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Clockwork Lives (Clockwork Angels, #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Woman with alchemist dad collects a drop of blood from people around the world which writes their life story. [s]

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Serpentine | 14 comments It was about a woman, her dad was an alchemist and he got sick and died and left his fortune to her but for her to get the money she had to do a quest he set out for her , it’s like this magic book and she has to travel around the world n talk to all different people and ask them for a drop of their blood, and she pricks their finger and drops the blood on the page and then their blood writes out their whole life story

Looking for a friend, this is all she remembers

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Serpentine | 14 comments Cover may have a clock, or may have clock in the title

Red book gold linework

The book has a bunch of different chapters/ stories in it, not just one story theoughout

Big book around 300/400 pages

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Serpentine | 14 comments One of the stories in the book was about a lady who owned a book shop and she had a magic portal mirror in her shop that portals her to Alternate universes n you can get lost and one day her husband fell into the mirror and she had to go thru the mirror and find the mirror in all the other dimensions to get back to the right time n dimension n they were both leaving notes and stuff in every dimension and one time she come across her note or he came across her note something like that.

If they held hands they would go to the same place so they would journey thru the mirror together but that one time he fell in without her and they lost each other

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Ayshe | 4132 comments Clockwork Lives seems likely?

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Serpentine | 14 comments Ayshe wrote: "Clockwork Lives seems likely?"

Sounds like what she has described, pretty sure this is it. Thank you

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