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message 1: by Puzzle (new)

Puzzle Doctor (puzzledoctor) | 3 comments Apologies if this the wrong place to post this, but the entries for the author Brian Flynn are a bit of a mess.

A number of these books are about to be reissued by Dean Street Press but the subtitle “An Anthony Bathurst Mystery” has, I presume, caused them to be listed as separate titles.

Also, there are a number of authors called Brian Flynn who are not these long dead mystery writers.

The books in question by the “right” Brian Flynn are:

The Billiard Room Mystery
The Case Of The Black Twenty Two
The Mystery Of The Peacock’s Eye
Invisible Death
The Murders Near Mapleton
The Five Red Fingers
The Creeping Jenny Mystery (published in the US as The Crime At The Crossways)
Murder En Route
The Orange Axe
The Triple Bite

Other books (not yet reissued) that you currently have on record seem to be:

Tread Softly
The Spiked Lion

Note there are a total of fifty three books in the series - the correct chronology is on this webpage:

The order and dates have been checked against information from the Flynn family. All the alternate US titles are listed second.

The other books under his name (it seems to vary which book you click on) such as Wisdom Of The Stones, Super 8 and some others are by a different Brian Flynn.

Hopefully this is an easy fix.


message 2: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 22757 comments Books moved to the mystery writer profile, those other books Wisdom of the Stones etc weren't on his profile but the default profile for Brian Flynn.

The Anthony Bathurst subtitle doesn't have anything to do with being added to the default profile. The mystery writer has an extra space in his name, which is how GR disambiguates between authors. So his books will need to be manually moved when they are published. This happens all the time and is a quick fix when someone lets a librarian know to move it :)

We can't use that blog, as it isn't an acceptable source and the fact that they have claimed copyright to all information.

Once the books from Deans Street Press have been published we should be able to create a series, they aren't on their website yet.

message 3: by Jokoloyo (new)

Jokoloyo | 4 comments I found another issue with one author with two profiles. The author himself had passed away since 1984.
is the profile of the same author as

Please help to combine the author data.

message 4: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 41701 comments Mod
Jokoloyo wrote: "I found another issue with one author with two profiles. The author himself had passed away since 1984.
is the profile of the same a..."

Got those two and a couple strays:

message 5: by Jokoloyo (new)

Jokoloyo | 4 comments thank you Rivka!

message 6: by Amarie (new)

Amarie Avant | 23 comments Hi, I have a few books that need to be combined please.

Two versions of "Devil in her bed" this is the newest (republished) one

This is the old one...

Also, "August" needs to be combined:

Thank you!

message 7: by Sandra (new)

Sandra | 22757 comments #6 done

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