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R.S. Merritt | 17 comments For a sarcastic, dark romp through the Zombie Apocalypse through the eyes of a reluctant leader just trying to keep himself and his friends alive check out the Zournal Series!

It All Started (Zournal #1) by R.S. Merritt Cruising the 'Poc (Zournal #2) by R.S. Merritt Scorched Earth (Zournal #3) by R.S. Merritt Feeling Lucky? (Zournal #5) by R.S. Merritt The Final Countdown (Zournal #6) by R.S. Merritt Reap What You Sow (Zournal #4) by R.S. Merritt

Already read those? Then check out the newest series by RS Merritt. First novel also available in Audible with more being produced.

A Small World (Zombies! #1) by R.S. Merritt Against the Current (Zombies! #2) by R.S. Merritt Violence Solves Everything (Zombies! #3) by R.S. Merritt


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R.S. Merritt | 17 comments Available now for Pre Order!



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