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message 1: by Cosme (new)

Cosme (thecoz) | 2 comments I need some help. I love reading, but I do not always have a lot of time. I tend to stay in my wheelhouse of fantasy, scifi, and urban fantasy. I recently pick up The Dresden Files books and have been devouring the books as quick as possible, often cutting into my sleep time.

I have also been wanting to work on my Spanish. I know I can find books translated into Spanish, but the references and subtleties do not always carry over in a translation.
So, I am asking for help on how to find a natural language Spanish, preferably Mexican Spanish, book similar to the Dresden Files. If it matters, I read at an eighth grade level.

I am open to book recommendations and on how to find the books myself.

message 2: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (tealstarfish) | 1 comments I found this: . It looks like the site in general may help you in your search.

message 3: by Denise (new)

Denise (worldsokayestdenise) I found a Wikipedia entry with a (very short) list of sci-fi writers in Mexico and a quick Goodreads search shows the books are in Spanish... but my grasp of Spanish is not good and there aren't blurbs on the one I found... I know my friend in college read Harry Potter in German for this reason, and the American version is already translated, anyway. That might be a place to start...

message 4: by Cosme (new)

Cosme (thecoz) | 2 comments Thank you for the help.

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