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Angie (amgiammarino) In Chapter 7 and 8 of Garden Spells, we meet the Hopkins men who, like all Hopkins men, are born old and spend their whole lives waiting for their bodies to catch up. This was the reason all Hopkins men married older women. Lester Hopkins manages a dairy farm with his grandson, Henry Hopkins. Henry and Sydney used to be friends in elementary school, before he fell in love with her in middle school and stopped talking to her. After that, she met Hunter John and Henry and Sydney continued on their separate paths. When Henry sees Sydney on the Fourth of July, he's so enamored that he can't bring himself to say anything to her, even when she brings Bay over to his booth for an ice cream cone.

Meanwhile, Sydney and Bay are living in fear that David will find them in Bascom, and Claire is still wondering what had happened to them before they returned home. Claire is also still trying to drive Tyler away. Sydney advises him not to go anywhere because Claire likes things that stick around. Tyler has no plans to let Claire slip away, and Sydney just wants to see her sister happy.

In Chapter 8, Sydney starts to embrace her Waverley name. As she sits at the Waverley table on the Fourth of July, passing out honeysuckle wine, she thinks "what Claire had said that day at the salon, that she had Waverley magic, changed her mind-set completely. She felt like a Waverley. But right now it was a little like living in a country where she didn't speak the language yet. She could dress like the natives, and it was nice, but a little lonely. 'It's okay to be strange. I can get used to this.'"

Later in the night, Henry sits with Sydney and Bay to watch the fireworks. James breaks up with Fred, and Fred seems to be moving in with Evanelle for real, not just temporarily. Claire is scared that things are going to start changing again. "Her edges were crumbling like border walls, and she was feeling terribly unprotected." Tyler helps Claire carry her boxes of empty wine out to the van, and they share possibly the best kiss in history (!). But then Claire's protective instincts take over and she tells Tyler that their kiss was a mistake and that he needs to leave her alone. (So close!)

Which budding couple is your favorite? Claire and Tyler or Sydney and Henry? (Or Fred and Evanelle?) What do you think about Fred and James's breakup? Would you rather drink honeysuckle or rose geranium wine?

Angela Holtz (lilacwolf) | 16 comments It is so close for both sisters, but I have to go with Claire and Tyler. Claire has never been in love, she needs this, even if she doesn't realize it yet.

Honeysuckle wine, I think the rose geranium wine could, if you are in the wrong mindset, make a person yearn too much for the past.

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