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Eepa *mm loving bookworm* (eepa) | 8 comments How can I change the author of a book to move it for the correct author profile?

Example: This The Hunt for Red Fluffy is in wrong profile. It belongs here:Angel Martinez (name without the ´).

I have tried to change the author name but that doesn't do anything. Is there a way I can do it as a librarian or do I need to come here every time and ask someone else to do it? This is re-occurring problem with these authors so I would like to find a fix I can do myself.

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rivka | 41726 comments Mod
Eepa *mm loving bookworm* wrote: "It belongs here:Angel Martinez (name without the ´)."

That is the 2-space author. Editing the book(s) in question -- be sure to get each edition when there is more than one -- and adding that space as well as removing the accent should move the books to the correct profile.

See, the Separating authors with the same name section.

Eepa *mm loving bookworm* (eepa) | 8 comments Okay, thank you. =)

I did read that one but couldn't figure out how that would apply to this situation. Now I have it and will hopefully remember this next time I find this same problem.

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