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The Life and Death of Sophie Stark
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED, Adult fiction circa 2017 with woman's name in title. Life story of a female film director told by people who knew her. [s]

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Rachel | 1531 comments I read this book around 2017. I would guess it was published around 2010-2017. I bought it secondhand and later donated it, now I'm going blank on the author and title. I think it had a yellow and white cover. Set in the US.

It was the (fictional) life story of a female film director, whose name was in the title of the book. Each section of the book was told by a different character who had met the director at various points during her career.

The first part was told by a female friend of the director (who may also have dated her). The friend acted in a film the director made as a student project at high school or college. Their friendship ended because the director put the friend in a scene with a guy who had sexually assaulted her. The director thought this would make the acting more authentic but the friend understandably felt very betrayed.

It was a theme through the book that the director would do what she felt was best for the movie rather than considering the people around her. This damaged a lot of her personal relationships.

Later in the book, the director's career had stalled after a promising start. She spent years making a film about Marie Antoinette, obsessing over every detail, blowing through deadlines and budgets. I can't remember if this was the film that killed her career or got it back on track, but the making of it was very troubled.

I think a later chapter was narrated by the director's brother, and the director died quite young (in her forties?)

Any help appreciated.

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Rachel | 1531 comments It's a good guess Tarra, but it's not the one I'm looking for. Thanks anyway!

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Rachel | 1531 comments Found it! I suddenly remembered that the director was called Sophie, so I searched GR for books with Sophie in the title. It's The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North.

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arratavy | 148 comments Glad you found your book anyway!! Happy reading!

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