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message 1: by Hilarey (new)

Hilarey Johnson (hilareyjohnson) | 2 comments Hilarey Johnson
The book is not available on Goodreads yet.

Literary fiction--
Ideal readers will have some familiarity with religion, like edgy topics and be slightly cynical but still want to know truth about God.

Sworn to the Desert
Was woman made for God, or for man?

A compelling look at the way woman’s identity and spiritual purpose can effect the heart of a girl.

When young Cori’s best friend is no longer allowed to play with her, she knows that it’s her parent’s fault. She vows to have the priesthood in her home as soon as it’s her choice. But no matter how she strives, she can never fully belong to the right family.

As an adult, all the threats she has run away from finally catch her. Now, she must reconcile the weighty responsibility of forging her own path through the traditions of men.

After spending half her life looking for a safe place, Cori discovers that sometimes you have to walk into the desert to find home.

If that sounds interesting you can get a free copy here:

please post your review on Amazon or B&N and Goodreads.

I am an indie author and I really appreciate the support.

message 2: by Gloria (new)

Gloria Grossi (gloriagrossi) | 6 comments This is book #3. I would love to have the first two books before read the third book.

message 3: by Hilarey (new)

Hilarey Johnson (hilareyjohnson) | 2 comments Gloria wrote: "This is book #3. I would love to have the first two books before read the third book."
I could use more reviews on the first two books, if you'd consider signing up for my newsletter I would have your email and I could send you book 1.

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