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America Joseph (americajoseph) | 2 comments She woke up pregnant and bleeding with no idea of how she could either be with child, or cut up like confetti. The man with answers killed her father, she shouldn’t be attracted to him. Now she’s wanted dead.


loving brought death, remembering could kill

Thirteen years ago, Nevaeh Taylor snapped out of a coma on a beach. Battered, bleeding and pregnant, she had no memory of how she came to be there or who the father of her baby could be. Only a continuous whisper in her mind, remembering could kill. A faded picture of an unknown man clutched in her bloody fist is her only clue. Her attempts to contact him are met with strangely cancelled flight bookings, suspicious questioning by airport security and a convenient robbery leading her to miss her flight. Now the man, Cormac Keo is in town but he's the same man who killed her father as his father before him killed her brother.

Cormac Keo has launched a takeover bid on Nevaeh’s family company behaving as if he’s the wronged one. She confronts him at the gallery exhibition of his art. There, his nude paintings of her have her questioning if they have a past but her mother insists they don't yet he knows her secrets. She haunts him to get her paintings back, make him relinquish the Taylor company and expose her past even as the ardor between them addles her. He makes an offer, marry him to get back her family's company but she has her twins to think about and he a murderer simply cannot be the father. However remembering the past becomes life and death as she begins receiving threatening notes and bullets chase them around cities.

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Kellie | 41 comments Sounds interesting

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