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Many of us have probably read Toni Morrison's work in the past, so we'd love for you all to share your thoughts, ideas and questions, especially while we're all still in the process of reading and may not be ready to discuss Beloved specifically just yet.

Respond here but we also welcome you to post to Instagram with a quote, picture, or book cover (of Beloved or another Morrison tome) and tag @oursharedshelf for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!

- Share a memory of reading Toni Morrison's work: your first time encountering her, a particularly memorable work that stayed with you, etc.
- Share a favorite quote or passage, something that has resonated with you.
- If you could ask her a question, as we have done with other author Q&As, what would you ask?

We hope to honor Toni Morrison's memory through memories of our own <3

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That is a beautiful quote. It reminds me of many of the sentiments from bell hooks's All About Love, which we read way back in March 2016.

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