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message 1: by Winter (new)

Winter (kaierboo) | 18 comments Anyone watching The Flash?? I love it so far, I have to admit that for me Gustim makes the perfect Barry Allen. Any guesses on who Harrison Wells is?

As much as I am disappointed in Gotham so far, I am as equally excited about how well The Flash is being done!!

message 2: by Kim (new)

Kim | 12 comments I concur! The way the cast works with one another is fantastic. The writers are keeping plots consistent with the comics, and it doesn't overshadow "Arrow" in any regard. They cross over with cast and references besides the obligatory 1st episode. I started watching "Arrow" because of John Barrowman and haven't been disappointed yet.

I will say something that will probably revoke my Geek Card: I don't care for Batman.

Are we excited over "Constantine"? I am!

message 3: by Winter (new)

Winter (kaierboo) | 18 comments For me Arrow has been the most consistently amazing show on television right now. They are doing such a good job with it and it gives me high hopes that they will continue with the Flash!!

Ehhhh- not liking a specific superhero will definitely not get your geek card taken away (that is totally above my pay grade anyway). So, you are good :)

SOOOOO excited for Constantine though!!

message 4: by Jim (last edited Oct 24, 2014 07:47AM) (new)

Jim (jkmfilms) | 109 comments Holy crap! Constantine starts tonight, doesn't it?!?

I just set the DVR (from my phone because I may not be a She-Geek, but I'm still a geek :) )

It's on at 9 Central on NBC.

Thanks for the reminder!

(Am enjoying Flash, BTW - Glad I can watch it with my 2nd-grader; Arrow is a little grown up for him.)

message 5: by Isabella (new)

Isabella Modra (isabellamodra) | 2 comments Winter wrote: "Anyone watching The Flash?? I love it so far, I have to admit that for me Gustim makes the perfect Barry Allen. Any guesses on who Harrison Wells is?

As much as I am disappointed in Gotham so ..."

I absolutely LOVE The Flash!!! And the way it co-labs with Arrow made me seriously excited :D

message 6: by Ma'Belle (new)

Ma'Belle (linguisticness) | 54 comments I've been watching The Flash, though so far it's felt a lot more corny and formulaic than Arrow, so I haven't gotten as into it. Looking forward to some of the supporting characters developing, but hopefully it will be paced well. The change Barry's cop/father figure made from being disapproving to basically a secret sidekick was wayyy too abrupt.

message 7: by Winter (new)

Winter (kaierboo) | 18 comments Did you watch the latest episode with the debut of Captain Cold? They took care of my only complaint in that episode- lousy villains. With Captain Cold introduced I was so excited for a decent villian. I also think they did a little more in that episode to help with the development of the supporting characters. I think it is on its way to being an amazing show- I hope it stays that way and is just as strong as Arrow!!

message 8: by Ma'Belle (new)

Ma'Belle (linguisticness) | 54 comments I started it but my partner was falling asleep, so we turned it off. hopefully I'll get to watch it soon.

message 9: by Winter (new)

Winter (kaierboo) | 18 comments Ha- I fall asleep watching a show all the time. Definitely worth watching though. Best episode so far!!

message 10: by Ma'Belle (new)

Ma'Belle (linguisticness) | 54 comments I thought it was a pretty good episode, but mostly because I love Felicity and she was Smoaking in that Flash episode. I wasn't impressed with the baddie of the week though...

message 11: by Kim (last edited Nov 05, 2014 07:00AM) (new)

Kim | 12 comments I admit I haven't been keeping up with the Flash and Arrow as much as I was last year, but I blame work for that, and the recent issue of Ms. Marvel. I agree with Winter; some episodes have had lousy villains. I think Arrow's way of recycling villains and keeping them in the fold is done nicely, but we first have to care about these villains, their backstories, etc. I think it's the lack in writing, and not acting/casting, that makes me not really care about the villains.

message 12: by Winter (new)

Winter (kaierboo) | 18 comments That is what this episode of the Flash brought you- the emergence of Captain Cold, who we know will be back. It also gave a look at heatwaves future weapon, which was cool too. It had the best action scenes and effects so far.

Mabel...Felicity was definitely Smoaking (hahah- I see what you did there), but we are going to just have to disagree on the whole villian thing :)

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