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Critical Analysis of 21 Lesson for 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari

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Zahidahmed Hi there!
I have been assigned a quick assignment to write critical analysis of Yuval Noah Harari's book mentioned above. Due to my tough schedule
I can't read it all, I only want a few points. Can any body recommend me any source or anything that may be helpful to me. I shall be extremely thankful to you all

Brett Waggoner Hey,

It's been a little while (over a year) since I read the book, but 21 questions tries to confront some of the problems that we face in our modern time. Some of the problems that Harrair addresses are artificial intelligence (AI). If AI is capable of outworking and out-thinking humans, what does this mean for employment for so many people all over the world? Harrari believes the government may eventually need to support massess of people that have been deemed "useless" in the economy after AI potentially takes over.
Additionally, there is the issue of ecological collapse. Harrari believes that climate change is a pressing issues that requires people on a gloabal scale to come together to solve. This also plays into what Harrari has to say about nationalism. The problems of the 20th century were largely national problems, and so having a nationalistic outlook wasn't that big a deal in how those problems were solved. But given that the 21st century problems (like ecological collapse) are global problems, we need to start thinking gloabally, and recognize the limiations nationalism provides in solving these issues.
Harrari also believes that Trump is not a racist, but a culturist, who believes that the ways of America and the west are superior to the ways of 3rd world countries. Additionally, he sees meditation as a great way for humans to enhance their focus and see the world as it really is.
Hope some of those tidbits help!

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