has 5 digits. Possibly 6.

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