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Kristel (kristelh) | 3820 comments Mod
Rob Roy, a novel by Sir Walter Scott, written in 1817 is a romance of real life. In this historical fiction, told by Frank Osbaldistone, the son of a wealthy businessman, ends up in Northern Scotland, vanquished by his father when he refused to go into business. He joins up with the outlaw, Rob Roy McGregor. Frank falls in love with Diane but she is off limits to him as she has to marry one of the sons of .... or go into a convent. Through this story of Diane, there is romance, secrets, suspense and tension.

I think that this novel was harder to enjoy than the author’s other 1001 list book. The story is interesting but the plot and structure make it difficult to engage. The audio was especially difficult because of some character brogue which was better read than listened to. I would definitely reread this, at a slower pace and read a book while I listen to it. I think the movie might be more interesting to most readers rather than the book and that is rare.

Penguin Classics, states, That Sir Walter Scott invented the historical novel. That must be why it is included in 1001 Books. Here is their description of the novel; rousing tale of skulduggery and highway robbery, villainy and nobility, treasonous plots and dramatic escapes—and young love. From London to the North of England to the Scottish Highlands, it follows the unjustly banished young merchant’s son Francis as he strives to out-maneuver the unscrupulous adventurer plotting to destroy him—and allies himself with the cunning, dangerous, and dashing outlaw Rob Roy MacGregor in a heroic effort to regain his rightful place and win the hand of the girl he loves. Read 2018

Amanda Dawn | 895 comments I read this one (well part audio, partly read the ebook) for my tbr takedown. I also gave it 3 stars: I thought the plot and historical context were interesting to read about, but agree with Kristel that it is not always the most accesible novel in terms of keeping up with everyone's faction/political twists/brogue and dialect. I've also heard that the movie is about Rob Roy himself, so is vastly different from the novel which is largely about Osbalistone. I thought the way Rob Roy was revealed in the novel was really neat though.

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