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message 1: by Simon (new)

Simon Hey everyone, I've been asking myself how other readers get to their books: Downloading on your Kindle? Buying on Amazon? Local book store? Borrowing from the Library? On Audible?

I'm about 50/50 between Audible and physical books off of Amazon.

What about you?

message 2: by Aymee (new)

Aymee (asphaltcowgrrl) | 59 comments I'm all over the place.

Freebies from Bookfunnel, Amazon,, etc. Audible. Library e-loans and physical loans. ARCs from Netgalley. Used book store, print manga from Right Stuff Anime. Freebies from PaperbackSwap. And the percentages vary depending on what I'm looking for and how it's available.

Um... I think that's all. LOL

message 3: by Navi (new)

Navi (nvsahota) | 618 comments E-books for me! Kindle and Overdrive :)

The other Sandy | 146 comments My vision is at the point where I'm most comfortable reading e-books because I can choose my own font and font size to make reading more comfortable.

I'm probably 65% buying e-books and 35% downloading audiobooks from my local library through Hoopla, Overdrive, and Cloud Library.

message 5: by Simon (new)

Simon So many things I haven't heard before! Thank you all, gonna discover some new places then!

The other Sandy | 146 comments I forgot to mention where I buy my e-books: Amazon, Smashwords, and specific publisher websites, if the publisher does direct e-book sales. Also Project Gutenberg for older, public domain works.

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